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June 30, 2013


They shall beat their swords into ploughshares
And their spears into pruning hooks;
Nation shall not lift up sword against nation;
Neither shall they learn war anymore
Isaiah 2.4
But they shall beat their pots and pans for justice.
Phyllis Carter



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Silence is the enemy.
If not Now,

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1934 Christmas catalogue from Montgomery Ward

  Note the  last line! 


In Quebec, crime victims' first line of defence - the local police - are virtually deaf when a woman tries to file a complaint - especially if  the victim goes to a Montreal Police station without a man to support her. I have witnessed this first hand on more than one occasion - in my own case, and as an advocate for others in Montreal.
The police usually manage to find an excuse not to take the report and when they do, the case is declared "closed" within a few days or weeks or it just disappears altogether.
Women attempting to report abuse or crime are treated like troublesome children. The desk officer will be polite, but the message is clear that your claim is unworthy and you are just there to get attention.

The Internet is the great equalizer. Rich or poor, each of us who has access to the Internet has the power to shake those stone walls that shut us out and deny us protection, due process and justice. At this writing, more than 104,000 people around the world have read my blog reports. The eyes of the world are on Montreal, Quebec.



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A friend remarked
That I remember things
That she does not remember.
But she remembers things
I do not remember.
I guess
We are all pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle:
 It is when we get together
That we can try to see the whole picture.


News reports today, June 25, 2013 that whistle blower Edward Snowden is holed up in the airport in Russia.
Meanwhile, the U.S. is making every effort to silence him.
Wherever Snowden is, I have questions that may or may not be answered in time.
Did anything Snowden report put innocent people in danger? If so, tell us what he has said that endangers the innocent.
Give us evidence. Give us facts.
How far is the American government willing to go to silence Snowden?
Will they make him "disappear" ?
We want truth. We want security. We want freedom.


Doesn't he look nice ?
 He butchered his own little children.

Guy Turcotte admitted to killing his two children during his 2011 trial.

The Crown appealed the verdict, saying it believes Turcotte, a former cardiologist, planned the murders.

He is handsome. He is a doctor. He is White. He is French Canadian. He butchered his own children. He is free.
If Guy Turcotte was an ugly thug. If Guy Turcotte was poor. If Guy Turcotte was uneducated. If Guy Turcotte was a Black Man. Would Guy Turcotte be free?
Man Who Brutally Murdered His Children Goes Free After 46 Months
In 2009, a cardiologist with no history of mental illness killed his children in their beds. He stabbed his 5-year-old Olivier over 20 times. His 3-year-old daughter, Anne-Sophie, was stabbed 19 times.

Now, less than four years after his sentencing, Guy Turcotte is a free man, and many Canadians are expressing outrage at the court's decision.

Many want to know "how a father who stabbed his children dozens of times could be free after 46 months of confinement," reports CNN. Dr. Isabelle Gaston, Turcotte's ex-wife and mother of the murdered children, joins in the questioning public.

Gaston is a physician and coroner. As she pores over her children's autopsy reports, she knows what they mean. Her children, she knows, suffered "a long, gruesome death" at the hands of someone they should have been able to trust the most.

"I knew it was not a short death. You know, my little boy received 20 stabs of a knife, he had seven marks of defense," she told CNN in an interview at her home. "He had no wound that was the one that gave him death," she added, trying to hold back tears.

"My little girl, she had 19 wounds, maybe she was luckier? Because she had one that was more mortal than the other. But she felt 19 shots, that's for sure," Gaston continued.

Although Turcotte confessed to killing his children in February 2009, but testified that he was "distraught over his crumbling marriage and snapped." He insisted that he blacked out and doesn't remember killing his children.
The Canadian jury failed to convict him, finding his not criminally responsible "due to mental illness."
When asked if she believed that her children's father was mentally ill when he repeatedly stabbed his small children, Gaston responded:

"Why don't I accept that he is mentally ill is when I look at the facts. We have a person that is a cardiologist that never had a psychiatric incident, not at all. I have trouble to understand how someone in five hours or six hours will do an interview of someone and have a conclusion that he is not a danger to society or is mentally insane."

