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I have been reporting Dawn McSweeney's crimes for fourteen years and the Montreal Police have been covering up for their own for fourteen years.
You have to wonder about a person who robs her grandmother and then writes love poems to her.
If I didn't know the truth about my niece, Dawn McSweeney, I would be deeply moved by her adoring poems written in memory of my mother, her grandmother, Leonie Rubin.
Here is one from Dawn McSweeney's own blog:
Smile =)
She taught me the power of crystal
Then showed me that power in everything
She taught me to see in tea leaves, cards, and palms
And then taught me how to read people
She told me to stay close to God
And then years later that god is Love and Joy
She taught me to improvise
But never compromise
And to smile
But not too much
Or people will think you're stupid
If I didn't know how malicious and devious Dawn McSweeney can be, my heart would break on reading her loving words written on her blog upon my mother's death.
But I know how Dawn can twist your heart when she wants something from you. She worked her "magic" on my sister Sheila and her husband to get money - we think for drugs. Dawn said she needed new books for school. Sheila said her husband would meet Dawn after school and take her to buy the books. That didn't sit well with Dawn. No thanks. She wanted the money. And when it was refused, she was not happy with Sheila. Sheila and her husband did everything for little Dawn - bought her clothes, took her to the ballet, did everything for her that her own mother, our youngest sister, Debbie, could not do. But as Dawn grew, she wanted money. Just money.
Oh, yes. Dawn has gifts. She writes beautifully, poignantly, and she looks like an angel. But I know Dawn McSweeney. I know what she has done. But I do not understand how anyone can rob her own grandmother and then write such wrenching poems to her memory. Guilt ? A split personality? I just can't fathom it. I know her family history. There are things about her childhood I have not written because they are too unsavoury.
Yes. I know the roots of Dawn McSweeney's character, but I have never known anyone who can lie so effectively. Does she lie only to others, or does she lie to herself as well? Does she pretend to herself at night, when she is trying to go to sleep, that she is a good person ? I just can't imagine how she lives with herself.
Not only did Dawn McSweeney steal money from her grandmother - some time before she robbed me - but she worked the game to make my parents think I had done it. It takes quite a mind to work out such a plan and follow it through.
Then, on October 7, 1996, my mother suddenly attacked me, and the police I called to rescue me turned over all my life's belongings to the thief. I reported the robbery to the Montreal Police as it was happening when I called 911. I pleaded with the police to go to my rooms and see my belongings all clearly identified there. But the Montreal Police have refused to take any action against Dawn McSweeney and her self-proclaimed "partners in crime". To do so, they would have to admit that one of their own helped Dawn McSweeney to rob me and that they have been covering up all these years.
Marlene Jennings, Member of Canada's Parliament, stated at two public meetings in 2008, "Mrs. Carter's rights have been violated three times." I have been reporting Dawn McSweeney's crimes for fourteen years and the Montreal Police have been covering up for their own for fourteen years.
If I am not telling the truth, why has Dawn McSweeney not sued me in all these fourteen years? Why ? Because she does not want this case to be heard in criminal court. I long for that day, and I will continue to report Dawn McSweeney's crimes day and night until she returns everything she stole and is charged in criminal court.
All the facts are reported in detail at -

