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February 25, 2013
Une sommaire de la loi 14, there is no way the Liberals and the CAQ can let this pass. Both opposition parties are against it, avec raison !

It dawned on me as I went through the interviews I gave following last week's anti-Bill 14 demonstration, that people - including commentators - did not know what this Bill is about. It is only tangentially about language. Language is the excuse for some of the most retrograde init...iatives a western liberal jurisdiction can enact. Following is a list of just five of the most shameful elements of the Bill.

1. The Bill eliminates the term of law "ethnic minorities" which is a human rights designation in the UN Covenant on Human Rights (1948), The UN Covenant on Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities (1992), The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance Quebec City Declaration (Oct.2012, accepted by this very government, the Canadian Charter and the Quebec Charter, with the designation of "cultural communities" which has no legal standing. Quebec thus becomes the first western democratic jurisdiction to opt out of an international human rights convention regime.

2. The Bill gives inspectors for the OQLF the power to seize anything in a place of business that they find objectionable; go to the director of criminal and penal prosecutions; swear out an affidavit; and get a court judgment for $2500 without any notice to the citizen. Quebec thus becomes the first western democratic jurisdiction to allow prosecutions without notice, a basic tenat of western law for a thousand years and considered by Montesquieu in "Les ésprits des lois" to be the basis of civilized legal regimes. Actually, Revenue Quebec officers had that power for a year and a half until I got that changed working with Jean St-Gelais, then DG of Rev Que, now head of the fonction publique.

3. The Parti Québecois has since its founding in 1970 made respect for ``démocratie locale`` a foundational organizing principle. Bill 14 will do away with bilingual status for the 89 municipalities - 70 of them more than 90% francophone - who have passed resolutions stating that they wish to retain their bilingual status. So much for local democracy.

4. Sec. 33 of this Bill directs anglophone Cegeps not to consider any applications from francophone students until all anglophone applications have been accepted. That`s called segregation. Would we ever accept this if instead of anglophone we used the word "men" and instead of francophone we used the word "women." Standards based on language are as discriminatory as those based on color, gender, or religion.

5.Soldiers who risk their lives for our safety will be forced to send their children to French schools even if they have been transferred here from other parts of the country and are themselves anglophones. Eliminating the Bill 101 exemption for soldiers is simply odieux.

People should read the Bill. And understand that evil is possible here. The bill is not about language. It is a venal attempt by a government that has had to back away from almost all its promises to keep its `"pur et dur" in line through the politics of demonization, nullification and interposition.


February 25, 2013

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Men may volunteer or be drafted to go to war. Dogs don't ask to go and have no choice about how they are used or abused.
February 24, 2013

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People around the world who have read my reports often tell me I should write a book ... at least one book. 
But if I did write a book and managed to have it published, it would be one insignificant bit of dust among a universe of stars and galaxies.
However, when my blogs on the World Wide Web finally bring about an investigation of the Montreal Police Department and force the authorities to recover and return everything Dawn McSweeney and her "partners in crime" stole from me and from my family, my reports will also bring justice to the many other victims of crime and corruption in Montreal, Quebec, and beyond.
I have no time to waste writing a book. The world is at my fingertips night and day.
Now with more than 71,000 readers world-wide at -


They pray the prayers,
They ritualize the rituals;
But when it comes to doing
What is right -
They do nothing.

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I don't want money. I don't want anyone to cook for me. I don't want anyone to do my laundry. I don't want anyone to bathe me. All I want is that good people everywhere fight to bring me justice.
I am fighting for my life. I don't know what the future will bring. My body is very weak now. My hands and feet are swollen and tender from my medication and I can hardly walk. But  I am still strong in spirit.
At the same time, I am fighting for the justice denied me since I was attacked and robbed in my home in Montreal - with the help of a Montreal Police officer.
When I am no longer able to continue my struggle for justice, I ask people around the world who care about me, who care about justice, to pick up my sword of truth and continue my battle for justice.
If I die before justice is done, I hope my friends will continue to fight for the return of everything Dawn McSweeney stole from me and from my family - with the help of those she calls her "partners in crime" - including the Montreal Policeman who helped her rob me.
Fight to bring me justice, even after my death. Please return my belongings to my heirs named in my will, and return my father's estate to the family members he named in his will.

