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Andrew Frankl - who works at Traffic Tech Inc. and lives in Ville St. Laurent, according to public information he has posted on the internet. (See http below)
Interesting. This person knows so much about my family, yet I don't think I ever heard of him before, so he must have received his "information" from Dawn McSweeney and her "partners in crime" as she calls them on her own blog. How else could he know about my father and decide about the character of all my family members?
I thought the Andrew Frankl name might be false but I found the reference to his employment on a different site, so I think it is his name.
But I am glad to see this garbage because it confirms that the thieves are reading my blog reports. They have no peace.
The idea is to upset me, discredit me, discourage me, deter me, scare me, unnerve me silence me - but to no avail.
I see that the truth really bothers this little gang of criminals.And, note, Dawn's boyfriend, Alex Lavergne had posted hate mail a few times, blaming Dawn's mother, Debbie Rubin McSweeney for their crimes. So there is clearly a connection. (Detailed reports of the crimes appear on my blogs).
It is interesting that these people blame Debbie - the long-suffering victim of Ed McSweeney, their criminal daughter, Dawn McSweeney, and the stranger who made the false will in my mother's name and had me picked up by the police accusing me of being insane and dangerous, Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme. (Detailed reports at
The Debbie I knew from birth cared nothing for possessions, clothes, jewellery, money. She was always a shy, simple, naive, sick and vulnerable person. She would do anything to protect her children, but I cannot envision a character change of such a magnitude that she would give a damn about jewellery. Debbie never cared about such things. They were not important. Only her children and her pets mattered to her.
I don't think I can remember Debbie ever wearing any jewellery, but you can see in the photo of Dawn on my blogs and here below that her neck is hung with jewellery - maybe junk jewellery, but her various poetic web sites are full of sequins and arty stuff.
So I continue to report these crimes for all the world to see. I copy my blog reports to members of governments at all levels, the Montreal Police, community organizations and the media.
More than 111,000 people around the world have read my reports. And I continue to demand justice. Am I mad? Angry. Of course, these crimes - aided and abetted by the Montreal Police - have cost me my family, my health and the valuables of a lifetime.
I will never stop demanding the return of everything Dawn McSweeney and her "partners in crime" stole from me and from my aged parents and from my siblings and their children.
I am offering a $5,000. reward for everything they stole. No one can give me back the years I have spent pleading for justice. No one can return the years lost with my parents before they died because of Dawn McSweeney's crimes. No one can take away the cancer that was activated by all the stress these crimes have cost me.  But I will continue to demand what is my own.
I am also seeking a lawyer to sue the Montreal Police for $100,000 for damages to my family and my health due to their deliberate negligence, irresponsibility, dishonesty and complicity and cover up of these crimes.
The lawyer who wins my case against the Montreal :Police can have the entire $100,000. I do not want money.
I demand justice and the return of everything that belongs to me and to my family.

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Andrew Frankl
Works at Traffic Tech Inc.
Lives in Ville St. Laurent
Hello Phyllis.
Your baseless accusations are laughable. Truly. The first place to look, Phyllis, would be your sister, Debbie. Coincidence that after everything went missing, she fell off the grid? I think not. There is no such thing as coincidence.
Judging from your entire family history, lunacy runs deep. Save your father. He was a good man. A veritable paragon of a human being really, for sticking around until the end, but I digress. I drop you this line to share some thoughts.
Evolution is a really interesting thing. Evolution of law, as lunacy knows no bounds so every once in awhile laws need to be adjusted to protect those from lunatics such as yourself. Simply being a l unatic does not make you stupid, evidently. You knew that you wouldn't be able to be pursued in a civil case, because being the troll that you are you only choose to victimize those who don't have the means to protect themselves. You're quite clever, aren't you? Yuu must be so proud. As proud as I am disgusted on THIS LOYAL DOG HAS HIS BADGE - DAWN MCSWEENEY STOLE MY HUSBAND'S BADGE

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Suffer from Convenient Blindness
To the fact that they are
Public Servants,
Not Kings, Emperors or Gods.
And the Public, the People,
Who elect them,
And provide their incomes,
And multifarious perks,
Seem to have forgotten this,
And fall into the trap
Of playing along
In the politicians' fantasy.