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I have a feeling I've left out at least one of Alma's names. They trip so nimbly on the tongue and I love to say them - Alma Mia Petrides Dallaire Kotsos. Petrides was Alma's maiden name. The others were acquired through various marriages.
Alma Mia was the hat check lady at The Astor Lounge on St. Catherine Street West across from the T. Eaton's store in the early 1970's when my husband Cliff Carter was the resident pianist there.
But Alma Mia was more than a hat check. She had been in vaudeville for many years and she had performed daring acrobatic acts with members of her husband Ronny's family. Alma Mia was the star at the top of the pyramid.
Searching via Google, I came upon two references -
Starts Monday .The 4 Dallaire Bros. Alma Mia Ray Del Rio .
Ottawa Citizen - Google News Archive - Dec 24, 1949
Starts Monday The 4 Dallaire Bros ALMA MIA RAY DEL RIO Master of Ceremonies.  Extra added attraction Pluto the Horse.
Alma Mia & Ronny D'Allaire - Quebec Obscure Duo - Photo - alma ...
One of the Dallaire Brothers' acts ( she spelled it without the apostrophe) involved bird calls performed with various whistles. I still have a paper whistle Alma gave me from her collection. I also have her embroidered vest and a black velvet shawl that her husband, Tony Kotsos, gave me after Alma died.
I am not a pack rat. I treasure special gifts - whether it is the twenty-five cent Pocket Book, Pinocchio, that my father read to me when I was a child,  or Alma's paper whistle, or the small silk scarf Alana gave me that had belonged to her mother, or the braided leather blackjack given to me by a customer who looked just like Robert Goulet, or the handcrafted silver necklace and earrings given to me by Rod Chapleau, another customer at The Astor who had just returned from an adventure in Africa.
It is not the material value of these gifts that I treasure. Money means nothing to me except as a means to buy food and medicine and pay rent. It is the spirit of each gift that is so precious to me. My niece, Dawn McSweeney, stole almost all of my personal treasures on October 7, 1996, including the blackjack, and my husband's Deputy Sheriff's badge and his trademark grey Stetson fedora, Cliff's rings and all my best jewellery, and our wedding portrait and much, much more.
But my malevolent niece could not steal the spirit of my belongings that remain vividly in my memory and in my heart. I am bound up in the spirit of my life's treasures by the memories and the love that lives in each one of them. In stealing my precious belongings, Dawn McSweeney attached herself to me and she cannot be free of me until she returns every single thing she stole. My spirit is in my treasures. Dawn McSweeney has a tiger by the tail and I will give her no peace - ever.
But now, back to Alma Mia: She was probably in her sixties back then in the early 1970's, but her spirit was vivacious, sparkling. She was Aunty Mame, gathering friends together for evenings of celebration at Papa Spiro's Restaurant on Mt. Royal East. She was a social butterfly and so much fun. One winter evening, my parents who hadn't gone out to dinner or a movie in decades actually came out to Papa Spiro's with Cliff and me for one of Alma's soirees.
Alma was solidly built but she always took great pains to look perfect. Her makeup was meticulous. Her hair was dyed pitch black and always slickly groomed. Her skirts and blouses always feminine and form fitting. She was a lady no smart man would mess with. She was charming but tough. No doubt she got her style from her mother who, in her late eighties and with seriously impaired eyesight, still insisted on stepping out to parties wearing a black velvet Spanish hat and dancing up a storm.
One evening, having danced with a particular gentleman for some time, Alma's mother came over to her and asked, " Tell me, was he good looking?". Her eyesight was impaired, but she was a woman with a vision for the future. Nearly ninety, she was still looking for a new husband.
When Alma started feeling ill, she was reluctant to acknowledge it. By the time she went for help, the cancer was advanced - and then the hospital delayed her treatment for weeks. The technicians marked her body for radiation and then postponed the treatments again and again. When I pressed her mightily to get after the doctor about the urgency of getting started, she said she was afraid that they would just give her a pill and she would die. She really believed it and she was really afraid. The delays continued until it was too late.
Just before her illness had become apparent, Alma and Tony had moved from their long time old upstairs flat in The Plateau to a nice little apartment in downtown Montreal and Alma had bought the pretty sofa she had wanted so much. Sadly, she was never going to enjoy it.
Tony gathered together Alma's wardrobe and hung everything on a rack. Then he invited Alma's friends to come and take home memories of his once vivacious wife.
I am so grateful for having known Alma Mia. She was fun. She was an inspiration, a cheer leader for a motley crew of senior nightclub patrons and aficionados of traditional jazz. I believe it was Alma's wish that her clothes be shared with her friends. Whenever I look at Alma's velvet shawl and her embroidered vest, when I touch them, I know she was real and so alive. I will always appreciate the memories of those grand Greek feasts we all enjoyed together at Papa Spiro's.

Phyllis Carter
The Sheba
October 28, 2010

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When my husband, Ciff Carter, was playing piano at The Astor across from Eaton's on St. Catherine Street in Montreal in the early 1970's, we met some interesting people. One was a man who looked like Robert Goulet - maybe a bodyguard, or ? He gave me a beautiful blackjack covered in braided black leather - just because. Dawn McSweeney stole it along with all my other precious treasures. See The Dawn McSweeney Case at for all the details.
While I was working as an investigator for J.A. Buck Fortin at West End Investigation in Montreal (late 1950's-1960's), another "Blackjack" - a.k.a. Donato - pointed a loaded gun in my face one morning when I came into the office - just because. I was not really afraid because Blackjack had no reason to be angry with me. I said,
"Blackjack, what do you expect me to say?" - and he told me he was just testing me to see how I would react. I did okay. Another time, Blackjack handed over his loaded gun to a very young child in our office - age about three or four - and all the detectives dove under their desks until Blackjack felt he's had enough fun with them.
Back at The Astor, we met an engineer named Rod Chapleau. He specialized in underwater demolition - to free ships from Arctic ice, for example. He had just returned from Africa very recently when he came into the club with a suitcase full of exotic treasures. He had done some demolition work for an African dictator and, for his payment, the colonel or general opened the doors to his storehouse and told Chapleau to take what he wanted. At least some of this story must be true because Chapleau opened the suitcase and showed us the statuettes, and silver bangles and ebony and ivory and gold. He gave me a handcrafted silver necklace and earrings - just because. If Dawn McSweeney didn't steal those along with all my other treasures, they must still be among my things in storage.
Rod Chapleau told us that he had fallen in love with a beautiful girl on that adventure in Africa, but she was not allowed to leave the country on pain of death. Perhaps for religious reasons? He was going back to try to get her out - at risk to both their lives.
We never heard from Rod Chapleau after that.
Vicarious adventures are the safest kind, and so pleasant to remember.
Rod Chapleau wrote..

My dad was a civil engineer. He traveled to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in the 70's. We (mother and two sisters) met up with him in Tanzania a short time later. We returned to Canada months later and he went on to Saudi Arabia to work before returning home. I later moved to live with my father in Montreal, mid 80's.

