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March 12, 2010

$300,000. RIP-OFF,,,,,,,,

What a royal rip-off of tax payers' dollars ! How ridiculous and irresponsible can government be and still be our government ? I still remember the waste of thousands of dollars over a logo for Montreal. See details below.

Phyllis Carter

January 29,2010
In 1981, I pointed out that the prize-winning logo for the City of Montreal for which thousands of dollars were paid out to the "winner" of the design contest, was a rip-off from THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER. (See my emails below). No one paid any attention.
We must look closely at "prize winning" designs this time.
Phyllis Carter
The Suburban, Jan . 27 2010  issue, page 2.
(My shorthand)
Funds officially set aside by borough council over 5.3 million $.-  7.8 million expected to be covered by city centre with other levels of govmnt set to chip in balance on the roughly $21 million project. Council has requested support from Heritage Canada; "the centre will be conceived somewhat unconventionally." A nation-wide competition for the design. Architect Philippe Drolet is being paid nearly $45,000 by the borough as a consultant to manage the contest. The winner to be announced toward the fall with construction to begin in 2011.
October 29, 2008

Dear Editor,

The Gazette October 29 reports "The Montreal Metropolitan Community has come up with a new logo to "brand" the region....  So far, the council has spent $487,000 on the logo, with another $200,000 budgeted to come up with a plan to promote it."

The older I get, the more I feel despair for the human race. Do we never learn? Montreal's current logo cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars won by the so-called artist who won a competition for the best design, even though that exact symbol had been used for many years as a decorative trim for columns in The National Enquirer and was still in use in The National Enquirer at the time Montreal bought it. ( I was selling newspapers at the time and saw that emblem in The National Enquirer all the time.)

I reported this fact to the media and the authorities at the time the logo was first shown to the public.(1981). All they had to do was open a copy of The National Enquirer and see for themselves. But I was ignored. Not surprising: After all, the money had been spent with a big splash of publicity, and I am sure the City did not want the embarrassing truth exposed.

All these years later, it appears that the City of Montreal once again has been wasting huge amounts of taxpayers' money. At a time when there are people losing their homes and their jobs, do we need to squander money on more silly symbols? More pomp, less bread.

Phyllis Carter





Quebec's mayor sacks French marketing whiz for being 'a failure'

Clotaire Rapaille is 'a star in U.S., but a failure here,' mayor says

Quebec City has fired French-born marketing guru Clotaire Rapaille after discovering numerous inconsistencies in his résumé.

Photograph by: Francis Vachon, Canwest News Service

QUEBEC – Citing a "breach of trust" because of inaccuracies in the curriculum vitae of Clotaire Rapaille, an angry Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume announced Monday the termination of the city's contract with the French-born marketing guru.

"He's a star in the United States. He was a failure here," the mayor told reporters.

"It didn't work. It was a failure. We are sorry," Labeaume added, answering reporters' questions brusquely at times.

"We won't do that. We are in business. We are managers. That's all. We won't bleed, that's all."

The mayor explained that in a telephone conference Monday, Rapaille agreed the arrangement was no longer working.

He has been paid $125,000 so far and the two sides will negotiate a final settlement. The city gets to keep the findings of focus groups consulted.

The mayor hired Rapaille to rebrand the city, finding a "code" to draw more young people. Quebec City has full employment and wants to attract more skilled workers.

Labeaume said he was not upset when Rapaille called city residents "totally neurotic" and sado-masochistic.

It was claims about himself that proved to be problematic, including about his war record.

The Quebec City daily Le Soleil checked his claims and found discrepancies.

In his first meeting with Quebec City reporters in February, Rapaille said his attachment to the province dates back to his wartime years in France.

His father and grandfather were taken away by the Nazis, he recalled, and he listened to the records of Quebec singer Felix Leclerc, who became his spiritual father.

But Rapaille was only four in 1945 when the war ended and Leclerc only became known in France after 1950.

He has given varying accounts of the Liberation of France in 1944, when he was three, telling different interviewers that he rode an American tank in Normandy.

In another version, he got his first taste of chocolate – which he still remembers – from a American G.I., as U.S. soldiers were known in the Second World War.

In an alternate version, a G.I. gave him his first taste of chewing gum.

And in a third version, Rapaille dedicated his 2006 book Culture Codes "to that G.I., leaning from his tank, who gave me chocolate and chewing gum two weeks after the invasion."