I understand the conflict
I understand the pain.
Palestinian mothers,
Why do you want your babies to die?
In all of history,
To the best of my knowledge,
Mothers have protected their children.
Only terrorist mothers want their children to die.
Extreme: A boy holds a toy gun during a protest about a film ridiculing Islam's Prophet Muhammad in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh near Sidon, Lebanon on Friday
Palestinian Mothers,
If you hunger so much for Jewish blood,
Why don't you go out and fight yourselves,
Instead of sending your children to kill and to die?
Does Allah rejoice at the death of children?
Who has returned from the dead to testify to this?
Why do you burn olive trees?
Does it give you pleasure to be cruel?
Why do you persist in building and provoking?
Who will say,
"Enough of this madness!"
Where is Sanity?
Will it only stop when everyone is dead?



Guo Bin recuperates near his mother from an attack in the rural area of Linfen city that left him blind in a hospital in Taiyuan in northwest China's Shanxi province on Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013. A woman tricked the 6-year-old boy into going into a field, and then gouged out his eyes, police said Wednesday. (AP Photo)

BEIJING — A six-year-old Chinese boy who had his eyes gouged out does not know he has been blinded and asks his family why the sun has yet to rise, state media reported Wednesday.

The boy, surnamed Guo, was found covered in blood in the northern province of Shanxi after he went missing while playing outside, Chinese media reported previously.

His eyes, gouged out by an attacker, were recovered nearby, a police officer in Fenxi county who declined to be named told AFP.

The boy was being treated at an eye hospital and was not yet aware that he would be left blind for life, the Beijing Youth Daily said.

"He asks why the sky is always dark… and why the dawn still hasn't come," it quoted an uncle of the boy as saying.

"We could only tell him that his eyes had some injury and have to be bandaged. (We tell him that) They will be fine after the bandage is removed.

"It is such a difficult question to explain to him. It is the most heartbreaking thing," he said.

Earlier Chinese media reports said the boy's corneas were missing, leading to speculation that the attacker was an organ trafficker.

But police said Wednesday that the corneas had been found attached to the eyeballs and ruled out organ sales as a motive, although they were unable to provide an alternative explanation.

"We are still working on it so we cannot offer any comment or make any assumption on the motives," the Fenxi officer said.

Police offered a 100,000 yuan ($16,000) reward for information leading to the arrest of the sole suspect, whom they said was a woman.

Doctors plan to implant artificial eyeballs in the boy's eye sockets after his inflammation subsides so that people will not be scared by his appearance in the future, the uncle said according to the report.

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August 28, 2013
I just received a request from a Canadian human rights activist asking me to respond to a survey on the rights of crime victims in Canada.
Do you think a book, for victims of crime listing local services and other important information about crisis and resources would have been or would be helpful?  Yes__________  No____
Here is my response:
As you know, I have been trying to get the Montreal Police to take action in my case since I was attacked and robbed in my home in NDG, in Montreal on October 7, 1996. Since a Montreal Police officer helped Dawn McSweeney to rob me, I have not been able to get anyone to help me.
There is no question about court in my case. The Montreal Police refuse to take any action. They refuse to charge the criminals. They refuse to bring the case to criminal court. They just ignore me. 
Since a Montreal Police officer helped Dawn McSweeney to rob me, no one is willing to touch this case. The case never gets to court. I am not looking for money. This is not a civil case. It is a criminal case. That's why I am looking for a lawyer who is willing to sue the Montreal Police for one hundred thousand dollars in damages to my health and to my family caused by their deliberate negligence, irresponsibility and their cover-up and repeated refusal to take appropriate legal action to recover everything Dawn McSweeney stole from me and from my aged parents and my siblings and their children - the legal heirs specifically named in my father's will, and their refusal to charge the criminals in this case, Dawn McSweeney and those she calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog - and the police officer who made these crimes possible by helping Dawn McSweeney to rob me in the first place, physically removing me from my home without any justification or legal procedure, and then failing to file a report, and the Montreal Police who have persisted in refusing to take appropriate legal action from the day of the robbery to this very day.
As soon as my boxes were returned to me by Dawn McSweeney - minus all my jewellery and other valuables - in March, 1997 - I provided the Montreal Police with documents, appraisals, receipts, photos, insurance papers, and a minutely detailed seven page inventory of everything Dawn McSweeney stole. I provided the Montreal Police with floppy discs giving all the details of the crimes. They just ignore me. They do nothing. I have written to them dozens of times. I just get automated replies.
Years ago, I tried to get the Quebec Prosecutor's office to take action. They did not even bother to respond.
I appealed to Irwin Cotler, the famous "human rights" advocate, when he was Solicitor General of Canada. He told me crime was not in his jurisdiction. And so I fight on, day and night, week after week, year after year.
Warren Allmand, a highly esteemed Canadian, looked at my file and told me the same thing - crime was not in his jurisdiction.
I appealed to Quebec Human Rights - Droits de la personne. They told me I was "too late" for justice. It went on and on.
Marlene Jennings, Liberal member of Parliament for many years and Quebec's Deputy Police Ethics Commissioner, stated at two public meetings in Montreal - one - a Liberal Party meeting and the other at Rosedale United Church - "Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times." But she said she couldn't help me because crime is not in the Federal jurisdiction.
So you see, I have been beating my head on stone walls day and night, year after year, and still I persist in demanding justice.
What I did not realize at first, in my naivete, is that Montreal City Hall is riddled with corruption. Clearly corruption trickles down to the Montreal Police and the Federal Government will not help crime victims in Quebec.
Canadian citizens who are crime victims in Montreal, Quebec are abandoned by the Canadian Government on technicalities.
This will be a very important case for a smart lawyer, and the lawyer who wins my case against the Montreal Police can have the entire $100,000. purse.
I do not want money. I demand justice.
Phyllis Carter