Just hours before his brutally murdered little Olivier and Anne-Sophie, the three were caught on surveillance at a local video store, preparing for a night of movies.

Turcotte was released on Wednesday — after only 46 months under psychiatric care — after a panel declared him ready for release. The alleged killer reportedly told the board that he is "looking forward to leading a normal life." Turcotte added that he "hopes to practice medicine and have children again."

The National Post reports that even Canadian government officials are irate with the decision to free Turcotte.

"Isabelle Gaston does not deserve to live in fear of her children's killer and neither do other victims of similar crimes across Canada," Heritage Minister James Moore said, adding, "Isabelle Gaston deserves better than this. The system has failed her."

Moore reported that the government has plans to deal with high-risk offenders found not criminally responsible for their actions based on mental disorders.

Turcotte is reportedly not on any psychiatric medications. He is required to attend counseling and stay away from his children's mother and her family.

"To know that my children faced the person that they should have trusted the most and they were left by themselves to die. No one holding their hand," Gaston said. "I struggle, OK, I struggle all the days, every day of my life and I think till I die I will struggle."

Do you think that Turcotte should go free?

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June 24, 2013
Interesting and perhaps ground-breaking case !

Murray Levine  > Beryl Wajsman (Editor of The Suburban, Montreal Weekly)
Beryl; Is the following plausible? Somehow I think that many would have been aware of it, if it actually happened?

An amusing comment on a CJAD post: JohnH- posted on 06/22/2013 08:56 PM

@Paul T. PaulT.
I'm a small business man and I have had my share of run in with the OQLF.
I contacted my lawyer the first time they came to my office because of an anonymous complaint, the (STOOLIE PHONE LINE).
I refused to let them into my office. My lawyer advised me to do this until he got to my office. he also advised me to phone the police.
The inspector told me through my locked office door that I had to let him.
When the police arrived they asked me if they could come into my office. I said that only if they would not let the inspector in.
The police agreed and they came in without the inspector.
While the door was open the inspector threatened me with fines and my business would be closed.
One of the four police officers told the inspector to be quiet. And left a officer with the inspector outside in the hall.
The lead officer asked me why I wouldn't let the inspector in. My lawyer advised me that should this question be asked I should respond this way, the OQLF inspector's do not have the power of arrest or search or seizure, without a police officer or bailiff with a court order or warrant. Since the OQLF inspector did not have the legal documentation I invoked my constitutional right to refuse entry.
The lead police officer was shocked and said why are you turning this into a bigger problem than it really is. I was about to say my constitutional right are a big deal, when my lawyer finally arrived.
At that point I had to open the door to let him in. At that time the inspector was on his phone and told me he was in contact with the Justice Department in Quebec City and would have a court order in 45 minutes.
My lawyer turned and laughed at the inspector. Then he asked the inspector what was the date of the court hearing where the court order was issued.
All of a sudden the inspector closed his phone and tried to get on the elevator. I which point my lawyer asked the police office in the hall to detain the inspector. The police officer ask my lawyer for what reason?
My lawyer said because he had just witnessed the inspector threat me.
At this point the lead officer began to realize the situation was spinning out of control. The lead officer ordered the other officer to detain the inspector.
Well, at this point the inspector went ballistic! Do you know who I am? I am a inspector of the Quebec government. I want all all your names. You will all be fired. I have the power of the Quebec government and all of you will not comply with my order.
At this point my lawyer replied that we had the power of the Constitution of Canada and we invoke our right to refuse.
The lead police ordered the officer in the hall to remove the inspector and detain him in one of the police cars in front of the building.
At this time the lead police officer placed the remaining 2 officers at the front door of my office and asked my lawyer and myself if we could go inside and talk about what just happened. I said yes.
This police officer was an old school cop. He knew this whole thing could get real serious.
My lawyer informed the lead police officer that we intended to file a criminal and civil complaint against the inspector. And all the police officers would become witnesses. Well you should have seen the expression on his face.
Then my lawyer added, you know this could take years. At this time the lead officer excused himself and made a call. He returned and asked my lawyer if there was anyway we could resolve this without all the long term legal problems?
My lawyer and I spoke in another office and he told me I had a very good case. However, it could take years and take a lot of money. So, we filed a criminal complaint against the inspector and left at that.
My lawyer said if anyone wants to get rid of the OQLF all you have to do is sue the inspector and the OQLF. This forces the OQLF to not only defend themselves but, the inspector too. After a couple of hundred lawsuits are filed there won't be a lot of people wanting to be inspectors. Since these independent lawsuits against these inspectors can go on for years. I wonder how long it would take the Quebec government to cut these inspectors loose to fend for themselves. Or better yet shut down the OQLF.
By the way I have not a visit from OQLF since then. Oh' one last comment. The reason why the OQLF would lose in court. In Canada the accused has the right to confront his accuser. Can't do that when the accuser is a anonymous phone call.
I heard the Federal government wants to build national zoo. It wouldn't cost too much because all they would have to do is build a fence around Quebec.
End of Facebook post.
In Quebec, if someone doesn't like you, they can apply for a court order to have you picked up by the Montreal Police and taken to a mental hospital.
The application will be granted in one day.
The judge in Quebec Court will take two to four minutes - in your absence - to grant a court order.
You will not be contacted. You will not know what is being done until the police come for you.
There will be no evidence against you. There will be no witnesses except your accuser. There will be no medical report.
The Montreal Police will come and get you the same day,
Do you doubt this?
The Suburban Weekly, September, 2007.