Trouble is, Rapaille also admits that at the time he was living in Paris, which was liberated onl two months later.

Rapaille claims a doctorate in "medical anthropology." He told Le Soleil in fact, his doctorate is in psychology, but his thesis dealt with anthropology as well, so he simplified the account for his main audience in the United States.

"With the Americans, you have to simplify everything," he explained.

A naturalized American, Rapaille lives in Tuxedo Park, north of New York City, and his usual clients include the major Canadian banks.

Most of Rapaille's work has been for corporations selling consumer products, such as Procter & Gamble, Kraft and Kellogg.


Quebec's psychic profile: A sadomasochist with a reptilian core

Marketing guru collects $300,000 to unlock city's 'code' and help give it a fresh image. Quebeckers are neurotic, he says

Rhéal Séguin

Quebec City

The marketing guru whom Quebec City is paying $300,000 to help with its image makeover has given an early report: Quebeckers, he says, are "completely neurotic" and their "sadomasochist" relationship with "the English" means they will never separate from Canada.

Clotaire Rapaille, the New York-based market-research expert many Fortune 500 companies turn to for advice, has spent the past few months collecting information to help him unlock the code to Quebec City's collective psyche as part of a contract awarded by the city. Mayor Régis Labeaume wants the city to undergo an image makeover he said it needs to give the city a more modern feel after the huge success of its 400th anniversary celebrations in 2008. Mr. Rapaille told a group of communications and marketing specialists Wednesday that "Quebeckers are emotional.

"Now don't get angry when I tell you that you are completely neurotic," he said in his presentation."You are like a sadomasochist couple. The sadist needs the masochist and the masochist needs the sadist. … These types of couples last an eternity, they are the best couples, the most stable. You are with the English a sadomasochist couple and you will be that way forever."Quebeckers' emotional impulses toward the rest of Canada are part of what Mr. Rapaille calls their "primal reptilian core," which he says constitutes the "code" that lies deep in people's subconscious.

Unravelling that code is, he says, the key to determining how consumers behave toward products. Mr. Rapaille wants to determine how Quebec City residents relate to their city in the same way he helped Dubai and Singapore discover their own particular "code." He has spent the past few months collecting information as part of a $300,000 contract awarded by the city. What Mr. Rapaille has found so far is that residents are passionate about their city, their surroundings, and their sense of belonging.

Yet at the same time they listen heavily to the "destructive" forces generated by the city's popular "trash" talk radio. "You have a strong emotional side and yet a strong critical side that we find in trash radios, a sense of repression and inability to succeed," Mr. Rapaille said in underscoring the contradictions that characterize the city's residents. "You have this balance between the two that we will need to use with parsimony."

He has conducted eight focus groups with 350 residents where participants were invited to "escape" from the cortex portion of the brain that, according to Mr. Rapaille, controls "reason" and slip into their "emotional" side to eventually fall into the "reptilian" mode, or their most primal senses. Canadians, he said, tend to dwell in their "rational" mode, Americans "reptilian" and Quebeckers "emotional." "You are the dimension that is missing in North America and that is very important," he said.

"You are an historic aberration. You didn't have a chance to survive, yet you did. You are role model for the world.…All small cultures in the world can use you as a model." Mr. Rapaille said his work is not complete but should be ready in the spring, just in time for Mr. Labeaume to prepare his campaign to rebrand his city. Mr. Rapaille responded to complaints that his work in other cities was inaccessible, saying it can cost as much as $135,000 to get information contained in the studies he has already done. "I did the codes of these cities for various companies who paid for my work.…I cannot divulge information for which they paid," Mr. Rapaille explained to reporters at a news conference.