When my niece, Dawn McSweeney, was born, the family was at the hospital. My sister Debbie had the baby in her arms when suddenly she stopped breathing. Debbie was frantic ! Dawn was turning blue, but the nurse was more concerned about Debbie being hysterical and making noise than she was that the baby was not breathing and becoming bluer every second.

I ran out into the hall screaming for help ! I ran to the elevator where I saw a doctor and I begged him to hurry. He hesitated, saying this was not his patient, not even his department, but he rushed to the room and got the baby breathing again.
It was I who proposed the baby be named " Dawn". She was a beautiful child.
How could I ever have imagined that Dawn would lie and steal and tear my life and my family apart.


Mme. Pauline Donalda
Robert Savoie

Saturday, August 24, 2013


The problem is people are afraid to speak the truth out loud.
People are involved in their own interests and don't want to get involved.
People have given up hope that there is anyone who is honest and who will act.
Corruption, crimes, lies and abuse must be reported in shouts from the rooftops and reported on radio talk shows and in Letters to Many Editors.
It is not enough to write our woes on Facebook. These things must be widely reported by emails, phone calls, letters and visits to members of governments, the media, community groups, churches, synagogues. mosques. 
Pots and Pans in the streets ! 
Silence is the enemy. Apathy is the enemy. Fear is the enemy. Selfishness is the enemy. Corruption is the enemy.
Do not conform. Do not be a follower. Be fair. Be just. Be kind. Be truthful.
Be strong, even if you feel weak. Especially if you feel weak. The battle for justice will make you strong.
And demand justice day and night without ceasing.
The more people who stand up and speak out, the better the chances for change. When one "little person" steps out from behind his mother's skirts and shouts the truth
"The Emperor is naked!"
Some opportunist who holds power will take up the sword of truth - 
And pretend it was all his idea in the first place !
And then there can be change.
You can do it.


Arms were made
for hugging.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


French Islamists are replacing long established English speaking Canadians in Quebec. The exodus from Quebec continues as extremists inflict outrageous restrictions against the English language in order to force English speaking people to submit or get out.
Two Examples:
August 20, 2013
I miss Quebec, the way it used to be. I've never been into politics, until I started getting told I should be speaking to my kids in French because I'm in Quebec... then it started to matter.
I am Canadian. I grew up in the Eastern Townships, in a beautiful bilingual town. My first best friend was a French girl who had a smattering of English, I had a little French, and we both loved to play in the woods, it was Franglais and it was great.
I went to the first French Immersion school in the area, within the English school board, (thanks Mom), so my kids can do the same. I grew up in an English home, and spoke two languages at school all day. I had summer jobs in the bilingual world of the tourist industry and even sold some Brome Lake Duck paté to Jean Charest at the local tourist office! There wasn't the dissent and the finger pointing and the general malaise there is now.
I married a man who's mother is from the ROC ( Rest of Canada) but who's father is pure laine ( Pure Wool i.e. French stock) from the Gaspé. I love them both more than I can say. Who cares about politics... but I guess now we have to.
I was never one to talk religion or politics, but now push has come to shove hasn't it? Now I care. It matters. I have the little certificates that are issues IN FRENCH giving my sons the right to go to school in English. Good for me. Good for them. Everyone should have that right. Who is the PQ to determine a parent's choice of education for their child? This isn't 16th century Rome and they aren't the pope! Why are we allowing this?
I miss the joie de vivre... I miss the feeling of pride in this beautiful place we live in. My son has issues that make learning another language hard for him, he will feel the stares and hear the comments I distract him from soon enough. Things need to change.
This isn't a province to be proud of anymore. Every little bit that the PQ aims to take with Bill 14 eats away at the joy there was in being a Quebecois. I don't understand where it went really, I guess I was busy having and raising my kids while it was being torn down and abused by politicians... but I miss Quebec, the way it used to be.



