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Quebec Anglo Community
June 1 and 2, 2013
It is not about language. It is about hatred and greed.
Phyllis Carter
TRUTH IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON IN THE WORLD AND VILLAINS FEAR IT. So when you say something that is clearly true, you must expect fools and tyrants to protest. You are hitting them where they live - in darkness and hatred.
Very wise words and so true. This is where we must, as a community focus our efforts: getting the truth out and prosecuting those who have manipulated the law to suit their own selfish and greedy purposes!
At the end, as we tear ourselves limb from limb, when there are only two people left on earth, they will huddle in the burned down city, hungry and worn. They will either die in each other's arms or kill each other, leaving little or nothing of life around them to regenerate.
I pray your prophesy does not come to fruition.
The truth is we are facing extermination from a government at war with our many diverse communities...the truth is we are facing extermination because no one in the Anglo community wants to believe we are facing extermination.
I would say it is because many do not understand that it takes a combined effort to fight them. We have too many who want to be the "leaders", but won't cooperate in a shared and coordinated strategy. THAT has to change!
Drama is not helpful. I don't see "extermination" of the Anglos and Parizeau's "ethnics" in Quebec. Just more and more oppression, more pressure to get out of Quebec. One of the worst problems we face is individuals who place themselves among us and cause division, the ignorant, the glory-seekers, the fools, the "plants", the confused, and those who are always looking for ways to stir up violence and hatred. Here is where we need leaders, not to govern anyone, but to offer information, knowledge, organizing skills, guidance, wisdom.
It isn't about the voice of hatred, Phylis. It's about facing history. Look at Europe in the last hundred years. There've been so many different acts of genocide across the Continent, into Russia, through Africa and the Middle East.

It always start
s when an idealistic, ethnocentric government takes charge. The first step is to pass enforcement legislation such as Bill 14.

We're already alienated from Quebec social class, from cultural events like the fete nationale - where none of our Anglo Quebec talent may have to prove your pedigree to send your children to English school...immigrants and francophones cannot go to English schools, english daycares - and when the Burgermeister Marois has her way, English cegeps either.

We're held to a higher standard of French when applying for jobs than native speakers. We have the highest rate of unemployment in Quebec. We also have the highest rate of bilingualism or multilingualism.

Our rights have been denied us for 40 plus years between the Lesage Liberal's language laws and Bill 101. The sign laws, the harrassment, the alienation from society...we're being dehumanized, so that when they come for us it'll be that much easier to do us harm.

Don't be so naive as to think it coudln't happen here.
Those who veer from that line create Animosity and discontent..Although gatherings and speeches bring the plight we are in to light ...Nobody is listening except us ..This needs to change ..As I said before we need more night stalkers to post the atrocities of the PQ ...This gets reported, this gets seen, this gets shared ,This is where we can win the war brought upon us by the PQ... Remember an indelible marker and a placard can say more then what rallies can ..Everyone sees these posts and everyone has a phone cam or other ...Share Share Share again...We will win by the evidence and the obvious ...We don't need a leader We need everyone to follow each other !!!
Just keep telling the truth and distance yourselves from those who hate. They only want to destroy and no good can ever come from their words or actions.

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