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There are more thieves and liars on earth,
Than God can count.
And why wouldn't there be?
There are usually
No consequences.
There are more thieves and liars on earth,
Than God can count.
And why wouldn't there be?
When those who make the laws,
And those who enforce the laws,
Are, themselves -
Thieves and liars.
Phyllis Carter

Friday, June 21, 2013


Banned spoons in Quebec

After a complaint from a customer, an OQLF inspector visited Menchie's frozen yogurt to look at plastic spoons like these. The OQLF has yet to decide if the spoons are permitted or not. Photo courtesy Menchie's.

MONTREAL - The latest target of the language police: plastic spoons from California.

The Office Quebecoise de la Langue Francaise, reacting to a complaint from a customer, visited a frozen yogurt store in the West Island to inspect some English words written on plastic cutlery.

The owners of Menchie's in DDO's Blue Haven Mall say they were told by inspectors from the Office Quebecoise de la Langue Francaise that their plastic spoons violate Quebec's law on languages.

According to a post on the company's Facebook page somebody filed a complaint with the OQLF about the spoons which are stamped with the words "Sweet Moosic." The company is now trying to find a new source for utensils.

However the OQLF says any rush to judgment is premature.

OQLF spokesperson Martin Bergeron told CTV's Maya Johnson an inspector followed up on a complaint about the spoons and has filed a report, but added the Office has not yet analyzed the inspection report, and has not told the restaurant to remove the spoons.

"That means no demands for correctional steps have been made to the company," the OQLF wrote in a statement Friday.

"Every time the OQLF opens a complaint file, a member of its staff goes to the spot to check the situation. To do that, they might take pictures, request documents, or simply seek information from the business. They will also hand over a letter explaining the reasons for the intervention.

"After that, the OQLF analyzes the file and, if it sees a violation of the Charter of the French Language, it asks the business to take corrective measures."

This file is still at the analysis stage.

The OQLF began its statement by expressing frustration at what it views as overblown coverage of its activities by "certain media," likely a jab at anglophone newspaper, radio and TV stations that also reported at length on an earlier controversy over the word pasta on a menu, a kerfuffle known as pastagate. 

Menchie's spoons, which it promotes as take-home souvenirs, are provided by the head office in California and distributed worldwide. The company periodically changes the colours available and the slogan, such as "this is my mix" and "chip away."

In recent months the OQLF has come under fire after fining a restaurant for using Italian words like "pasta" on its menu, and other restaurants have been informed the word "caffe" is forbidden.

Those decisions made international headlines in February and March, leading to the resignation of OQLF head Louise Marchand. Language Minister Diane De Courcy also said the inspector who made the rulings about menu items was "overzealous" even though each infraction conformed to the letter of the law.