I was sent this picture today by a friend who was very distressed to see it on her page. It apparently was posted to see if anybody could find the girl and if they cared well we do care and we have to find this baby as this scares the hell out of me

Apparently there is no facebook account that it came from so ive no idea as to how we find this little baby but if there is anybody on here or any of the pages that can help us to find this child please please do so

My email is nolongervictims and all contact details under the contact section on the WWW.NAASCA.ORG website. Together we can find her please help



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Egyptian Jewish Population:
1948 - 75,000 Jews in Egypt
2013 - Less than 100 Jews in Egypt

April, 2013

IN RECENT decades the milestones passed by Egypt's ancient but long-dwindling Jewish community have mostly been sad ones. Before the overthrow of King Farouk in 1952 Egypt's Jews numbered nearly 100,000. An eclectic mix of Mizrahis or Eastern Jews, Sephardim from around the Mediterranean and Ashkenazi immigrants from Europe, they included an Arabic-speaking working class indistinguishable from other Egyptians as well as a polyglot upper crust of bankers, industrialists, entertainers, parliamentarians and cabinet ministers.

Xenophobic nationalism exacerbated by the birth of Israel in 1948, and the subsequent wars in 1956 and 1967, prompted an inexorable exodus. By the 1970s every Jewish school, hospital and club had closed. Egypt's few remaining synagogues, under heavy police protection, struggled to achieve a weekly minyan, the quota of ten male worshippers required for a communal service. Vandals and squatters invaded Jewish cemeteries. The rich Jewish contribution to Egyptian life was all but forgotten.

In recent years things had improved a bit for those Jews, numbering well below 100 and most of them elderly women, who remained. This was despite the coming to power of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group whose rhetoric has often veered into anti-Semitic diatribes. Among educated Egyptians there has been a revival of interest in the country's 20th-century past, or perhaps more accurately, of nostalgia for what is now seen as a more genteel, cosmopolitan age. Unthinkable to generations of Egyptians weaned on imagery of Israelis and Jews in general as villains, Cairo cinemas last month drew full houses with the screening of a documentary called "The Jews of Egypt", featuring interviews with elderly exiles pining for their lost homeland.

The brightened picture is also the result of efforts by the community itself, and particularly of two consecutive, energetic heads of its Cairo branch, Esther Weinstein and her daughter Carmen. As owners of a modest print shop and stationers in central Cairo, the Weinsteins never expected to play leadership roles. But few others were willing to publicly acknowledge their Jewish faith when the presidency of the Cairo community fell vacant in 1994. The Weinsteins proved determined both to defend Jewish interests, and also to declare their Egyptian patriotism.

Largely due to their efforts, four of Cairo's synagogues have been restored in recent years, and its largest and oldest Jewish cemetery walled and planted with greenery. To preserve Egypt's Jewish patrimony, the Weinsteins mounted a spirited campaign to stop the export of Jewish artifacts or manuscripts. Esther Weinstein died in 2004, and Carmen on April 13th, at the age of 82. The new head of the Cairo community, Magda Haroun, a 61-year-old lawyer, inherits a much-diminished flock.

Between June and November 1948, bombs set off in the Jewish Quarter of Cairo killed more than 70 Jews and wounded nearly 200.2 In 1956, the Egyptian government used the Sinai Campaign as a pretext for expelling almost 25,000 Egyptian Jews and confiscating their property. Approximately 1,000 more Jews were sent to prisons and detention camps. On November 23, 1956, a proclamation signed by the Minister of Religious Affairs, and read aloud in mosques throughout Egypt, declared that "all Jews are Zionists and enemies of the state," and promised that they would be soon expelled. Thousands of Jews were ordered to leave the country. They were allowed to take only one suitcase and a small sum of cash, and forced to sign declarations "donating" their property to the Egyptian government. Foreign observers reported that members of Jewish families were taken hostage, apparently to insure that those forced to leave did not speak out against the Egyptian government.3

When war broke out in 1967, Jewish homes and property were confiscated. Egypt's attitude toward Jews at that time was reflected in its treatment of former Nazis. Hundreds were allowed to take up residence in Egypt and given positions in the government. The head of the Gestapo in occupied Poland, Leopold Gleim (who had been sentenced to death in absentia), controlled the Egyptian secret police.