October 23, 2010 6:29 PM

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Victims' Voices
Victims' Voices is a non-profit, independent newsletter
Dedicated to victims' rights
Copyright: Phyllis Carter, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, September, 15, 2000
Victims' Voices, P.O. Box 312, Succ. NDG, Montreal, Que., H4A 3P6
February, 2001
The Police Ethics Commissioner is an Honourable Man.
He holds an office that is highly esteemed and his achievements are worthy of respect. He surrounds himself with people who are very well educated and whose signatures are followed by letters of title and honour, no doubt richly deserved.
I, Phyllis Carter, am an ordinary citizen with a limited education and the only letters I sign after my signature are OSL - The Order of St. Luke - as I am a member of that widely respected international Christian healing ministry. I have some knowledge of  law and investigative procedures which I have acquired through years of  study, observation and working experience. No certificates, no degrees, no titles.
So it is with humility that I propose to reveal my own thinking about how I would have proceeded - and would proceed - in the case of the crime that was committed against me.
Those of  you who have followed Victims' Voices for the past few months since its inception will be familiar with my case, which has become Case Number 5 in the Victims' Voices series.
On October 7, 1996, I was attacked in my home. I called 911 for help to escape the violence. One of the two police officers who responded to my distress call  just turned over all my belongings to my assailant. No investigation. No legal procedure. No court procedure. The officer forced me to leave everything behind and he "helped" me through the door without so much as a coat. I was strongly warned never to enter the house again. Since then, I have been fighting for the recovery of my belongings.
From the start, I told the police who had attacked me and who had robbed me. I provided the police with photos, receipts, insurance documents and a detailed description of every item that was stolen. In the summer of 2000, the police finally undertook a brief investigation. My assailant refused the police access to the rooms where I had been forced to leave my life's possessions.  And the thief and her accomplice - boyfriend - refused a lie detector test. And Quebec's Police Ethics Commissioner says the case is closed. And there it stands.                                                                                          
Now, I have declared that the Police Ethics Commissioner is an honourable man, and in a free society, who would question the ethics of an Ethics Commissioner ? Certainly not I.  But, just as an exercise - to purge myself of some of the frustration I feel about the many errors and injustices committed in this case - I suggest that this is how I would have handled - and would handle - this case if  I were one of the persons in authority.
As the Police Officer who answered the 911 distress call, I would not have told the victim in the presence of her assailant that she has no right to take any of her belongings from her home - giving the assailant carte blanche. I would have invited the victim to the police station where I would have taken her statement, filed a report and initiated an investigation immediately. I would have helped the victim to find shelter.
As a Police Officer at the Mariette station where the victim went again and again to beg that a report be filed and an investigation be undertaken, starting at the site of the crime, I would have put in a request immediately for the 911 tape, and I would have taken the report myself and initiated an investigation. I would not have told the victim to be patient because her assailant has promised to return everything if she waits.

As the Police Ethics Commissioner, upon first notice of this case in 1998, I would have  identified and interviewed the two officers who responded to the distress call. I  would have demanded to know why they didn't file a report. I would have questioned the officers of the Mariette station whose names the victim had provided. I would have demanded to know why these officers had repeatedly refused to take a report even when the weeping victim brought all her jewellery boxes into the station that night in mid-March, 1997 - that night when the thief had finally returned those boxes and cases to the victim. Empty.
I would ask the victim and all the officers and the accused to voluntarily submit to polygraph tests. And if anyone refused to accept that challenge, I would ask a lot more questions, using my office and experience and authority to check and double check everything - including the backgrounds of all those involved. I would ask why, in 2001, the victim still does not have a copy of any police report. I would dig and follow every lead - relentlessly - until the victim's property is returned.  No case given into my hands would ever be closed until  justice was done.  Or I would not sleep at night.
But then, I am just an ordinary citizen relying on my own common sense. I do not hold any office or title. I am just an ordinary woman trying to understand why our police - whom  I have respected all my life - have been so very helpful to the thief and her accomplices.
And the Police Ethics Commissioner is, after all, the highest authority in such matters, and  I would be the first to say that the Police Ethics Commissioner is an honourable man.
Victims' Voices coming soon to the World Wide Web  
Phyllis Carter                                                                                     



October 20, 2010
Domestic Abuse Awareness Network: Backpage replaces Craigslist as prostitution-ad leader
Domestic Abuse Awareness Network: Former Pasco church youth leader pleads guilty to child abuse
Domestic Abuse Awareness Network Does anyone think there is more to this story or was it just a one time mistake?..hmmmmmmm...opinions?..
Phyllis Carter  
Domestic Abuse Awareness Network I am not happy with the little slap he know they are like roaches...caught for one offense usually mean there's a whole bunch hiding in the dark!
Jules Currie  I feel sick. Justice has not been done. My heart weeps for the child. What is wrong with these people ?
Phyllis Carter
Julie, People keep asking such questions, "What is wrong with these people?" and commenting that they are "sick". What is important is what we, THE PEOPLE, do about it. All the moaning and groaning and weeping will not improve the situation. Women have cried and wept and wailed for centuries - to little avail. Women and children are still being robbed, battered and killed, and the legal system - not a justice system in either the US or Canada - looks the other way and shrugs, and even titters at our plight as they turn their backs on us.
We, THE PEOPLE, need to be making a lot more noise ! Victims and friends of victims need to be organizing into larger movements all over North America, working together so that we will not be voices crying alone in the wilderness. We need to have IMPACT !
The fact that there are greedy, heartless, twisted, perverted, dangerous criminals walking free among us every day is a reality we are just beginning to grasp because of the Internet. For the first time, we, COMMON PEOPLE, are seeing how common these crimes are, how pervasive, how grave.
But for the first time in human history, we have a platform, an instrument, a scalpel which we must use to cut down on these horrific crimes and abuses. We must make ourselves heard LOUD AND CLEAR, NOW so that those who are elected to protect us can no longer ignore us, cannot tell us we don't matter, cannot tell us that these crimes are not in their jurisdiction, cannot treat women who try to lodge a complaint as if we were a common nuisance. We must make ourselves heard so powerfully that we turn these centuries of abuse against women and children into triumph. And I mean NOW!
Phyllis Carter