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$500. REWARD
$5,000. REWARD
The Thief, Dawn McSweeney
I am offering a $5,000. reward for justice - for the return of everything stolen  by Dawn McSweeney and those she calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog.
Detailed reports of these crimes are open to the world at -


Investigators are raiding several locations, including Montreal City Hall, according to a UPAC spokeswoman.

Investigators are raiding several locations, including Montreal City Hall, according to a UPAC spokeswoman. (Joël Simard-Ménard/Twitter)

Quebec's anti-corruption squad is raiding seven municipal offices across Montreal, including city hall.

The raids started at around 4 p.m. at Montreal City Hall, where all elected officials were told to leave the building.

Louise Harel, the leader of Vision Montreal, said it wasn't clear at first what was going on.

"We'll certainly learn more in the hours to come," she said. "It's exceptional – the City of Montreal the subject of raids. I've certainly never seen it."

Projet Montréal's Richard Bergeron said he had a meeting with the mayor at 4:15 p.m. to discuss the "cultural mosaic."

"When I arrived at his office, it was clear what was important at Montreal City Hall right now wasn't the cultural mosaic," he said.

"There are a lot of UPAC [the province's anti-corruption unit] members inside city hall. We got an order to leave the building and we left."

He said those inside city hall were told to take only their coats with them as the building was evacuated.

A spokeswoman for UPAC said investigators are questioning about 25 people and no arrests are expected.

Six other borough offices are also being searched. They include:

  • Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.
  • Ville St-Laurent.
  • Lachine.
  • Verdun.
  • Anjou.
  • Saint-Léonard.
Montreal Police helped Dawn McSweeney to rob me and my family on October 7, 1996 and they are still covering up the crimes.
I am offering a $5,000. reward for the return of everything stolen with the help of the Montreal Police.

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Women are up for auction on METV at WPTZ.WX.
Prostitution is being advertised openly on American TV 



The Hanford, Wash., nuclear waste site has been leaking plutonium for years, the U.S. government has acknowledged. (Wikimedia Commons)

"The lack of an immediate threat does not in any way shape or form should be allowed to reduce the recognition of the long-term threat of this material reaching the ground water or the Columbia River," Governor Jay Inslee said Saturday.

The U.S. Department of Energy has confirmed liquid levels are dropping in one of nearly 200 underground tanks at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, about 400 kilometres southeast of Vancouver.

While there's no immediate risk to human health, critics worry it's only a matter of time until the toxic sludge finds its way into regional food systems.

Tom Carpenter, executive director of Hanford Challenge, a non-profit that monitors the nuclear reservation said state officials are now waiting for the federal government to patch the leak.

Carpenter said a plan is in place to drain the tanks and solidify the waste into glass, but the treatment plant meant to do the work has been plagued with problems.

"Mismanagement, short-range-thinking, profiteering by contractors and incompetence by the government agency that's supposed to be running this plant," said Carpenter.

The nuclear reactor near Hanford, Wash., sits about 400 kilometres southeast of Vancouver.
The nuclear reactor near Hanford, Wash., sits about 400 kilometres southeast of Vancouver. (Google maps)

Over the years, more than a million gallons of radioactive waste have already leaked into the ground at Hanford.

Carpenter said plutonium has already been detected in local fish stocks and worries that if changes don't come soon, wild salmon stocks could be next.

He said his organization is now asking the U.S. Congress for help.


Icon: in his 1950s heyday, Frank Sinatra could have any woman he wanted 
The Chez Paree was on Stanley Street, just south of St. Catherine. It was a centre of Montreal night life when I was a young girl working at Metropolitan News a block away at 1248 Peel Street. My friend,Wally Aspell, opened for Frank Sinatra during his gig there.
One afternoon, my Pop or my Uncle Harry gave me a copy of Variety to bring over to the Chez Paree so I might have a chance to meet the great Sinatra. They both knew how I loved to meet the movie stars. I was sent out under the pretext that Sinatra had asked for the show business paper.
I came into the darkened Chez Paree nervously hoping to see the great star, but he wasn't there. Wally was there on the stage in the dusty darkness. But Sinatra came into Metro News the next day.
I learned that, late the night before, Sinatra had phoned home to California and found that his wife, Ava Gardner, was not at home. She was out with the bullfighter.
Sinatra was not in a good mood the day I met him. I can't remember him saying a word as his companion, perhaps body guard, requested a copy of Variety or Billboard.
What I remember most - apart from Sinatra's mood - is the terrible scar along the side of his neck. Some time in the past, he had offended a man with a knife and a grudge.
Those precious moments remain in my memory and enrich my life.