In 1979, the Egyptian Jewish community became the first in the Arab world to establish official contact with Israel. Israel now has an embassy in Cairo and a consulate general in Alexandria. At present, the few remaining Jews are free to practice Judaism without any restrictions or harassment. Shaar Hashamayim is the only functioning synagogue in Cairo. Of the many synagogues in Alexandria only the Eliahu Hanabi is open for worship.4

Anti-Semitism in the Egyptian press is found primarily, but not exclusively, in the nonofficial press of the opposition parties. The Government has condemned anti-Semitism and advised journalists and cartoonists to avoid anti-Semitism. There have been no anti-Semitic incidents in recent years directed at the tiny Jewish community.5

In September 2000 construction began on a highway-bridge through the ancient Basatin Jewish cemetery in Cairo. Cooperation and funding were provided by the Egyptian Ministry of Housing and an American ultra-Orthodox Jewish Athra Kadisha group. The plans will not harm any tombs and it will honor Jewish law concerning cemeteries.

Anti-Semitism is rampant in the government-controlled press, and increased in late 2000 and 2001 following the outbreak of violence in Israel and the territories. In April 2001, columnist Ahmed Ragheb lamented Hitler's failure to finish the job of annihilating the Jews. In May 2001, an article in Al-Akhbar attacked Europeans and Americans for believing in the false Holocaust.6 On March 18, 2004, 'Bad al-Ahab 'Adams, deputy director of Al Jumhuriya, accused the Jews of the terrorist attack in Madrid on March 11 as well as of the September 11, 2001 attacks.7

A positive development was the announcement that a Cairo synagogue built in 1934, which had been closed because so few Jews remain in Egypt, would be reopened in July 2005. The head of Cairo's Jewish community, Carmen Weinstein, and Israel's ambassador to Egypt, Shalom Cohen, arranged to reopen the synagogue, which the Israeli Embassy will help to maintain.8

On October 30, 2007, the Sha'ar Hashamayim synagogue in Cairo was rededicated by the city's small Jewish community. Many guests from Egypt and around the world attended the event which celebrated the synagogue's 100-year anniversary and the completion of recent renovations that occurred with assistance from the Egyptian government.9

In March 2013, Egyptian security agencies banned an Egyptian film about the Arab nation's once-thriving Jewish community, called "The Jews of Egypt," just a day before it was due to open in cinemas. Producer Haytham el-Khamissy said no reason had been given for the ban, which recalls the worst excesses of the famously censorial regime of former dictator Hosni Mubarak. The film is based on testimony from researchers, political figures and exiled Egyptian Jews, and presents a harmonious vision of early 20th century multicultural Egypt and asks "how did the Jews of Egypt turn in the eyes of Egyptians from partners in the same country to enemies?"10

1 David Singer, Ed. American Jewish Year Book 2001. NY: American Jewish Committee, 2001;
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2Howard Sachar, A History of Israel, (NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 1979), p. 401.
3 AP, (November 26, 1956); New York World Telegram, (November 29, 1956).
4Jewish Communities of the World.
5U.S. Department of State, 2000 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom, Released by the Bureau for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor Washington, DC, (September 5, 2000).
6 U.S. Department of State, 2001 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom, Released by the Bureau for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor Washington, DC, (October 26, 2001).
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8 Jewish Telegraphic Agency, (July 13, 2005).
9 "Dateline - Cairo," The Jerusalem Report (November 26, 2007), p.40.
10 Ben Child, "Egypt Bans Film About Jewish Community," The Guardian, (March 13, 2013).


The punishment must fit the crime,
Otherwise, there can be no justice

Friday, August 16, 2013


One soul, scorned and covered with scars  
I battle for justice day and night.

I'm tired, I'm worn, I am sad;
I despair:
And still I fight for justice day and night.
Not because I hope that God,
With his magic wand,
Will dub me "Worthy".
I struggle for justice
In an unjust world
Just because it is right.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Bullied ?
Robbed ?
Raped ?
Don't help your enemy !
Don't get dead !
Get justice !
And NEVER give up until you do.


