Thursday, September 3, 2015


Democracy Now!

Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen, was seized by U.S. authorities during a layover at JFK Airport in 2002 and then sent to his native Syria, where he was tortured and interrogated in a tiny underground cell. He was held for over a year. No one has ever been held accountable. That could soon change.
Watch: Democracy Now! interview with Arar's wife Monia Mazigh and Alex Neve of Amnesty International.

  • Phyllis Carter -  No one is safe in a corrupt society.

    John McLemore -
     No man is safe in a world of injustice, no woman is protected in a world of cruelty and whomever has a child in this dark earth will know true terror.

    • Phyllis Carter  - You're right, John. We are living in terrible times, but the time is not the cause of our suffering. Corruption at the highest levels of governments, military industries and Wall Street are among the causes of most of the troubles on earth today. In the past, people in western countries could rely to some extent on the police, teachers, churches, neighbours. Now corruption has permeated everything. Children are shooting their own parents. Police are helping thieves. Parole boards are freeing violent sex offenders. And those we elect to represent us and protect us close their eyes when we ask them for help. - 
      It seems to me we are on the brink of revolutions - not one - but many. And when there is violence, it is always the innocent who suffer the most.

      Sarah McGovern
        I apologize for this country! How dare we allow our government to do this in our names. The people of the US do not want war! We must find our voice and speak it!

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