Sunday, March 28, 2010


                                        LEST WE FORGET
I am too small and weak to take on the Vatican, but I am not too small or weak to tell the truth. My friend, the noble gentleman, Michael Steeler, took on the Vatican single-handedly and fought until his last days on earth to expose the Vatican's support of the Nazi Galicia SS. Even through his final illness, Michael used all his time, his last bit of money, probably his last postage stamp, to expose a terrible wrong - the blessing of the Galicia SS Nazis by the Vatican. With personal connections in the palaces of Europe, Michael appeared on CBC Television's THE FIFTH ESTATE to tell the inside story of his struggle for justice against the Goliath Vatican.
Now, in the year 2010, after hearing more of the Vatican's cover up for the disgusting, abusive priests and bishops - and for the Pope himself - I cannot remain a mere curious bystander. I promised Michael I would carry on being the "Scrapper" for justice, as he dubbed me.
There are priests who would direct our attention to the future. Let's listen to the people. We are no longer a church of priests but a church for the people, one priest said on Global TV News in Montreal tonight. Spin, diversion, excuses, distraction, apologies, smoke and mirrors, good intentions, but never the whole truth.
The Church is so powerful that someone like me is less than a mosquito in this matter. But a splinter in the side of injustice, that I am, only that, but at least that.
Lest we forget, let's not obliterate the meaning of the lives of so many people who have been severely damaged by the Roman Catholic Church. Do those who have died matter less ? Gone and forgotten ? Tsk-tsk !
Under Pope John XXIII, a ray of light shone on the Vatican and on the Catholic people. Now we see the shadow of the Dark Ages returning.
Just about everyone knows the truth, but only a few dare to acknowledge it. Most leave it to a few still-living victims of some of the abuses to carry the burden of speaking out. When they have died, the Church can obliterate their memory too.
Most Catholics continue to sin by their silence as so many did during the Holocaust. After all, how can you expect millions of people to let go of something they have depended on so totally for so long?
In memory of Michael Steeler, and millions of Jewish people, and the innocent children hurt by Roman Catholic priests, and brushed aside and buried by bishops for decades, if not centuries, my conscience demands that I speak the truth openly.
The corruption of God's Word is a tragedy for the believing Catholics of the world, and for their friends.
Scrub away the sins. I pray that honourable priests will speak out and hold the guilty - all of them - responsible. Only then can the Roman Church claim to have clean hands and go forward into a blessed future. Then, and only then.
I am,
Phyllis Carter
" Between 1918 and 1939, Uniats in Galicia also gradually began to return to Orthodoxy, despite ferocious Polish repression,. By 1928, there were 40 Orthodox parishes there and eventually some 50,00 returned to Orthodoxy. However, repression continued there until the Second World War. Sadly, under instructions from the Vatican, after 1939 the latinized Uniat episcopate showed enthusiastic loyalty to the new Nazi regime. Indeed, the head of the Uniats in Galicia, 'Metropolitan' Andrei Sheptitsky, actually 'blessed' the 14th SS Division, recruited in Galicia, and their genocidal massacres. Senior Uniat clergy in Galicia also supported nationalist Ukrainian organizations. These were notorious for their murders of Communists, Jews, Poles and Orthodox clergy and they continued their terrorist activities into the early 1950s. As a result, after World War II, Sheptitsky's successor, Joseph Slipy, and four other Uniat bishops were arrested by the new Soviet regime for collaboration with the Nazis, as were quislings throughout liberated Europe. "

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