Decades ago, I knew a Montreal artist whose father had been in a Nazi camp in  Germany. She told me she visited her father at the camp often.
As she spoke to him secretly from the other side of a chain link fence, she saw the buckles on the belts of  the Nazi soldiers. The words on those buckles read, "Godt Mit Unz." God is with us.
Now the Islamists are singing that same song. God is with us, they scream.
Ask God, not men, who He is supporting. All villains say God is on their side. It gives them a powerful excuse for their crimes and it fools fools into obedience and compliance.
But I have not heard God's opinion. I only hear my own conscience and common sense and I figure the Creator gave me a brain to use for truth and good, not to follow the dictates of tyrants - regardless of how they disguise themselves - or how they try to strike fear into the hearts of the weak and ignorant to make them obey.
The Anglican priest who baptized me many years ago once ordered me to "conform". It was the worst thing he could have done. I left his church. I am a person, not a slave to anyone.



Christians under attack in Egypt. What happened to the descendants of Moses and Joseph? Where are the Jewish people of Egypt?

But the serenity only masked the unease here. Since the July 3 coup that ousted former president Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, Christians have faced a spike in violent attacks that Egyptian authorities have not prevented, rights groups allege.

"I'm very afraid, and I'm afraid for my daughter," said Mona Roshdy, 55, as she left the church with her family.

She had reason to be. On Wednesday, as the police in Cairo assaulted two protest camps of the Muslim Brotherhood's, Morsi supporters directed their anger at Christians.

LATEST NEWS: More than 500 killed

Churches, houses, monasteries, orphanages, schools and businesses belonging to Copts were attacked in nine provinces "causing panic, losses and destruction for no reason and no crimes they committed except being Christians," the Maspero Youth Union, a Coptic activist group, said Thursday.

As if sensing trouble, just two days before Wednesday's violence, Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros II called on all Egyptians to prevent bloodshed.

"With all compassion I urge everyone to conserve Egyptian blood and ask of every Egyptian to commit to self-restraint and avoid recklessness and assault on any person or property," Tawadros wrote on his official Twitter account Monday.

Youssef Sidhom, editor-in-chief of the Christian weekly Watani, said the recent attacks are painful and vicious but it be worse if they are allowed to divide the two faiths.

"Christians shouldn't be moved by this, shouldn't be dragged to fulfill the target that lies behind this, which is segregating the national solidarity between Christians and Muslims in the very difficult time Egypt is passing through," Sidhom said.

Christians make up about 8 million of Egypt's population of 80 million and have been victims of Muslim attacks for years. Some Christians were worried when Islamists took over Egypt's government in 2012 and relieved when the military ousted them from power last month.

But the ancient Coptic communities here that predate Islam by centuries say they now see a new wave of violence against them since the ouster.

In Upper Egypt – a swath of arid land from south of Cairo to Sudan that is home to many hard-line Islamist Egyptians – four Christians were killed when a mob of several hundred people in the Luxor governorate attacked with knives, tree limbs and hammers two days days after the overthrow of Morsi, Amnesty International said.

They also vandalized Christian homes and set properties on fire, Amnesty said.

In a village in Upper Egypt's province of Minya, an argument erupted between Muslim and Christians over a pro-military song playing in a coffee shop last week. The next day thousands of people ransacked Christian homes and stores, the Associated Press reported.

And in the north Sinai Peninsula, a hotbed for growing militant activity, an orthodox priest was murdered last month. There were attacks in Port Said and Marsa Matrouh as well.

"The Christian people are worried about the situation," said Adly Rizk, 53, on a Sunday outing with his family in the capital.

On Wednesday, Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim said Morsi supporters damaged or torched seven churches nationwide. They also stormed 21 police stations, he said.

Standing outside the towering Cairo church, not far from one of the pro-Morsi protest camps, Roshdy pointed to a batch of graffiti written on the building's protective walls: "Egypt is Islamic," said the markings written in red Arabic letters.

Morsi's supporters spray-painted the phrase on other Christian properties, too, as they marched last week across the city, Roshdy said.

Roshdy says she doesn't leave the house in the evenings after seven. She doesn't wear jewelry except for a basic gold ring because she is worried about theft, and she won't let her daughter, 21, go out alone.

"It's horrible," Roshdy said.

Many Christians participated in massive protests against Morsi at the end of June, and Tawadros sat with a row of officials behind Gen. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi when the army chief gave his speech that overthrew Morsi.

In a 15-minute audio recording posted online earlier this month, al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahri accused Coptic Christians, the military and secular-minded elites of conspiring against Morsi because he is an Islamist.