In the late 1960's, I had a private meeting with John Diefenbaker in his office across the street from the Houses of Parliament.
13th Prime Minister of Canada
      In office - June 21, 1957 – April 22, 1963
I had asked to meet Mr. Diefenbaker and I was surprised when, a short time later, I received permission. My  young daughter and I went to Ottawa. It was Valentines Day.
I was also surprised when Mr. Diefenbaker met with us alone in his office. Just the three of us. I was surprised again when I realized that he knew who I was. There were no airs about him.
He was disappointed that I was a Liberal supporter and he asked me what the Liberals had ever done for Israel. He was disappointed that Jewish voters did not seem to favour the Conservatives who he believed were kinder to our interests.
We had bought him a single red rose. He said it was the first Valentines Day gift he had received. He was touched. A very human person.
My daughter also gave him a lovely cowery shell to bring to his wife, Olive. He held it gently in his hand as we took pictures.
I found John Diefenbaker a very gentle, modest and courteous gentleman.
As a youngster, I was always on the scene, at the stage door, backstage, wherever great people were doing great things. I collected autographs and I touched greatness.
My Pop started collecting autographs for me at our family's international newspaper store, Metropolitan News, even before I started working there at age eleven. I am who I am because of everything my father taught me. He loved meeting people.
I waited a very long time at the stage door at the Seville Theatre in Montreal in freezing cold and, after all the other fans had given up and left, the movie actor, Mark Stevens, let me in.
Johnny Ray touched me as his bodyguards virtually carried him from The Seville.
Shirley Booth signed her autograph bracing my book on the trunk of a car on Cape Cod. 
Paul Robeson talked so kindly with me at Plateau Hall, even though I was just a girl. 
I also met the great tenor, Jan Peerce, and the concert pianist, Jose Iturbi, at Plateau Hall when I was not yet 16 years old and, decades later, I met Jan Peerce again with Myron Cohen in their dressing room at Place des Arts with my darling husband, singer of love songs, Cliff Carter. Cliff and Myron Cohen compared notes about their ages and birthdays and columnist, Ted Blackman, reported the meeting in The Gazette on October 23, 1979. I have all those precious things in my scrap books.
I was not just an autograph collector. I was nourished by greatness. I blossomed on greatness. And so, I wanted my daughter to experience the magic touch of people who accomplish great things through their talent and benevolence and courage. I took her out of school from time to time to meet great people. That was the education I had.
I rushed my daughter through one room after another backstage at CTV in Montreal chasing down the mayor of Jerusalem,Teddy Kolleck. When his bodyguards saw us, they seemed alarmed. I called out that we were Jewish and not enemies and Teddy Kolleck gave each of us his autograph and warned us not to do anything like that again.
I took her out of school one afternoon to meet Jean Vanier. This great Canadian gave us his autograph. He wrote in the tiniest script. His autograph is a true refection of the man.
I could write volumes about the many great people I have met. I am still inspired by these memories.
Phyllis Carter


I got in trouble in elementary school - 
For reading my Pop's small dictionary
Hidden inside my history book during the lesson.
History was boring the way it was taught then:
Memorize the dates.
I remember -
In 1492,
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
And the Battle of Hastings - 1066 - I think.
But words, oh, words -
The universe is in the words.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Major doubts have been raised over the safety of GM foods by a new study which found they can cause tumours and organ damage in mice 
Rats fed a lifelong diet of one of the bestselling strains of genetically modified corn suffered tumours and multiple organ damage, according to a controversial French study published today.

Scientists said the results raised serious questions about the safety of GM foods and the assurances offered by biotech companies and governments.

The first lifetime trials involving rats fed on GM corn found a raised incidence of breast tumours, liver and kidney damage

The French team has released shocking images of tumours in mice caused by exclusively eating GM corn. However, the research has been criticised as being of 'no value' by other researchers

The French team has released shocking images of tumours in mice caused by exclusively eating GM corn. However, the research has been criticised as being of 'no value' by other scientists

Dr Michael Antoniou, a molecular biologist at King's College, London, and an expert on GM foods, said: 'It shows an extraordinary number of tumours developing earlier and more aggressively – particularly in female animals. I am shocked by the extreme negative health impacts.'

The research was carried out by Caen University in France, and has been peer reviewed by independent scientists to guarantee the experiments were properly conducted and the results are valid.