The provincial government is struggling to pass a more restrictive version of the provincial language law that would see francophones barred from attending English-language CEGEPs and force all companies with more than 25 employees to conduct all internal communication in French.

The OQLF received a six per cent budget increase, to $24.7 million, this year under the new Parti Quebecois government after it also received a smaller increase the previous year under the old Liberal government.

But the organization has also come under criticism from the PQ, which is generally more hawkish on language. The PQ government said the agency had been "overzealous" in its handling of files and would review its complaints procedure.

The number of complaints to the organization nearly doubled over three years, to 4,067 in 2011-12.

More than half of those files -- 2,475 of them -- were acted on and closed.

Of those 2,475 cases, corrective measures were taken 58 per cent of the time; "incentive" measures were applied in 17 per cent of cases; two per cent of cases were sent to the Justice Department for possible penalties; and 19 per cent of the time the original complaint was deemed to be unfounded.

-With a file from The Canadian Press

MONTREAL -- Quebec's language watchdog has issued a statement insisting that it has not banned a certain type of frozen-yogurt spoon.

It has merely opened a yogurt-spoon investigation.

The Office quebecois de la langue francaise confirms that it has opened an investigation after receiving a complaint about the plastic spoons served by the American frozen yogurt chain Menchie's.

Someone complained that the plastic pastel-coloured spoons contained the words, "Sweet Moosic."

So the OQLF opened a file. An inspector went to the outlet to look into the case, and an inspection report is underway. No decision has been made yet.

"That means no demands for correctional steps have been made to the company," said the statement Friday.

"Every time the OQLF opens a complaint file, a member of its staff goes to the spot to check the situation. To do that, they might take pictures, request documents, or simply seek information from the business. They will also hand over a letter explaining the reasons for the intervention.

"After that, the OQLF analyzes the file and, if it sees a violation of the Charter of the French Language, it asks the business to take corrective measures."

This file is still at the analysis stage.

The OQLF began its statement by expressing frustration at what it views as overblown coverage of its activities by "certain media." It did not specifically mention CJAD, the English-language radio station that reported the yogurt incident.

CJAD also reported the recent "Pastagate" incident that embarrassed the language watchdog, as it made international headlines and led to the departure of the organization's head.

The station reported Friday that the frozen-yogurt chain was looking to replace its spoon supplier, at considerable cost, because of the OQLF intervention.

But the statement from the language watchdog said the report was inaccurate and premature. It urged media to seek its side of the story before reporting on language flareups.

The OQLF received a six per cent budget increase, to $24.7 million, this year under the new Parti Quebecois government after it also received a smaller increase the previous year under the old Liberal government.

But the organization has also come under criticism from the PQ, which is generally more hawkish on language. The PQ government said the agency had been "overzealous" in its handling of files.