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I woke on Sunday and turned on the television and the Pope was preaching the Parable of the Unjust Judge and the Persistent Widow - Luke 18: 1-8.
And I remind you yet again. I have been pleading for justice for fourteen years. And you, unjust judges, - Quebec "Human Rights"? Droits de la personne,  Montreal Chief of Police, Marc Parent,  Montreal Police, - Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, Conservative Party,  Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, - Minister of Public Safety of Canada Jean-Marc Fournier, Minister of Justice of Quebec,  - Marlene Jennings, MP, Liberal Party, - Michael Ignatieff, Leader of the Federal Opposition, - Jack Layton - N.D.P., - David Kilgour, - Justin Trudeau, - Irwin Cotler, - Peter McQueen - City of Montreal Councillor
- have persistently ignored my pleas. These crimes have cost me my health and my peace. And still you ignore me.
And still I persist.
THE DAWN MCSWEENEY CASE will not go away. It has been reported around the world - to your shame.
Phyllis Carter

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I met Wally Aspell when I was a young girl working at Metropolitan News, my family's international newspaper store on Peel Street in Montreal. He was always nice to me, friendly, cheerful. Even though he was a professional entertainer and I was just a kid behind the counter, he never ignored me or talked down to me. I was thrilled when he gave me an 8X10 studio portrait of his fresh and handsome face. I still cherish that photograph more than half a century later.
Wally was a star on Montreal's entertainment scene. He appeared on  radio on Cross-Country Hit Parade on March 28, 1956 along with Guy Mitchell. He also appeared in at least one movie that I know of - The Hotel New Hampshire - 1983/84 - with Jodie Foster, Beau Bridges, Rob Lowe and Walter Massey. But most of all, he was known as a showman, a vocalist who was sure to provide a delightful evening of music to his audience, many of whom were musicians and movie stars.
Wally knew all the music and lyrics to hundreds of show tunes, all the words, all the verses, and he knew who produced, directed and appeared in the shows, and he knew the behind-the-scenes stories. He was a cornucopia, an encyclopedia of Broadway and movie musical lore.
Wally was gay, and sometimes that made his life very difficult for him starting from the time he was a boy of about twelve. He was openly gay and he could not hide it. One evening at La Roma - a fine restaurant and piano lounge on Peel Street near the Mount Royal Hotel - my husband Cliff and I ran into Wally when we went there to hear singer-pianist George Taylor.
George Taylor was a very handsome, elegant gentleman. One sunny afternoon I saw George walking toward me when I was strolling on Peel Street near La Roma and the sight of him took my breath away. He was dressed in a black suit, a white turtle neck shirt and black leather gloves and he was carrying a black leather brief case. He was just stunning.
George Taylor was a genuine class act. He treated Cliff as if he were his own father and indeed, they had qualities in common. We were shocked and very sad when this lovely, talented gentleman suddenly died at a much too young age. What a loss !
Back to Wally. That evening at La Roma, Cliff and I sat listening with pleasure to George Taylor singing "Georgia on my Mind" and I saw Wally at a table nearby with Liberace's chauffeur. Wally was really enjoying himself. In fact, he was celebrating with a flourish. All that was missing was a pink feather boa.
I hadn't seen Wally in a long time, but I always felt a personal bond with him. Once, when I was very young, I had even visited Wally's home which he shared with his mother. We were not intimate friends, but we had more than a business relationship. We had touched each others lives many times over the years in a warm and friendly way. So when I saw the way Wally was carrying on, I felt an acute  pang. I was afraid people would ridicule him. I went to his table and very discretely and gently asked him to tone it down.
I was stunned and hurt when Wally rebuked me. It was quite some time after that before we spoke again. But when we did, it was as if it had never happened. Wally was a kind man, not one to hold a grudge.
Wally was almost always mild-mannered. A musician named Billy Georgette came to Wally's place one day asking to borrow some of his sheet music. Wally had stacks of sheet music in his closet. They were his stock-in-trade and his treasures. He would never lend them out. But Georgette was known in the community to be a self-centered individual and that day he was really persistent.
Finally Wally gave in and told Georgette he could select a few pieces if he promised to return them soon. Georgette loaded up his arms and walked out the door quickly with a big stack of Wally's song sheets. Several times over the years, Wally asked Georgette to return his music, but he refused - until a couple of Wally's brawny fans took it upon themselves to pay Georgette a visit. They just knocked on Georgette's door and stood there. I do believe the music was finally returned. All these decades later, I have not forgotten. In my book the name of Bully Georgette is mud.
In the 1980's, Wally held court at Bellamy's Lounge in Le Manoir LeMoyne in downtown Montreal. He owned the audience there and musicians, movie stars and all sorts of celebrities came to sit in.  Late at night, after Cliff closed his own piano for the night, we often went to Bellamy's to jam with Wally and his company. We never knew who we might find there on any given night. It was Christmas every time.
Whenever Cliff came into the room, Wally's face would light up and he would invite Cliff to take his place at the piano. Wally called him "Cliffy".
With guests like Cyndi Lauper and Gordon Pinsent in the room, Cliff would  take his turn at the piano and charm the audience. One evening, Cliff, Wally, Johnny Gilbert, Jamie Gelfand and one other musician - I think Michel Donato - all played an impromptu jazz concert on Wally's piano at the same time - three on the bench and two standing - five great musicians having a ball and the audience witnessing a unique musical event. A Montreal columnist reported the event in the newspaper the next day. I have that clipping in one of my many scrapbooks.
I love to sing. Since I was a young girl, I dreamed of being a movie actress and a singer. I took opera  lessons with Mme. Pauline Donalda. My dream was to sing, one day, with Cliff Carter. It took decades for that dream to come true. Starting in the early 1970's, I was singing in clubs with Cliff, but I was mike shy. I would not - could not dare to use a microphone. Wally changed my life.
One evening at Le Manoir LeMoyne, Wally took me by the hand and sat me down beside him at the piano and insisted that I use the mike. Nudging me with his knee when it was my turn to sing the next line, he turned me from an amateur to a professional singer with that one song. From that pivotal moment on, I was able to sing with Cliff on mike in public - in supper clubs and lounges and occasionally on radio. I am forever indebted to Wally and so grateful.
Wally had a huge heart. Years later, when Cliff was sick in hospital, Wally, who was himself at the time seriously ill at home, got all bundled up - it wasn't winter, but he was that sick - and he walked to Brisson and Brisson, a fine men's store on Sherbrooke Street West in downtown Montreal - to buy Cliff a beautiful tie for his birthday. At that time, all Wally could eat was Campbell's soup. That is how sick he was, and still, he cared so much for Cliff that he had to go and buy him a fine birthday present.

