Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Indian Kashmir is a very beauty full land but not more beauty full then Humans who are killed and arrested by Indian forces. UNITED NATIONS have passed resolutions about Kashmir. may the Kashmirs have no right of living in peace.Most population is Muslim community in Kashmir and they do not want attachment with India. They want freedom from India but India is crushing there generations and lakes of humans are killed by Indian forces. Kashmirs are crying for basic human rights but whole world is silent why ? if we want peace in Asia we should resolve Kashmirs problem, other wise we will fail . Pakistan and India are fighting a cold war for Kashmir and Indian Kashmirs humanity have soft corner for Pakistan in hearts and minds,And India do not like this minister Narandra modi is aggressive religion leader of Indian nation like talibans leader Mulla Umer are Usama Bin laden.In my vision these all are aggressive religion leaders not human lovers leaders of world. Any person who is human killer we the human lovers can not accept him as a human lover leader. We will do the best for humanity not for religions are nations.And this time is the time of change in world.No body is above from law in the world now.As a human family we are one on family on Mother earth. We are doing for civilization and peace of humanity with out break of days and nights.Any body have no rights to multiple the humanity. Wars time have gone .children s of Asia and world want peace and best living, And we Will gave them rights of best living. BE aware we are not sleeping. P E A C E + P O W E R

  • Prav Ram What a fairy tale to compare Modi with those monsters? Even in PoK the Kashmiri's don't want Pakistan. Pakistan (terrorstate nr 1) is a failed state and sponsors terrorism...hiding Osama for years. Pakistan exports terrorists and terror. Who does not know that? Baluchi's can tell you about this.

  • Jasim Uddin Human Rights Watch please help us whole Muslim's the World.

  • Khizer Niazi you can not blame on Pakistani humanity.That was fault of government in Pakistan And Modi is also terrorist .Because he is killer of humanity. Any aggressive religion leader is not use full for humanity. maodi have killed thousands of Muslims in Gujrat and Kashmir .Why you are wrong proving about that human killer.

  • Prav Ram . Modi has killed? And the judge said not quilty. Check your data and don't follow propaganda. 
    If Modi is a terrorist then following your logic.....Mohammed Ali Jinnah was a terrorist....responsible for the millions of deaths during and after partition. 
    He wanted a separate country unlike Gandhi. And the Mughals were murderers and terrorists. 

    Mohammed Ali of the biggest terrorists ever!

  • Khizer Niazi this is aggressive nes s and i am cool minded human brother.please talk with logic i am human lover.and i do not believes on human made borders.

  • Phyllis Carter I am still waiting for the free PLEBISCITE that was PROMISED in 1948.

  • Khizer Niazi why India wants control on kashmir by forces.And why India is ignoring UNO resolutions. Indian Muslims are help less Indian Army and police beats women s on roads ,So many peoples are arrested because they wants freedom. women s are raped and killed by Indian Army in kashmir .

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