CTV Montreal
Published Friday, June 21, 2013



We need to be so careful not to condemn an entire religion, a huge number of men, women and children, because of Islamic extremists. No one is hurt more seriously by the fanatics and the atrocities of the terrorists than Muslim people.
Brainwashing is the weapon some religions use to control the minds, bodies and wealth of those who follow without thinking for themselves.
In history, we find clear evidence of how "Christians" tortured and burned those who did not accept their version of who Christ was.
I don't know of any time Jews forced others to obey their religion since New Testament times. In fact, I remember being told that, if someone wanted to convert to Judaism, it was the task of the rabbis to try very hard to dissuade them. We say, "It is hard to be a Jew" and "If this suffering is what it means to be the Chosen People, please God, choose someone else."
There will always be tyrants who control great numbers of people through intimidation, lies, deprivation, and even murder. How many millions of people are still devout Catholics in spite of all the crimes of child rape and even murder committed through the Vatican?
In our time, Islamic extremists stone women, burn them with acid, bury them alive, slaughter them - for the sin of wanting an education or daring to love someone who is not a Muslim.
People live in fear of Islamists. But there are millions of Muslim people who are well educated, creative, decent human beings who just want to live and raise their families in peace. We are blessed to have them as neighbours.
By their love and care and generosity, my Muslim and Christian and Jewish friends have helped me to stay alive for many years, through life-threatening illness, poverty, hunger, homelessness, and more.
Let us not condemn the innocent along with the guilty lest we become like the tyrants we hate.
Phyllis Carter
When the Muslim Extremists commit an atrocity like the World Trade Center, where were the Muslims who were not terrorists?  I didn't hear an outcry from these mild peace loving Muslims.  Their silence was deafening. 
When the extremists try to persuade the people of their congregations to join terrorist groups why isn't there an uprising?  We Christians don't have a cry to kill an infidel. It is their motto.
I agree Phyllis, I have met a very few quiet mannered Muslims but very few. Most will try to jump the line as if they think that they are better than us.
Sorry Phyllis, I can't trust a Muslim.
End of message
This friend has helped me through one crisis in my life after another for decades. She is a very kind and generous person. But you can see here how the acts of extremists have affected her attitude toward Muslim people.
I am sure that thousands of others have been similarly affected. The terrorists have had great success by being terrorists. They have succeeded in making people around the world fear and hate Muslim people.
Phyllis Carter

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Baron Byng High School - 1921 - 1982

4251 St. Urbain, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

Situated at the centre of the densely populated Jewish neighbourhood between the wars, Baron Byng High School was a Protestant public school with a student body that was, for a time, 99 percent Jewish. This paradox is testament to the segregation efforts of the Protestant School Board, which sought both to avoid the dilution of Anglo-Saxon culture and Protestant religious instruction taught in their public schools, as well as the perceived disruption of classes when many students left for Jewish holidays. Baron Byng is iconic in the memories of many Montreal Jews who grew up along "the Main."

The confessional school system of Quebec relegated Jews and other "non-Catholics" to Protestant schools. As long as Jews did not outnumber their Christian counterparts, it was rare that problems of accommodation rose.

Until 1907, most Jewish children were concentrated in the Jewish-run Baron de Hirsch Institute Hebrew Free School on Bleury, which fed students into a number of Protestant schools. However, the school's closing, coinciding with a wave of immigration, resulted in an influx of newly arrived East European Jewish students who overwhelmed the Protestant schools. Members of the school board expressed concerns about attendance during Jewish holidays, especially the High Holy Days, which were deemed to play havoc early in the school year. At the same time, it was difficult to ensure religious instruction along Anglo-Saxon cultural traditions, as Jewish teachers were vying for equal opportunities to teach, and some schools had very few Protestant students.

The board sought to rectify the problem by segregating Jewish students into separate classes, and, where possible, as in the case of Baron Byng High, making the entire school Jewish.

Named in honour of the Governor General at the time, the Baron himself opened the school at 4251 St Urbain Street in 1922. The proportion of the Jewish population attending Baron Byng rose from 89 percent in 1924 to 99 percent just fourteen years later, reflecting a similar pattern at the Bancroft, Devonshire, and Mount Royal schools. Other Protestant schools with large Jewish populations included Aberdeen, Fairmount and Strathearn schools as well as Commercial High.

Through the 1920s, most Protestant schools with a majority Jewish population were located east of Hutchison Street. By the 1960s, the Jewish population was slowly migrating to the suburbs and only Baron Byng was situated in the old area of Jewish settlement between Hutchison and St. Denis.

Baron Byng High's most illustrious graduates include poets Irving Layton and A. M. Klein, Supreme Court of Canada Judge Morris Fish, N.D.P. leader David Lewis, and writer Mordecai Richler, who paid tribute to it in his novels as "Fletcher's Field High."

The Baron Byng building currently houses Sun Youth/Jeunesse au soleil, a community organization which was co-founded by Sid Stevens, a Baron Byng graduate. To this day, many Baron Byng alumni groups gather to reminisce about the Protestant school that was Jewish.