Cliff never wore that tie. I still have it in it's original box and I cherish it as a treasure of the friendship Wally had for us. When Wally died, much too young, we lost an important musician, a charming entertainer and a very special friend. I offer this memoir in his honour.
Phyllis Carter
The Sheba
See Mr. Nostalgia, Cliff Carter at


I woke this morning and turned on the television and the Pope was preaching the Parable of the Unjust Judge and the Persistent Widow - Luke 18: 1-8.
And I remind you yet again. I have been pleading for justice for fourteen years. And you, unjust judges,,,,,,,,,  have persistently ignored my pleas. These crimes have cost me my health and my peace. And still you ignore me.
And still I persist.
THE DAWN MCSWEENEY CASE will not go away. It has been reported around the world - to your shame.
Phyllis Carter

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October 15, 2010
The Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency/The Sexual Homicide ExchangePat Brown is a nationally known criminal profiler, television commentator, author, and founder and CEO of The Sexual Homicide Exchange (SHE) and The Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency.
Ariel Rain yep another child dead for no reason. everyone knew she was being abused, and did nothing. o yeah called social services 3 times that sure made a difference didn't it? 
Phyllis Carter Ariel, What would you have done ?
    Ariel Rain never give up when it comes to a child. would of gotten all the people together that witnessed the abuse. i would of taken everyone to the police station and made reports everyday if i had too. also would of went to social services in person until they did something. also would of called 18004achild. i could go on and on.

    Ariel says that, in the case of this murdered little girl, everyone knew she was being abused and did nothing. This is the definitive problem in almost every case I know about. It is NOBODY's business, NOBODY's responsibility, NOBODY's jurisdiction and NOBODY wants to get involved.

    NOBODY who has authority wants to risk their comfort zone to do what is right. You are so right, Ariel. That is why the pages of FACEBOOK are pouring over with the plight of innocent crime victims. Because NOBODY is in charge of doing what is right.

    So here we have this major truth in a nut shell. Crime Victims must start an international movement to change the world - YES, WE CAN ! - by electing NOBODY at every opportunity.

    NOBODY is the hero we have all been waiting for searching for, and praying for. We can count on NOBODY. NOBODY does anything about the suffering of crime victims and we must give NOBODY authority to act in our name. .

    Therefore, check out your neighbours, friends, families, local politicians, provincial and state politicians, the media, and start asking questions today. Ask each one, as I have asked you, "What would you have done - if you were aware of a crime against a helpless victim?" Before we, The People, vote for you or lend you our support in any way, how will you guarantee that you will take action without delay to protect us - The People - and ensure that criminals are punished appropriately?