4995 Prince of Wales, Notre Dame de Grace, Montreal, Quebec is the scene of at least one crime, a robbery that took place in that house on October 7, 1996 with the help of a Montreal Police officer.
If you have any knowledge about improper activities of the self-proclaimed "partners in crime", or if you know anyone who purchased anything from this address since 1996, please write a comment at this blog site.
Also report your information to Marlene Jennings, M.P.,,, and the Montreal Police.
There is a reward being offered for information leading to the return of all the stolen properties and the conviction of those responsible.
Phyllis Carter

Sunday, March 28, 2010


                                        LEST WE FORGET
I am too small and weak to take on the Vatican, but I am not too small or weak to tell the truth. My friend, the noble gentleman, Michael Steeler, took on the Vatican single-handedly and fought until his last days on earth to expose the Vatican's support of the Nazi Galicia SS. Even through his final illness, Michael used all his time, his last bit of money, probably his last postage stamp, to expose a terrible wrong - the blessing of the Galicia SS Nazis by the Vatican. With personal connections in the palaces of Europe, Michael appeared on CBC Television's THE FIFTH ESTATE to tell the inside story of his struggle for justice against the Goliath Vatican.
Now, in the year 2010, after hearing more of the Vatican's cover up for the disgusting, abusive priests and bishops - and for the Pope himself - I cannot remain a mere curious bystander. I promised Michael I would carry on being the "Scrapper" for justice, as he dubbed me.
There are priests who would direct our attention to the future. Let's listen to the people. We are no longer a church of priests but a church for the people, one priest said on Global TV News in Montreal tonight. Spin, diversion, excuses, distraction, apologies, smoke and mirrors, good intentions, but never the whole truth.
The Church is so powerful that someone like me is less than a mosquito in this matter. But a splinter in the side of injustice, that I am, only that, but at least that.
Lest we forget, let's not obliterate the meaning of the lives of so many people who have been severely damaged by the Roman Catholic Church. Do those who have died matter less ? Gone and forgotten ? Tsk-tsk !
Under Pope John XXIII, a ray of light shone on the Vatican and on the Catholic people. Now we see the shadow of the Dark Ages returning.
Just about everyone knows the truth, but only a few dare to acknowledge it. Most leave it to a few still-living victims of some of the abuses to carry the burden of speaking out. When they have died, the Church can obliterate their memory too.
Most Catholics continue to sin by their silence as so many did during the Holocaust. After all, how can you expect millions of people to let go of something they have depended on so totally for so long?
In memory of Michael Steeler, and millions of Jewish people, and the innocent children hurt by Roman Catholic priests, and brushed aside and buried by bishops for decades, if not centuries, my conscience demands that I speak the truth openly.
The corruption of God's Word is a tragedy for the believing Catholics of the world, and for their friends.
Scrub away the sins. I pray that honourable priests will speak out and hold the guilty - all of them - responsible. Only then can the Roman Church claim to have clean hands and go forward into a blessed future. Then, and only then.
I am,
Phyllis Carter
" Between 1918 and 1939, Uniats in Galicia also gradually began to return to Orthodoxy, despite ferocious Polish repression,. By 1928, there were 40 Orthodox parishes there and eventually some 50,00 returned to Orthodoxy. However, repression continued there until the Second World War. Sadly, under instructions from the Vatican, after 1939 the latinized Uniat episcopate showed enthusiastic loyalty to the new Nazi regime. Indeed, the head of the Uniats in Galicia, 'Metropolitan' Andrei Sheptitsky, actually 'blessed' the 14th SS Division, recruited in Galicia, and their genocidal massacres. Senior Uniat clergy in Galicia also supported nationalist Ukrainian organizations. These were notorious for their murders of Communists, Jews, Poles and Orthodox clergy and they continued their terrorist activities into the early 1950s. As a result, after World War II, Sheptitsky's successor, Joseph Slipy, and four other Uniat bishops were arrested by the new Soviet regime for collaboration with the Nazis, as were quislings throughout liberated Europe. "