It is the first to look at the impact of eating a GM diet over a lifetime in rats, which is two years. To date, safety assessments of GM crops have been based on rat feeding trials lasting 90 days.

The corn was genetically modified to withstand spraying with glyphosate, the main chemical in the weedkiller Roundup, developed by Monsanto. The idea is that the corn can be sprayed without being damaged, while weeds are destroyed.

The tests looked at the impact of several scenarios including eating the GM corn (NK603), eating the GM corn sprayed with Roundup, and consuming Roundup at low doses in water.

The results were compared against those for a control group fed a 'clean' diet without GM or Roundup.

Public concerns: A GM food protestor dressed as the grim reaper in a field of GM maize crops in Over Compton near Sherborne, Dorset

The researchers found:  Between 50 to 80 per cent of female rats developed large tumours by the beginning of the 24th month, with up to three tumours per animal. Only 30 per cent of the control rats developed tumours

Up to 70 per cent of females died prematurely compared with only 20 per cent in the control group
Tumours in rats of both sexes fed the GM corn were two to three times larger than in the control group

The large tumours appeared in females after seven months, compared to 14 months in the control group. The team said the tumours were 'deleterious to health due to a very large size', making it difficult for the rats to breathe and causing digestive problems.
Significantly, the majority of tumours were detectable only after 18 months – meaning they could be discovered only in long-term feeding trials.

The study – led by molecular biologist Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini, a critic of GM technology, and published yesterday in US journal Food and Chemical Toxicology – said the GM corn and Roundup weedkiller 'may cause hormonal disturbances in the same biochemical and physiological pathway'.

The Daily Mail's Frankenstein Food Watch campaign has long highlighted problems with the lack of rigorous safety assessments for GM crops and food.

Although GM corn is widely used in the US, British consumers have turned their backs on the technology because of concerns about its impact on human health and the environment.

Although it is not available in British supermarkets, it is fed to farm animals including chickens, pigs and dairy cows.

Mustafa Djamgoz, professor of Cancer Biology at Imperial College, London, said the findings relating to eating GM corn were a surprise.

'We are what we eat,' he added. 'I work at the molecular level on cancer. There is evidence what we eat affects our genetic make-up and turns genes on and off.
'We are not scaremongering here. More research is warranted.'
Dr Julian Little, of the Agricultural Biotechnology Council, which speaks for the GM industry, insisted GM foods were safe, adding: 'The industry takes all health concerns regarding biotech food and feed very seriously.'
Anthony Trewavas, professor of cell biology at Edinburgh University, questioned the way the research had been conducted, saying the number of rats involved in the study – 200 – was too small to draw any meaningful conclusions.

'To be frank, it looks like random variation to me in a rodent line likely to develop tumours anyway,' he said.

He also claimed Professor Seralini was an anti-GM campaigner and that previous studies questioning the technology's safety had not withstood scrutiny.



Ontario teen Nick Bullock (right) has been sentenced as an adult in the brutal murder of his 14-year-old cousin, Brayton Bullock (left). Nick was 16 at the time but is now 19.
NEWMARKET -- A 16-year-old boy who was found guilty of the first-degree murder of his 14-year-old cousin will be sentenced as an adult to life in prison, a judge said yesterday.
And for the first time, the judge also lifted the publication ban on the name of the killer.
It was Nickolas Bullock, now 19, who stabbed his younger, smaller cousin, Brayton Bullock, 13 times after he lured him into a dark ravine in the south end of Barrie on March 9, 2006.
"This was unfathomable violence," Justice Alfred Stong told a courtroom crowded with Brayton's family. "Brayton was a loving, energetic, respectful, outgoing young man with a wonderful disposition."
Last February, a jury found Bullock guilty of the murder. While there was no real motive for the killing, the Crown posed the theory that Bullock was the "black sheep" in a large, extended family.
He once threatened to "kill all Bullocks" after a disagreement with his uncle. His uncles were upset with him for refusing to go to school or follow family rules.
But the family says they have trouble with the black sheep theory.
"He was loved," said his uncle, Terry. "He chose to be a black sheep. He chose his path."
Right from Grade 1 Bullock was in constant trouble, getting into fights and failing to show up for classes.
In court, the judge said he had grave concerns for the safety of the Bullock family if he were released from prison. He ordered no chance of parole for 10 years -- the maximum available for a young offender.
"Nickolas Bullock planned to kill a Bullock, and selected Brayton as his victim," the judge said. "He plunged the knife so severely into his head that it pierced his skull bone and entered his brain."
While in custody, Bullock, who rarely went to school when he was in society, graduated from high school with an 80% average. A psychiatrist said he shows some of the traits of a psychopath, although he warned he could not give a complete diagnosis because Bullock's lawyer directed his client not to discuss the murder with doctors because he intends to appeal the case.
Outside of court, Brayton's mother and father clung to each other and wept. Family members, bleary-eyed with tears, hugged each other. Even the investigating officer and Crown attorney wept and hugged the parents.
"We are a broken and incomplete family," said Brayton's mother, Tammy. "No justice in the world will make us whole again."
But she applauded the judge's decision to sentence Bullock as an adult.
He will return to court Nov. 25 where it will be decided whether he can stay in a youth facility or be moved immediately to an adult penitentiary.
The Toronto Sun