    Tuesday, October 12, 2010


    Months after the robbery by Dawn McSweeney at 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, Montreal, Quebec, Canada on October 7, 1996 -
    After I had been pleading with the Montreal Police to recover them for five months, Dawn McSweeney finally returned my stolen belongings - that is - the ones she didn't want.  If I didn't die then, I won't until I get back everything Dawn McSweeney stole.
    The robbery took place on October 7, 1996 . Now it was mid March, 1997. I believe it was March 17, St. Patrick's Day. With my heart aching, I carried the suitcase full of empty jewel boxes to the Montreal Police station on Mariette Street in NDG. It is a big old school building taken over at that time by the Montreal Police as their NDG headquarters. The place was dark except for a dim light in the entry hall. There wasn't a sign of a policeman or a police car.
    It was the edge of a bitter cold evening. I crossed the street and knocked on the door of a house facing the station. I sat crying my heart out on the icy steps while the people there phoned 911. They were told that I should return to the station and ring the bell. Then a police officer came and answered the door.
    What joy it would have given Dawn McSweeney to be witness to my agony when I opened my boxes and cases and found she had stolen everything I had worked for all my life, every precious gift, my every treasure. A lifetime, gone at the hands of a malicious and greedy teenager with the help of the Montreal Police and my mother, a mentally troubled old woman.
    The suitcase had been full of my rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, silver, gold, opals, diamonds, amethyst, onyx, topaz, designer works of art. She had taken everything - and spitefully sent back all the empty little velvet and cardboard boxes with friends from my church that had gone to 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, to recover my things when Dawn called.
    She had even opened one box from the bottom and removed my husband's rings from a pill vial, replaced the cotton in the vial and put it back in the middle of the box where I had hidden it among my lingerie and socks, and she resealed the box - at the bottom.
    How did she know where I had hidden Cliff's rings? She had been listening when my emissary had gone to the house on my behalf a few days earlier and begged my mother specifically to return three of my most precious items, identifying them by labels I had affixed to all my belongings - stored in the house - some since 1988. How do I know Dawn was listening behind the kitchen door?  She opened the door and laughed and told my messenger and my mother that she and Alex  - her boyfriend who had moved in with along with her a few days earlier - had heard every word.
    And the Montreal Police - do nothing.
    Mid-March, 1997: I showed the police the suitcase full of empty jewel boxes. Then they ostensibly "opened" an investigation. Two male and one female detective came to my place and dusted for fingerprints and finally took the suitcase and the cardboard box to test - they said - at their lab. It really looked serious, official, lots of gadgets. I thought, "At last ! At last !"
    Soon afterward, the police told me "There were no fingerprints." They did not say there were many smudged prints. They insisted there were none.
    How is that possible? I handled those things. Dawn McSweeney handled those things. Debbie McSweeney handled those things. Boxes that were returned by them were initialled with the letter "D" in felt pen to show they had been checked by either Dawn or Debbie McSweeney ! The people from my church who picked up the boxes and cases handled them. But the detectives insisted that there were no prints whatsoever. Does anyone wonder why I don't believe them?
    The detectives told me that Dawn McSweeney and Alex Lavergne had agreed to take polygraph tests and then changed their minds - "on advice of counsel". 
    And the Montreal Police - do nothing.
    And so my battle continues, relentlessly, day and night, until everything that Dawn McSweeney and her partners in crime return everything they stole from me and from the Rubin Family and until the criminals and their accomplices pay for their crimes.

    Monday, October 11, 2010


    October 9, 2010
    Is Marc Parent any different than any other business man sent in to a company to maintain the status quo and keep problems hushed up?
    The Montreal Police have a new chief named Marc Parent. Should victims of abuse by Montreal Police expect Mr. Parent to clean up messes Montreal Police officers have made? Will he clean up botched police actions of the past, admit them and rectify the wrongs done to the innocent, or will he just continue to protect bad cops from the complaints of crime victims?
    It has been fourteen years since I was attacked and robbed in my home at 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I managed to wrestle the phone from my assailant and call 911. The Montreal Police I called to rescue me - helped the thief instead. I have been fighting for justice day and night from the moment I was attacked.
    Marlene Jennings, Member of Parliament, stated at two public meetings in 2008 that my rights had been violated three times. But the Montreal Police still refuse to take any action against the thief, Dawn McSweeney and those she boastfully calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog.
    Months ago, I made yet another attempt to get the Montreal Police to take action against the criminals who robbed me and destroyed my family. I received acknowledgement of my complaint (see below) and never heard from the Montreal Police again.
    Based on my fourteen years of pleading for justice, I am certain that the Montreal Police will tell me - once again - that the case is closed - that is, the case that the Montreal Police intend never to see before a criminal court. There may be excuses or stalling for weeks or months, but rest assured, the Montreal Police will not go after these criminals until someone in authority forces them to do so.
    Who has the authority to do so ? Who has the will ? Who really cares about justice ? I have been stalled, refused, rejected and ignored for fourteen years, since the day I was attacked and I called 911 for help. Now the Quebec Human Rights Commission tells me I am "too late" for justice. Who is above all this ? Is there a righteous one among you ?
    Phyllis Carter
    In May, 2010, I received the following acknowledgement of my complaint from the Montreal Police Service - SPVM.
    May 16, 2010
    We wish to inform you that we have received your comments successfully. We will process as soon as we can and notify you with an answer.
    Subject: Reception Notification- Complaint :THESE CRIMINALS ARE STILL FREE
    Date: 16/05/2010 12:34:04 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

    Here is a copy of the message you sent us:


    April 23, 2010


    Like Adolph Hitler and his Nazi henchman, Dawn McSweeney and her self-proclaimed "partners in crime" stole personal treasures.