In Egypt, human rights groups accused Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists of inciting violence.

"Copts are paying the price of the inflammatory rhetoric against them coming from some Islamist leaders and supporters of the former president, who accuse Coptic spiritual leaders of conspiring to foment army intervention to remove Dr. Morsi," said Ishak Ibrahim, officer for freedom of religion and belief at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, in a report.

Ibrahim said incendiary speeches indicate Islamist leaders think Copts were heavily involved in anti-Morsi protests.

"I'm not scared, but I'm very sad about the situation in the country – the relationship between Muslims and Christians," said Margaret Naby as she walked into church on Sunday. "There is so much fanaticism."

Egypt is home to wider sectarian unease that authorities don't control. In June, four Shiite Muslims were beaten to death by a mob of Sunni Muslims, apparently for their beliefs, in a village near the capital, in Giza.

"The Egyptian government should make ending sectarian violence a priority, or risk letting this deadly problem spiral out of control," Nadim Houry, acting Middle East director of Human Rights Watch, said in a recent report about attacks on Christians.

"Prosecutors should thoroughly investigate and prosecute those responsible, including security forces, if they want to show they are capable of preventing future bloodshed," he said.

Last week, 16 human rights groups condemned rhetoric used by the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies that the organizations said incited violence and religious hatred for political gain. They also denounced state agencies for failing to protect Christians, confront sectarian attacks and enforce the law by holding responsible parties or individuals accountable.

"This negligence reveals that the pattern of impunity which spread during the Mubarak era and remained in place throughout the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood continues to this day, even after both of these regimes were overthrown," a statement by the groups said.

Coptic activist Mina Thabet said that if the state maintains a passive attitude and does not try to end violence or protect citizens, people will take to the streets again to demonstrate against the government – underscoring widespread impatience with the state that fueled ongoing instability since the uprising against Mubarak.

"Where's the change?" Thabet asked, suggesting he expected rapid improvements. "Until now, I did not see any development in the country."

But some Christians had put concerns about attacks aside, instead simply glad that Morsi was ousted and the Brotherhood is no longer in power.

"Under the Brotherhood's rule, things were difficult for Christians," said Mina Makroush, 25. "I'm not afraid now because the Brotherhood government was removed."

Others say they want to leave the country.

In Coptic Cairo, which was a Christian stronghold until the 7th-century rise of Islam, Zarour Ayzut Dawoud propped her son on her hip as she visited the place where Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus are believed to have stayed when they escaped King Herod's execution of young male children in the vicinity of Bethlehem.

"I want to go to America," said Dawoud. "The situation in Egypt is no good."

Peter Fakhry, 22, said the feeling is shared by non-Christian Egyptians.

"Many people want to leave – Christians and Muslims, too, because of the situation and lack of work," he said.

"Do you see this? There are no tourists," he said about the Coptic site that is no longer as much a residential space as it is a place for visitors, who come to see relics of an almost forgotten past in which Egypt was dominated by Christians.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Thief
The lawyer who wins this case can keep $100,000.
I do not want money. I want justice.
Montreal Police helped Dawn McSweeney, now Happy Tree Yoga's Guru, to rob me. Dawn McSweeney plundered all my life's most precious valuables, jewellery, art, money and irreplaceable personal memorabilia.
Then, because the Montreal Police repeatedly refused to take any action to recover my belongings or to prosecute Dawn McSweeney and those she calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog, the thieves went on to steal everything my father worked for all his life - his home and his life's savings - the inheritance of his children and grandchildren specifically named in his own will.
Marlene Jennings,
Liberal Member of Canada's Parliament
Quebec Deputy Police Ethics Commissioner,
stated at two pubic meetings in Montreal,
"Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times."
I am looking for a lawyer to sue the Montreal Police for damages to me and to my family in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars.
These crimes could not have succeeded without the complicity, negligence, irresponsibility and corruption in Montreal City Hall and the Montreal Police Department.
This criminal case will not go away until there is justice for me and for my family.
Now with almost 109,000 readers around the world
And still no justice for victims of the Montreal Police.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Today, English speakers are a minority in Quebec. And for lack of a better term, we're treated like - expletive deleted.
The French want their sovereignty so badly, that lately they have begun to just take it – the government of Quebec have imposed all these laws, or limitations rather, as to how much English can be used in Quebec…sounds crazy, I know – but I'm being completely serious.