Compiled by Marian Pinsky



Interactive Museum of Jewish Montreal

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The late 1940's to mid-1950's. Montreal, Canada. 
The way we dressed back then reflected our attitude, just as the way people dress today reflects their attitude.
A teacher came into the class in a simple dress or suit, usually with her hair well-groomed. Look at how teachers dress today.
We called our teachers "Miss" or "Mrs". not "Hey!"
Springtime - Passover. Easter. We got new shoes. We walked on Park Avenue with our parents or, as teens, with friends.
We wore white shoes or shiny brown penny loafers or black patent leather baby doll shoes, dainty socks, straw hats with flowing ribbons, pretty dresses, or ballerina skirts with Gibson Girl blouses and short white gloves. Our hair was washed and combed and held in place by barrets or ribbons. We had bathed and been treated to bath salts or a soft spray of cologne. We smelled nice. Mothers enjoyed hugging us.
We paraded up and down Park Avenue. We were proud to be seen. We were proud of our parents. Much has changed since then. We have gained a lot, but we have lost so much.


June 19, 2013
Pourtant c'était le but avec l'OQLF (!), qui est devenu xénophobie centrale dans plusieurs sens pour les non-francos qu QC:

The Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) (English: Quebec Board of the French Language) is a public organization established on March 24, 1961 by the Liberal government of Jean Lesage. Attached to the Quebec ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities, its initial mission, defined in its report of April 1, 1964 was "to align on international French, promote good Canadianisms and fight Anglicisms, [...] work on the normalization of the language in Québec and support State intervention to carry out a global language policy that would consider notably the importance of socio-economic motivations in making French the priority language in Québec."[2]
The Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) (English: Quebec Board of the... French Language) is a public organization established on March 24, 1961 by the Liberal government of Jean Lesage. Attached to the Quebec ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities, its initial mission, defined in…
I remember Jean Lesage very well. I attended a convention of the Quebec Liberal Party at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel way back when.
At lunch time, my sister and I watched Mr. Lesage drink his lunch.
In the afternoon, Mr. Lesage spoke at length. One sentence was in English. We sat and listened.
When the speech was over, my sister and I approached the stage and I looked up and said to Jean Lesage, "I won't ask you to repeat your whole speech in English, Mr. Lesage, but tell me this - What you said, was that good for English speaking people too?"
Mr. Lesage's face became even redder. He started to lose his balance. He would certainly have fallen off the stage if my sister had not reached up with both her arms and caught him. He resumed his balance.
I don't remember what he said. But, yes. I remember Jean Lesage very well.


June 19, 2013
Quebec's IT sector segment of unilingual anglophones, although small in itself, at approximately 20% of the community as a whole, feel that their work environments have become increasingly hostile due to the trickle-down effect of recent political rhetoric of Quebec's separatist government makes them feel as if they do not belong in the province because they have not been assimilated with the majority language. They feel as the government will continue to isolate them irregarless of the almost total dependence on development in the IT sector on English, whereas due to imposed French in the work environment, they are prevented advancement right off the bat. I have witnessed even partially unilingual (as in spoken fluent, but written EN only) have to obtain Vice Presidential level to simply use an English language keyboard. Therefore, due to reality of this workplace zealotry, those who want relief from the harassment of assimilation (or forced homogenisation), even in their profession with multiple certifications, leave Quebec for greener, less hostile pastures. Often this is the case even if Quebec has been their home all their life. In the long run this will continue Quebec's brain drain, and what's more, even prominent Quebec radio hosts, such as Paul Arcand, blame this group for 'using' the cheaper post-secondary educational system! All in all, there are so many oppressive laws that have accumulated over the past generation; it is maddening how our political and media elites disassociate themselves from the tranquil decline of Quebec and its influence in Canada.


MONTREAL — A new survey of mostly Quebec-based IT workers suggests a deep divide over how much the Parti Québécois government and its plan to strengthen the French Language Charter affect them.

If they're bilingual, they don't have a problem with the party or its controversial Bill 14. But if they're unilingual English, they do.

In the poll of 653 workers, Kovasys IT Recruitment found 85 per cent of English-only speakers are more likely to leave Quebec now than they were before the PQ came to power.

By contrast, only 40 per cent of bilingual IT workers said Bill 14 would affect them negatively. Another 47 per cent said it would have no impact on them at all.