February 15, 2013


Cheryl L Bullock

How can a murderer get moved to Medium Security when he has been deemed to rate more dangerous than most psychopaths ? This can not be placed on paper because of his age. In cold blood on March 9th. 2006, he lured my beautiful caring and loving 14 year old nephew into a bush and stabbed him 13 times over nothing but jealousy and now is being placed into a medium security facility. He has been in trouble and still they are weaning him on his way back out into the community. Over 4 million tax payers' dollars and 4 years to go through the courts. This cold blooded killer will be among us again...and he has threatened to kill the rest of the family.
Is anyone going to be safe ?

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February 15, 2013
The Colorado rape victim advocates continue to stand by the myth that children who are raped by people they know won't report if the prison term for the offender could be longer than 2 years. This is the reason why rape victims advocates would not support Jessica's Law which proposed to raise the minimum sentence to 25 years for some of the most heinous violent offenses against children. Keep in mind that rape advocates also claim that less than 40% of victims report rape. Since the sentencing is already at its lowest (2 years), and reporting is low (40%), how do rape victim advocates justify their myth that an increase in sentencing will deter victims from reporting the crime? And why do they even have a say in this matter? Mark is Jessica's father. It was his daughter, Jessica who was raped and murdered at the young age of 9 ! This man has dedicated his life to prevent what happened to his daughter from happening to other children. How dare these rape victim advocates make false statements as their reason not to support his noble and worthy efforts to ensure justice on behalf of future victims. This business of theirs to provide therapy for sex offenders is too great of an income for these victim advocates to lose out on--should the rapists actually serve time in prison! If they are in prison, they're not getting therapy by the rape victim advocates! My message to victim advocates is to stop reducing the sentencing for violent offenders--so you could generate an income off of our suffering and stop opposing/sabatoging our efforts to increase the sentencing: Rape is not a business--it is a crime!

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Want something important to think about? Try this:

Earth From Space

Detailed satellite images reveal the web of connections that sustain life on Earth. Airing February 13, 2013 at 9 pm on PBS Aired February 13, 2013 on PBS

Program Description

"Earth From Space" is a groundbreaking two-hour special that reveals a spectacular new space-based vision of our planet. Produced in extensive consultation with NASA scientists, NOVA takes data from earth-observing satellites and transforms it into dazzling visual sequences, each one exposing the intricate and surprising web of forces that sustains life on earth.