I came to Florida because I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to do my PhD, and the reason I will probably never go back to my own home is because the government of Quebec has made it hard for me to feel welcome there, because English is my first language.
French can be beautiful – but it doesn't seem that way when you are forced to use it the vast majority of the time, and threatened if you don't.
If I went home after graduating, I would probably have to take several licensing exams in French, in addition to practicing primarily in French.
If ever I decided to open a practice, the sign would have to be in French and my Business Cards would have to be in French, as well.
If English was included on the signs, or on the cards, the French writing would have to be significantly larger than the English writing, or the 'Language Police' would come and close my business, in addition to giving me a large fine.
Once again, I'm not kidding – we have language police.
Full report at -


When the people we elect,
Appoint or hire,
To protect and defend us,
And bring us justice 
Fail to do so -
It is left to The People
To protect and defend ourselves,
And seek justice,
Using whatever means are left.
The longer we have to wait for justice,
The fewer means remain,
And the more desperate are the victims
Of a corrupt system.



Federal prosecutor begins program to teach teen rapists how to avoid jail

[Photo credit: Anne Savage, special to Eclectablog]

After high school kids in Steubenville, Ohio were busted for repeatedly raping an unconscious 16-year old fellow classmate and then posting their exploits on the internet, a federal prosecutor, U.S. Attorney William J. Ihlenfeld, has come up with a solution: teach young rapists how to avoid getting busted. His program is designed to show the young rapists that posting evidence of their crimes on the internet can get them in trouble.

He told the Associated Press:

[The Steubenville rape] definitely played a role in causing us to think, 'Who do we need to focus upon?' We thought, 'Let's start calling athletic directors and coaches to see if they're interested. That investment of time, hopefully, will pay dividends down the road, not only because you hope the kids are going to stay out of trouble. Social media creates so many distractions off the field for coaches. Maybe we can help them avoid that situation, as well. [...]

We bring the perspective of, 'OK, if you do this, this is what can happen. We don't want to see you in court.'

His press release (pdf) says the program's message "will highlight athletes at the high school, college and professional level who have faced criminal penalties, suspensions, or removal from their teams for their texts or for posts on social media…"

Mr. Ihlenfeld seems to suggest that the focus here should not be on teaching teens not to rape their female classmates but, rather, how to avoid getting caught for raping their female classmates. We can't be having these star athletes getting in trouble and ending up in court, right? They just need to learn how to be more careful when they are raping their 16-year old female classmates. When you've finished raping that girl, don't text about it or post videos on Youtube and Facebook. Done and done.

This is offensive beyond measure. The group UltraViolet has started an online petition to fight Mr. Ihlenfeld's outrageous approach to solving one of our country's most critical problems.

The lesson for students from the Steubenville, Ohio rape case should be not to commit rape, not how to avoid getting caught. We demand that your educational program include material on respecting women, seeking consent from sexual partners, and clearly defining rape and sexual assault for teens–including the legal consequences for committing these crimes.

You can sign their petition HERE.


Monday, August 12, 2013


Do you know a lawyer in Quebec who wants one hundred thousand dollars and a challenging case?
This case will win the lawyer the praise of thousands of crime victims.
Win this case and the entire one hundred thousand dollars is yours.

Thursday, August 8, 2013



NY Times: 400 tons of highly radioactive water going into Pacific each day from Fukushima plant, says Tepco — Top Nuclear Regulator: This is a crisis

Tons of contaminated groundwater from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant have overwhelmed an underground barrier and are emptying daily into the Pacific, creating what a top regulator has called a crisis.

The water contains strontium and cesium

"Tepco lacks a sufficient sense of urgency for this crisis," Shinji Kinjo, a high-level official at the country's nuclear regulatory watchdog, said Tuesday in an interview.

Tepco now says the groundwater is emptying into the plant's man-made harbor at a rate of 400 tons a day  While the company did not specifically say how much of the water was contaminated, it offered a calculation for the amount of tritium being released that assumed all of the water was contaminated.

Some critics contend that the plant has emitted far more radioactive materials than it is saying, based in part on levels of contaminants discovered in the harbor

Mr. Kinjo said that the levels of contamination in the water that had collected in the reactor buildings was too low to account for the radiation levels seen in the groundwater now flowing into the ocean

The most likely source appears to be pools of highly radioactive water that collected in the plant's maze of underground conduits

Title: New Leaks Into Pacific at Japan Nuclear Plant
Source: New York Times
Author: Martin Fackler, Matthew L. Wald
Date: August 6, 2013

The lies and the poison keep pouring out of Japan.