    This painting by Gustav Klimt was stolen by the Nazis and finally returned to the family that owned it. It took many years, but justice finally came for this family.

    GUSTAV KLIMT   Adele Bloch-Bauer I

    (Photo deleted)
    National Public Radio reported on January 17, 2006 that "The Austrian National Gallery is being compelled by a national arbitration board to return five paintings by Gustav Klimt to a Los Angeles woman, the heir of a Jewish family that had its art stolen by the Nazis.


    Dawn McSweeney and her "partners in crime" stole this, my wedding portrait ... and

    (Photo deleted)

    Dawn McSweeney and her "partners in crime" stole my husband's trademark Stetson hat seen below on his album cover, Mr. Nostalgia, Cliff Carter.

    (Photo deleted)

    Dawn McSweeney also stole the studio portrait of Cliff and me taken at the same time as the album cover by photographer Linda Corbett, along with all our best jewellery and Cliff's New Jersey Deputy Sheriff's badge which meant so much to him. It is worth more than gold to me.

    But Dawn also stole all my gold, diamond rings, and all my other gemstone jewellery, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches - everything I had worked for all my life and every gift I had ever received.

    Dawn McSweeney stole more than one lifetime of love and labour.

    I gave all the documents of proof to the police. But the police do nothing.

    Because the Montreal police refused to act on the 1996 robbery, in 2005, one of the "partners in crime" - a stranger named Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme - made a will in our mother's name when she was 92 years old and handicapped, physically and mentally.

    All the children and grandchildren who were named in my parents' own wills were omitted. Only Dawn McSweeney and her mother, Debbie Rubin McSweeney, benefited, And the liquidator of my father's property was Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme a complete stranger to us.

    When our mother died in 2007, the "partners in crime" took everything that my father had worked for all his life - his house and all his money - everything that belonged to his children and his grandchildren according to his own will.

    How many more years will I have to wait for the return of my personal treasures ?

    If Dawn and her "partners in crime" have desecrated these treasures, I will ensure that they receive the appropriate punishment.

    I will keep on fighting day and night until I find at least one person in authority who really cares about justice and who will finally take Dawn and her "partners in crime" before a judge in criminal court and return everything they stole from me and from my family.

    Luke 18: 1-8

    For all the details of these crimes:

    Copied to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Comments were sent from the following page:

    Source IP:
    End of message from SPVM -
    It is now October, 2010, and so far, Mr, Marc Parent has not made any attempt to speak to me about these crimes. Plus ca change...
    There is one other thing that has not changed. I continue to expose these crimes by Dawn McSweeney and her "partners in crime" - including the Montreal Police - for all the world to see.
    The Dawn McSweeney Case - -
    There will be no peace for anyone until justice is done - until Dawn McSweeney and her partners in crime are forced to return everything they have stolen from me and from my family; until Dawn McSweeney faces an honest judge in criminal court and is made to pay for the fourteen years of agony she has caused our family by her crimes. This is my solemn vow.  Luke 18
    Phyllis Carter
    GOOGLE :

    PHYLLIS CARTER'S JOURNAL: SPVM - MONTREAL POLICE - ACKNOWLEDGE ...May 16, 2010 ... DAWN MCSWEENEY AND THE MONTREAL POLICE UNMASKED .... Because the Montreal police refused to act on the 1996 robbery, in 2005, ... - Cached

    PHYLLIS CARTER'S JOURNAL: WHY IS DAWN MCSWEENEY STILL FREE ? Why is Dawn McSweeney still free? Can it be because a Montreal Police officer helped the thief ... - Cached

    PHYLLIS CARTER'S JOURNAL: MONTREAL POLICE INCOMPETENT OR CORRUPT ?  Everything I owned was left in the house in the hands of Dawn McSweeney and ... - Cached

    DAWN MCSWEENEY  But the Montreal Police still refuse to take any action against the thief ... - Cached - Similar


    DAWN MCSWEENEY: February 2010  THE MONTREAL POLICE ? ALEX LAVERGNE ? DEBBIE MCSWEENEY? The Montreal Police told me that Dawn McSweeney and Alex Lavergne refused to take polygraph tests. ... - Cached

    DAWN MCSWEENEY: FOURTEEN YEARS OCTOBER 7 SINCE I WAS ATTACKED AND ... Oct 6, 2010 ... But the Montreal Police still refuse to take any action against the thief, Dawn McSweeney and those she boastfully calls her "partners in crime" ... - Cached

    DAWN MCSWEENEY: HAPPY TREE GURU MCSWEENEY - CAN A THIEF LEAD YOU TO PARADISE ? ... Oct 1, 2010 ... And why did Dawn McSweeney and Alex Lavergne refuse to take a polygraph test as Montreal Police detectives told me ? ... - Cached

    DAWN MCSWEENEY: QUEBEC INJUSTICE SYSTEM PROTECTS PARTNERS IN CRIME  Mar 24, 2010 ... MONTREAL POLICE HELP PARTNERS IN CRIME ... in front of the home of Debbie and Dawn McSweeney on the West Island of Montreal, ... - Cached

    Sunday, October 10, 2010


    I suffer day and night from what my niece Dawn McSweeney did to my parents and my siblings and to me. I have never had any contact with her since she was a child, except when she moved into my parents' home in October, 1996, while I was living there while recovering from my first bout with cancer. Dawn robbed me and turned my parents against me. When I called 911 for help, the Montreal Police helped the thief instead.