Saturday, March 27, 2010


It is almost 4:00 AM and I had to turn my computer on to write this message. I asked recently to be one of your "friends' on Facebook and you graciously accepted me. I don't wish to hurt your feelings or attribute any wrong-doing to you. Truly, I don't know you. But after hearing more of the Vatican's cover up for the disgusting, abusive priests and bishops and for the Pope, I cannot bear to have even the most remote connection with the Roman Catholic Church
Under Pope John XXIII, a ray of light shone on the Vatican and on the Catholic people. Now we see the shadow of the Dark Ages returning.
Everyone knows the truth, but only a few dare to acknowledge it. People leave it to a few victims of the abuse to carry the burden of speaking out. Most Catholics continue to sin by their silence as so many did during the Holocaust. After all, how can you expect millions of people to let go of something they have depended on for so long?
I am sorry to have to tell you this. I might have just severed the connection without a word. But my conscience demanded that I speak the truth openly.
This corruption is a tragedy for the believing Catholics of the world, and for their friends.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am just a sick old lady struggling for justice in the case of a robbery that destroyed my family - with the help of the Montreal Police, but day by day more and more people are taking an interest in how our governments have been operating.
The Governments of Montreal, Quebec and Canada cannot or will not protect the Canadian people, but they do provide ample protection and benefits - including pensions - to the worst criminals.
Now, more and more people are starting to notice and ask questions. People are starting to demand open public inquiries.
I have always hesitated to attribute the malfeasance in my own case to corruption, preferring to say there has been incompetence. But every day, there is more evidence that corruption is the right word and the right charge.
Soon, there will be more protests in the streets as we have seen in other countries where governments have cheated and oppressed the people. The police will not be able to crush everyone.
I do feel sorry for those precious few police officers and perhaps a few politicians who would really like to do the right thing. Their reputations are tarnished by the corruption and incompetence that has taken over Canadian, provincial and municipal governments.
Good people need not be offended by what I am saying. If the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it.
Phyllis Carter


Years ago, I tried to draw attention to the robbery that took place at 4995 Prince of Wales in Montreal on October 7, 1996 with the help of a Montreal Police officer.
I picketed the office of Member of Parliament, Marlene Jennings and the office of the Member of the Quebec Legislature, Russell Copeman, and I picketed in front of the home of Debbie and Dawn McSweeney on the West Island of Montreal, and in front of the scene of the crime on Prince of Wales, where Dawn and her self-proclaimed "partners in crime" had taken over. 
The day I picketed Debbie And Dawn McSweeney's house on the West island, Debbie called the police and a highly agitated, almost hysterical cop called an ambulance and sent me all the way across Montreal from the West Island to the Royal Victoria Hospital downtown at taxpayers' expense merely to satisfy his need for power and control. He had failed to intimidate me, so he decided to show me what power he had over me. What if someone had a heart attack while this ambulance was being wasted ?
A friend wrote:
I think you could have been charged for picketing private property, on some nuisance charge, but Marlene Jennings office is fair game. 
I wanted to be charged and get the robbery case into a court of law. But that troubled policeman decided to derail my rights by treating me as a psychiatric case. It is the surest way to discredit a protester and to remove that person's right to a trial. Even to intimidate and silence the protester.
I was not on private property at any time, only on the sidewalk or the side of the curb. I did not make a sound. I did not impede traffic. I did not pester anyone. In fact a couple who happened by on bicycles came to talk with me and immediately pleaded with the cop to let me go. Even my signs were polite. It was apparent to any rational person that I was not threatening to anyone.
But the cop was raving about his brother dying of AIDS and he was not going to allow me to go to trial. Raving. Yes, I reported it even to the Commissioner of Police in a formal letter. I was told the policeman had done nothing wrong. Of course.
I just wore my signs and walked. I dared to carry a wooden cross. Dawn was furious about the fact that I had become a Christian, but it gave me a sense of power beyond my own power, and peace. I walked quietly and I prayed silently. And the hysterical cop subjected me to verbal abuse and a ride to the hospital.
I asked to be allowed to have a friend come to take my car off the street so I wouldn't get a ticket. The cop wouldn't even give me that simple, reasonable satisfaction. He said I was going away for thirty days and my car would be towed and I would have to pay something like $16.00 for each of the thirty days.
The jumpy policeman kept pacing in front of me, back and forth, chanting 
rhythmically that I was no God-damned Christian. He was a Christian. But I was no God-damned Christian.
I stayed calm the whole time - until he told me that I would be subjected to a full body search. Then my heart started pounding like a drum in  my chest and I felt faint. But I did not allow the policeman to see my fear. I got into the ambulance and just let them do what they were going to do.
God bless a trusty friend who has come to my rescue in every crisis for years. When I phoned her about midnight from the hospital, she came out from the West Island with her husband in the middle of the night and got my car keys and saved me from having my old car wrecked by some tow truck.
Sometime I will write about the bizarre psychiatrist who interviewed me at the Royal Vic that night. It was absolutely shocking to realize who can be a psychiatrist and judge you. In the morning, a sane doctor noticed me and wondered aloud why I was there. He knew in an instant that something was amiss and he sent me home immediately.
The battle for justice continues, relentlessly.