Opposed in whole or in part by Quebec's opposition parties as well as business, anglophone and allophone groups during public hearings, Bill 14 passed second reading last month in the National Assembly.

A third and final reading will be held in the fall.

Among other items in the bill, small and medium-sized companies with between 26 and 49 employees would be required to make French the language of their workplace.

The poll suggests IT workers who aren't comfortable in French would suffer if the proposal became law — so much so, they'd leave for work outside Quebec.

"This adds to the growing pile of research that links Quebec's IT brain drain and inability to fill IT positions to the province's attitude to the French language and its enforcement in the workplace," said Kovasys president Alex Kovalenko, 32.

A Ukrainian-born Carleton University graduate, Kovalenko founded the firm in 2005. About 70 per cent of his clients are English-speaking. He last spoke out against the bill publicly when it was first proposed last December.

A link to the four-question poll was sent by email a week ago to 7,000 IT applicants who'd approached Kovasys over the past seven years looking for work.

Of the 7,000, 653 have replied. Over 85 per cent live in Quebec. Half are fluently bilingual, 38 per cent are fluent in English only and nine per cent in French only.

The survey isn't entirely neutral, however.

The first question states that under Bill 14 workers will be "forced to speak French" and that this "could affect the advancement of (their) business/career in Quebec."

To that, 50 per cent of respondents said it would, indeed, affect them negatively, while 17 per cent said it would affect them positively.

Thirteen per cent said it would make no difference.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


We are living at a time of chaos. So many young people are zonked out on drugs and don't pay attention in school if they attend at all.
So many people don't have a clue about what is going on. If it isn't in the headlines on Fox, if the subject doesn't have large breasts falling out of her blouse, they just don't see or care.They immerse themselves in games and alcohol. How can we expect them to understand, or even pay attention to reality? Only a relatively small number of people want to know and get involved.
We have to hope that among those people, there are benevolent, intelligent, wise leaders in the making ... and soon.
Phyllis Carter




June 18, 2013 
I was just watching a documentary on VPT World about the film maker's return visit from his home in England to the homeland of his ancestors in Sikh Punjab.
He spoke to one white bearded Sikh who told him that, at the time of the partition of India and Pakistan, his father, the village head man, had slaughtered all the girls in the village so the Muslims would not convert them to Islam.
The gentleman in the photo above has nothing to do with this post. I simply offer his photograph as an image of Sikh elders for those unfamiliar with the history.


I always wonder why people use the term
To apply to
Murderers, Rapists

Monday, June 17, 2013


Pourquoi Applebaum se serait présenté?  That is the question? Y a t'il de vrais preuves ou est ce un complot, je me le demande.  L'homme qui travaillait au sein du partie qui avait une clef trouvé par l'UPAC qui pousse à un arrestation est malheureusement mort.  Serait ce de la revanche qu'il avait contre Applebaum, pourquoi nous avons jamais entendu le nom Applebaum à la commission Charbonneau.  Tout cela est très bizarre.  

Speedy Gonzalez Marois couldn't wait to condemn even before Applebaum is proven guilty.  Par opportunisme, elle accusait tout les jours les libéraux d'être corrompus, bizarre... jusqu'à aujourd'hui, je n'ai pas entendu que les envelopes étaitent pour le partie Libéral.  Maudite Pauline et son sacré de PQ always jumping the gun without thinking a bit!  Separatists love to point fingers!  Ils sont toujours plus blanc que blanc.
No comment necessary.


We would be wise to keep our eyes open to see where Quebec separatists and Islamic terrorists join to harm Jewish people - most of whom - but not all - speak primarily English.
Does anyone know why Jewish people in Quebec speak mostly English? I'll tell you.
When we were children in Montreal in the 1940's, the French school system was Catholic, and the nuns and priests didn't want Jews. They sloughed us off on the "other" system - the "default" system - the Protestant school system, which was mostly English speaking. If the Protestants didn't want the Jewish children either, they had no choice but to let us in.
We worked very hard and did very well in school. We learned French starting in grade three, but we studied in English and we spoke English with our friends and in business and at home - along with Yiddish and French and many other languages.
History has a long arm. But does anyone teach this to the current generation?