The Thief, Dawn McSweeney
Since the day I was attacked and robbed in my home at 4995 Prince of Wales in NDG, Montreal, with the help of a Montreal Police officer, I have been pleading day and night for justice and the return of everything Dawn McSweeney stole from me and from my family.
Member of Parliament and former Quebec Police Ethics Commissioner, Marlene Jennings, stated at two public meetings in Montreal in 2008,
"Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times."
But the Montreal Police continue to cover up the crimes of Dawn McSweeney and those she boastfully calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog.
How do the Montreal Police continue to deliberately refuse to arrest Dawn  McSweeney and her accomplices - and get away with it?
Because everyone in authority at all levels of government - Montreal City Hall, Quebec Legislative members and the Government of Canada says - 
"These crimes are not in my jurisdiction."
I believe the Montreal Police tend to be Separatist, and the separatists are focused only on the Italian Mafia in Montreal. They are not interested in crimes that destroy families, unless the family is Italian Mafia.
So when the Montreal Police helped the thieves to rob me and later to rob my parents and siblings, my case was treated as a mere nuisance by them and a threat to the image of the Blue Line.
Surely they thought I would just give up and stop demanding justice and the return of all our stolen belongings.
But from the moment I called 911, I have never stopped pleading for the return of everything Dawn McSweeney stole from me and from my family.
Because of the help she got from the Montreal Police from the moment the Police answered my 911 call, Dawn McSweeney stole all my best jewellery, including a two tone gold and diamond designer ring by Carreras Y Carreras, my grandmother's antique diamond and sapphire dinner ring and many rings of gold and silver, opal-doublet, hematite, onyx, amethyst, Sterling and gold charm bracelets, gold and silver necklaces, a box full of small medals and pins, brooches of silver and crystal, and much more.
Dawn McSweeney also stole my husband's precious New Jersey Deputy Sheriff's badge, his trademark grey fedora Stetson and our wedding portrait and still more.
I provided the Montreal Police with a detailed inventory of seven pages, describing every item Dawn McSweeney stole.
But the Montreal Police do nothing.
I also provided the Montreal Police at the Mariette station with insurance papers, photos and appraisals.
I brought computer discs full of information to the Montreal Police at their posts on Mariette and Somerled in Montreal, but again and again, the Montreal Police refused to take any action to recover my belongings which, at the time, were still in my home where I had been attacked and robbed - 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, Montreal.
I pleaded with the officers to give me back my belongings, but they just ignored all  my appeals - and they still do to this day.
But I will not give up - ever. I want what is my own. But the Montreal Police are only interested in The Mafia.
Since the Montreal Police refused to take appropriate legal action in the case of the robbery, the thief, Dawn McSweeney, and those she calls her "partners in crime", went on to make a will in my mother's name when she was 92 years old - and stole all my father's estate - our family home and his life's savings.
This associate of the McSweeneys designated Dawn McSweeney and her mother, Debbie Rubin McSweeney as the sole heirs.
The stranger who made the will in my aged mother's name is one Kenneth Gregoire Ptud'homme, somehow associated with Debbie McSweeney, and he named himself as the "liquidator" of my father's estate - a man who never met my father who died in 2000 - a stranger no one in the family ever heard of before my mother's death in 2007 - eliminated all the heirs - all the children and grandchildren - who my father specifically named in his own will.
I have been reporting these crimes from the moment I was attacked and robbed and called 911 for help. But the Montreal :Police refuse to take any action to recover our precious belongings or to bring the criminals before a court of criminal law. They just ignore all my appeals, all my emails. Why?
Because there is something special going on between the separatist police and the Mafia. It is not something I understand or have any knowledge of. But we are constantly hearing about inquiries into the Mafia, and we hear nothing about crime victims in Montreal, Quebec.
And the Government of Canada says, "This is not in our jurisdiction.".
And so I fight on day and night, and I will continue to expose the corruption in the Montreal Police department, and our so-called "justice system" - to my last breath.
After I am gone, I hope and pray my friends will pick up the battle and bring justice and the return of all my precious belongings to the heirs named in my will, and return all my father's property and life's savings to his heirs named in his own will.
This case will never die.
Cliff Carter
Wearing his trademark Stetson fedora -
Stolen by Dawn McSweeney
Cliff and The Sheba
Our Wedding Portrait -
Original stolen by Dawn McSweeney
ON OCTOBER 7, 1996,
1940s-1950s Passaic County, New Jersey Named Deputy Sheriff Badge
I will never stop pursuing this case
until everything stolen by Dawn McSweeney
and those she calls her "partners in crime"
is returned to me and to my family.
Detailed reports are open to the world at -
Dawn McSweeney and her Partners in Crime -
Phyllis Carter's Journal - It is all about Justice -
Now with more than 70,000 readers around the world
And still no justice for crime victims in
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
I am offering a $5,000. reward

Tuesday, February 12, 2013



Lydia Cuomo

Lydia Cuomo, who was attacked at gunpoint by an off-duty police officer last year, is headed to Albany to talk to lawmakers about changing the meaning of the word "rape." (Credit: CBS 2)

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Bronx school teacher, attacked at gunpoint by an off-duty police officer last year, wants the state to change its rape laws.

Allowing her name to be used for the first time, Lydia Cuomo, 26, is headed to Albany to talk to lawmakers about changing the meaning of the word "rape."

Lydia Cuomo — no relation to Gov. Andrew Cuomo — wants forced anal and oral sex to be classified as rape under the law.

"Right is right," Lydia Cuomo told CBS 2's Jessica Schneider. "And he raped me at the end of the day, and he's not being called a rapist. He is a rapist, and you need to call rape, rape."