Sunday, March 21, 2010


A friend with some connections has inquired about details of the robbery case. The following is an excerpt from my response.
Dawn McSweeney robbed me at 4995 Prince of Wales, Montreal on October 7, 1996.
At the time I was attacked and robbed, I didn't even know Dawn's boyfriend's name. He and Dawn had moved into our house suddenly at the beginning of October, but my mother said we were not supposed to know his name! My mother told me that his family was out to do him harm and he had to hide. It was only after I started receiving the hate mail immediately after my mother died that I heard his name, Alex Lavergne, spoken by a policeman when I tried to file a report.
The person directly behind the false will made in my mother's name, when she was 92 years old and handicapped physically and mentally, is my sister - Dawn's mother - Debbie Rubin McSweeney's new boyfriend, Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme - who came out of nowhere. We never heard of him or saw him before my mother's burial service in June, 2007 - and never since then.
Our mother had been kept in total isolation by these "partners in crime" for a decade before her death in the summer of 2007. No family member but Debbie and Dawn McSweeney ever saw our mother after 1996-97.
Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme is also the person who applied for the court order against me at the Pierrefonds CLSC: A man who never met me or spoke to me declared me insane and dangerous, and had my naive sister Debbie agree to the application on a separate form that was then attached to the application by the CLSC.
The Direction of the Pierrefonds CLSC finally apologized in writing for their part in helping to prepare the fraudulent application for the court order, in a letter sent to Russell Copeman, MNA, and Russell copied that to me.
This same stranger, Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme, made himself the liquidator of my parents' estate in that false will that left all my father's property and money to Debbie and Dawn McSweeney, cutting out all the children and grandchildren who had been specifically named as heirs in our parents' own wills. 
When last I heard in the summer of 2009, Prud'homme was living in dire poverty with Debbie, as Dawn's father, Ed McSweeney, had allegedly put a lien on the estate.
At the same time, June, 2009, Debbie told my sister, Sheila, that she had a lump in her breast. She was so upset by the loss of the estate that she was refusing to seek medical help. I was alarmed, but, try as we did, Sheila and I were not able to persuade her to see a doctor.
I contacted Jewish Family Services - Ometz several times, pleading with them to intervene and ensure that Debbie went to see a doctor. I have been so worried for her life for so long.  But Susan Karpman and Rebecca Levy of Ometz  refused to help, saying that Debbie had to ask for help herself, not us.



At the Meet the Candidates assembly in NDG on October 7, 2008, Liberal Member of Parliament, Marlene Jennings, stated before all the candidates and the public, "Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times".

The three violations

1. In 1996, the Montreal Police refused to file a report of the initial robbery. They have continued to refuse to act ever since.

2. In 2007, immediately following the death of my mother, the same group of criminals obtained a court order accusing me of being insane and dangerous. I was released from hospital unconditionally as soon as the doctors found out what my accusers had done and why. After my mother's death, we learned that -

3. In 2005, the same group who call themselves "Partners in Crime" created a will in my mother's name when she was 92 years old and handicapped physically and mentally. My mother was kept in total isolation by these criminals for ten years - until her death. The sole beneficiaries of the 2005 will were the same people who robbed me and obtained the court order against me. Then it became clear why these criminals tried to discredit me and silence me.

Marlene Jennings was re-elected to Parliament on October 14, 2008. She began helping me with the case. But then .... 

It is now March, 2010. I am still waiting for Marlene Jennings to take action. I have been very ill, but I did write to Marlene Jennings many times, appealing for her to proceed with the case against these criminals. I am unable to walk very well, but I can speak and write. I can participate in a court case.
I am waiting for Marlene Jennings. It has been almost two years now. I actually first asked Marlene Jennings for help immediately following the robbery. At the time, she said it was not in her jurisdiction, but in 2008, she did start to help. And she did acknowledge that my rights had been violated.
I am waiting for Marlene Jennings to follow through. But I am not just waiting. I am working night and day to try to find someone in authority who cares enough about justice to act in this criminal case.