    The good part: Even though the suffering has caused my cancer of 16 years ago to re-occur, I am still fighting. God gave me a father who taught me spelling and composition and so I am a writer and with this gift, I report injustice to the world - the injustices that have cost me so much - even my health - and the injustices I observe all around me - your injustices - anyone who is abused.

    When I fight for myself, I am also fighting for your rights. Crime victims have one thing in common - we are victims of the criminals - and shamefully, so many of us are also victims of our own governments and courts. Those who should be protecting us, are protecting the criminals instead.

    The media could help, but they ignore us. Thank God for the WWW that has finally given victims a voice. We are no longer isolated. We have each other and we have the truth. That is POWER ! Multiply that power by copying your crime reports by email and fax and letters and phone calls. Let your elected officials and police know that we are no longer alone and we are no longer silent about the injustices our governments and courts support.

    and The Dawn McSweeney Case at

    Saturday, October 9, 2010


    October 9, 2010
    Phyllis Carter > Global National: STOP HELPING CRIMINALS ! THE LAWS IN CANADA AND THE U.S. MUST CHANGE. Crime victims suffer day and night for decades while our laws protect the perpetrators of even the most heinous crimes with laws like the statutes of limitation. There must be no limitation on prosecuting and punishing criminals who do irreparable harm to the innocent. In fact, justice demands that a criminal repay every year - from the time of the crime until they finally go to prison. If victims suffer as a result of a crime, for fourteen years, the criminals should serve fourteen years behind bars. If only our laws had a component of justice within them. But - we all know they don't. Only we, the victims can FORCE change. NO PEACE WITHOUT JUSTICE.
    Phyllis Carter > Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment: STOP HELPING CRIMINALS ! THE LAWS IN CANADA AND THE U.S. MUST CHANGE. Crime victims suffer day and night for decades while our laws protect the perpetrators of even the most heinous crimes with laws like the statutes of limitation. There must be no limitation on prosecuting and punishing criminals who do irreparable harm to the innocent. In fact, justice demands that a criminal repay every year - from the time of the crime until they finally go to prison. If victims suffer as a result of a crime, for fourteen years, the criminals should serve fourteen years behind bars. If only our laws had a component of justice within them. But - we all know they don't. Only we, the victims can FORCE change. NO PEACE WITHOUT JUSTICE.
    Phyllis Carter > Domestic Abuse Awareness Network: STOP HELPING CRIMINALS ! THE LAWS IN CANADA AND THE U.S. MUST CHANGE. Crime victims suffer day and night for decades while our laws protect the perpetrators of even the most heinous crimes with laws like the statutes of limitation. There must be no limitation on prosecuting and punishing criminals who do irreparable harm to the innocent. In fact, justice demands that a criminal repay every year - from the time of the crime until they finally go to prison. If victims suffer as a result of a crime, for fourteen years, the criminals should serve fourteen years behind bars. If only our laws had a component of justice within them. But - we all know they don't. Only we, the victims can FORCE change. NO PEACE WITHOUT JUSTICE. Luke 18: 1-8.
    Copied to The Montreal Police at, and at, and to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Wednesday, October 6, 2010


    It has been fourteen years to the day since I was attacked and robbed in my home at 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I managed to wrestle the phone from my assailant and call 911. The Montreal Police I called to rescue me -helped the thief instead. I have been fighting for justice day and night for fourteen years.
    Marlene Jennings, Member of Parliament, stated at two public meetings in 2008 that my rights had been violated three times. But the Montreal Police still refuse to take any action against the thief, Dawn McSweeney and those she boastfully calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog.
    I am old and I am sick. But I am determined to see justice done. I do not advocate violence, but I encourage good people everywhere to fight for justice for crime victims. If the police won't do it, someone must.
    People around the world can read the details of these crimes at -
    Phyllis Carter
    October 7, 2010
    We need government that protects the innocent and victims. Canada's legal system provides all the benefits, protection and perks to criminals. Who can we trust to help us when politicians of every stripe are more concerned with staying in power or getting power than they are in doing justice? We have law in Canada, but Canadian law cares nothing about justice. So many crime victims are suffering so terribly, and those whose responsibility it is to help us just ignore our pleas. They are deaf, dumb and blind - until the next election. And the they make vague promises they have no intention of honouring. And so it goes. Canadian crime victims are just too nice to make a fuss - yet. Sooner or later, there will be crime victims who will start to seek justice on their own - and who could blame them. I am too old and sick to get into the fray, but others surely will and when they start, it will not be easy to stop them. After all, they will then become "the accused" and entitled to all the benefits, protection and perks afforded to criminals.

    Justice, only justice shalt thou pursue. Deuteronomy 16:20