Cuomo said those two acts right now fall under the umbrella words of "sexual assault" and she said that is erroneous because it makes it sound like the attack wasn't so bad."Sexual assault sounds so vague and I don't think the word 'sexual' should be involved in it at all.  There's nothing sexual about it — detest, disgusting violation of someone," Cuomo told 1010 WINS' Carol D'Auria.

Michael Pena, a former New York City cop, was convicted of forcing anal and oral sex on Cuomo at gunpoint, but he was not convicted of rape — though he admitted to rape months after a jury deadlocked on the charge.

Michael Pena (file / credit: CBS2)

Michael Pena (file / credit: CBS2)

"It put me in one of the worst places I'd been since the attack happened," Cuomo told Schneider.

Pena was sentenced to 75 years to life in prison for predatory sex assault and other charges.

In addition, Pena was also sentenced to 10 years to life after admitting to rape.

Cuomo said she wants Pena called a rapist because she said that is what he is, and it's not just a question of semantics.

"Survivors and victims who had this happen to them, your mind plays a lot of tricks on you. You go back to those moments over and over and over again and it doesn't help when legally the terminology surrounding it is not what you want to call it," Cuomo said.



On the surface it may appear that North Korea's nuclear bomb tests are merely political blackmail intended to intimidate South Korea, Japan and the western world. But there is much more to these tests than that.
How much radiation has North Korea unleashed?
I point out once again - The earth is quite round. There is no magic or political barrier to stop radiation from North Korea from entering the cells of little children around the globe.
Children all over the world are at greater risk for cancer because of the cruelty of political leaders who release radiation into our air and water. They are mass murderers.
But who cares?

Monday, February 11, 2013


Quebec's language laws have little to do with the protection of the French language in Quebec. They are about years of hatred and jealousy and a hunger for revenge. See articles below - Mon Non Est Quebecois.
Phyllis Carter

PQ pitches tighter language restrictions to boost French

The amendments to the province's language charter, often referred to as Bill 101, were introduced in the national assembly Wednesday morning. The bill also proposes amendments to the province's Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

Among the proposals in the new Bill 14 is the widening the types of businesses that are required to comply with the rules set out in the French Language Charter. Currently, Bill 101 only applies to companies with 50 or more employees. The changes would mean it would apply to businesses with as few as 26 employees.

It requires companies to implement "francization measures" that include the use of French in meetings and internal communications, and training on any new software or other work tools that are changed to comply with the legislation.

Companies that provide goods or services would be required to implement further measures, including adjusting work schedules and evaluating an employee's level of French, to ensure customers are served in the province's official language.

Bill 14 also makes vague reference to closing a loophole that allows students who aren't otherwise eligible to attend English public schools to do so by first attending a private school.

"The same rule applies to instruction in English received as a result of trickery, deception or a temporary artificial situation the sole purpose of which is to circumvent the provisions of this Act," the bill reads.

When it comes to French in schools, the PQ wants to add a requirement that children attending public day care be "familiarized" with the French language.

In order to graduate from CEGEP, students will also need to demonstrate a knowledge of spoken and written French at a level deemed appropriate to function in French-speaking Quebec society.

Bill 14 highlights

Amendments to the Charter of the French Language:

  • Designation of a minister responsible for language matters, planning and policy.
  • Educational institutions must take reasonable steps to ensure that students receive sufficient training in French to prepare them to interact and flourish in Quebec society.
  • Businesses that employ 26 to 49 regular employees must make French the everyday language of the workplace.
  • Businesses that serve the public must communicate with customers in French.

Amendments to the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms:

  • French is defined as the official language of Quebec and a "fundamental factor of its social cohesion."
  • Every person has a right to live, receive an education and work in French in Quebec.
  • Immigrants to Quebec have a right to learn French and to benefit from reasonable measures to facilitate their integration.

Campaign promises

During the campaign for the September election, the PQ promised to widen the scope of Bill 101 to include smaller companies with the aim of further protecting the French language, originally pledging to require that all businesses that employ more than 10 employees to use French in all staff communications.

The proposal was met with opposition. In September, members of Montreal's anglophone community protested in front of Quebec's National Assembly to oppose the PQ's intentions to reinforce the language law.

Following the vocal opposition to its planned changes, the PQ has stepped back from the platform promise.

The Charter of the French Language was originally adopted in 1977 to reaffirm that Quebec's common language is French. 
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