MONTREAL Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum has been arrested at his home this morning by Quebec's anti-corruption unit.

Spokeswoman Anne-Frederick Laurence says Applebaum was arrested at his home at 6 a.m.

She said all other details, including the charges, would be released at a 10 a.m. ET news conference at the offices of the Sûreté du Québec.

La Presse reported Applebaum, 50, was taken into custody by agents of the anti-corruption unit, l'unite permanente anticorruption (UPAC).

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Former Montreal city councillor and Conservative candidate in the riding of Mount Royal, Saulie Zajdel, was arrested by Quebec's anti-corruption unit Monday, June 17, along with Mayor Michael Applebaum. zoom

Two other people were arrested this morning. Laurence identified then as Jean Yves Bisson and Saulie Zajdel, both of whom had previously worked in the riding of Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dâme-de-Grace, which Applebaum had represented as a councillor or mayor since 1994.

All three were being held by the Sûreté du Québec.

Zajdel, a longtime councillor in N.D.G, was a federal Conservative party candidate for the riding of Mount Royal in the last election. Prime Minister Stephen Harper campaigned for him at an appearance at the Ben Weider Jewish Community Centre.

He lost to incumbent Liberal Irwin Cotler by fewer than 3,000 votes.

Zajdel was hired by heritage minister James Moore after losing to Cotler, the Canadian Press reported at the time.

He resigned last year, saying he was concerned he was distracting people from Harper's work.

Cotler said he was concerned that Zajdel was working on the public payroll to undermine him in his Montreal riding. The Liberals referred to him as a "shadow MP."

Zajdel told a Montreal radio station at the time his job was to promote and explain Canadian Heritage programs that are available to multi-ethnic communities.

"Frankly, it's kind of an insult to say I was a shadow MP," he said.

The anti-corruption unit was investigating Bisson in March in connection with a construction project owned by Montreal businessman and, according to organized-crime investigators, known Mafia associate Tony Magi, reported Alain Gravel, an investigative reporter with Radio Canada's Enquête program.

Bisson was the head of the permit and inspection service for N.D.G.

Gravel said Bisson's successor in the position, Robert Rousseau, was also questioned by UPAC and soon after was found dead in his Montreal-area home in an apparent suicide.

Rousseau was also questioned by investigators for the city's comptroller in connection with the same project, Gravel said.

At the time, Applebaum did not comment on the death. But Gravel said sources informed him that Applebaum provided the tip to the city's comptroller regarding the dealings of his former borough's permit and inspection.

Zajdel listed his current job as a municipal affairs consultant and real estate broker for Saulie Zajdel-Consultant, according to his LinkedIn page

He was a Montreal city councillor for 23 years, from 1986 to 2009, the LinkedIn profile said.

He also served as a director for the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation for more than four years.

He attended McGill University, earning a Bachelor of Commerce and Marketing, then a Bachelor of Social Work, both in the 1970s.

Anti-corruption officials raided offices in Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dâme-de-Grace last February, as well as city hall and other boroughs.

Applebaum was appointed interim mayor last November after Gérald Tremblay resigned in the wake of allegations of corruption that came out of the Charbonneau Commission investigation. Applebaum was the first Anglophone mayor of Montreal since 1912.

In January, Applebaum denied a report by Le Devoir that he, too, was under investigation by the Charbonneau Commission for real estate transactions that dated to his time as mayor of N.D.G.

In May, Quebec's anti-corruption forces arrested the 72-year-old former mayor of Laval, Gilles Vaillancourt, and 36 other people, including senior municipal bureaucrats, engineers, lawyers, notaries and some of the biggest names in the province's construction industry.

Vaillancourt was freed on $150,000 bail without deposit and scheduled to reappear in court July 10.

His successor, Alexandre Duplessis, had asked the province in May to put Laval under a trusteeship.

Laval is a suburb just north of Montreal. The charges included fraud against the government, conspiracy, abuse of confidence, municipal corruption, money laundering and gangsterism.

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