For all the details see

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Once again, there is an attempt to silence me.
It has come to my attention that someone has objected to something I have written on FACEBOOK. Everything I have written is the truth, and there can be no law against telling the truth.
It seems that anyone may accuse a writer on FACEBOOK and the person accused does not know the accuser, nor can she face him or her. If that is justice, Canadians have reason to protest.
But the truth is on the internet for everyone to see.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


If someone accused me of a crime, I would rush to the police station and file charges against them. I would take a polygraph test and prove my innocence immediately. I would sue my accusers in a court of law, certain that I could not lose.
But Dawn McSweeney and her "partners in crime" have not done any of that in thirteen years! Instead, they mock me, they hide and they threaten.
On October 7, 1996, I was attacked and robbed in my home at 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, Montreal, Quebec. I immediately reported the identity of the thief to the Montreal Police and soon afterward to elected politicians at all levels of government.
During these thirteen years, the thieves - who call themselves "partners in crime"- have taken some bizarre actions to try to silence me, but they have never done anything to prove their innocence. Alex Lavergne, Dawn McSweeney's boyfriend at the time of the robbery, has actually accused Dawn own mother, Debbie Rubin McSweeney of being the real thief. See his comments on my blog -
Years ago, the "partners in crime" had a lawyer send me a letter to try to intimidate me. When I called their lawyer and told him I would be happy to have the case heard in a court of law, he blurted out a curse word and slammed down the receiver. I never heard from him again.
Shortly after my mother's death in 2007, in order to try to silence me, Dawn McSweeney's mother, Debbie Rubin McSweeney, and her new boyfriend, Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme, made a fraudulent application for a court order declaring that I was insane and dangerous. They had made a new will in my mother's name in 2005, when she was 92 years old, and handicapped, mentally and physically. All the children and grandchildren were cut out of my parents' wills. Only Debbie and Dawn McSweeney and Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme benefited from the will they created.
All the details are reported on my blog and have been reported to the authorities.
Hitler was a painter. Dawn McSweeney writes poetry. A pretty facade can be very compelling. But the behaviour of a person over time reveals the truth.
The guilty flee though no one pursues,
But the righteous are as bold as a lion.
Proverbs 28.1 
And the battle for truth and justice goes on - relentlessly.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Phyllis Carter
March 5, 2010
Marie-Claude Ladouceur
Delegate of the Quebec Ombudsman
Re: Your emails to the Quebec Ombudsman
Mrs Carter,
Le Protecteur du citoyen (the Quebec Ombudsman) did receive the four emails you sent on February 16, 2010 regarding the events of October 7, 1996 where your were attacked and robbed.  In your emails you mention that "Montreal Police officer helped the thief and has been covering up ever since." You also ask for the Ombudsmans's help because you are "still fighting for the return of every precious thing that was stolen" from you and your family.
Unfortunately, the Quebec Ombudsman will not be able to help you regarding those events. The Ombudsman cannot intervene in respect of an act or omission of a police officer or a police body.
The mission of the Quebec Ombudsman is to make sure that the ministries and agencies of the Government of Québec and institutions in the health and social services network provide you with adequate services and respect your rights.
In the report released on February 16, 2010,  the Quebec Ombudsman decided to analyse the policy implemented by Ministère de la Sécurité publique when police officers are involved in incidents resulting in serious injury or death. For such events, the Quebec ombudsman decided to call into question the investigative procedure used to clarify the circumstances surrounding those incidents. This procedure, and consequently the Ombudsman's report, does not apply to regular police investigations nor to police ethic questions.
We are sorry that we are unable to assist you further.
Marie-Claude Ladouceur
Delegate of the Quebec Ombudsman 

Destinataire :,

<>, <Ignatieff...

Date :                       02/16/10 8:17 pm






February 16, 2010


_Jeanne To Thanh Hien_




_Police show bias when investigating other  cops:

tough report by Quebec official_





MONTREAL ‑ A devastating report from a  provincial ombudsman says there's

little evidence police officers can fairly  investigate themselves. Quebec ombudsman Raymonde Saint‑Germain says she's  detected serious errors and signs of bias in cases where police are investigated  in that province. 




February 16, 2010


To: The Quebec Ombudsman,  Raymonde St‑Germaine,


I have been begging for justice day  and night for thirteen years, since I

was attacked and robbed in my home at 4995  Prince of Wales, NDG, Montreal

on October 7, 1996.


A Montreal Police officer  helped the thief and the police have been

covering up ever since.


I am  now 73 years old and fighting cancer. I have very little energy, but I am still  fighting for the return of every precious thing that was stolen from me and from  my family by Dawn McSweeney and her "partners in crime."


All details  available at _



Phyllis  Carter