Friday, February 15, 2013


February 15, 2013
The Colorado rape victim advocates continue to stand by the myth that children who are raped by people they know won't report if the prison term for the offender could be longer than 2 years. This is the reason why rape victims advocates would not support Jessica's Law which proposed to raise the minimum sentence to 25 years for some of the most heinous violent offenses against children. Keep in mind that rape advocates also claim that less than 40% of victims report rape. Since the sentencing is already at its lowest (2 years), and reporting is low (40%), how do rape victim advocates justify their myth that an increase in sentencing will deter victims from reporting the crime? And why do they even have a say in this matter? Mark is Jessica's father. It was his daughter, Jessica who was raped and murdered at the young age of 9 ! This man has dedicated his life to prevent what happened to his daughter from happening to other children. How dare these rape victim advocates make false statements as their reason not to support his noble and worthy efforts to ensure justice on behalf of future victims. This business of theirs to provide therapy for sex offenders is too great of an income for these victim advocates to lose out on--should the rapists actually serve time in prison! If they are in prison, they're not getting therapy by the rape victim advocates! My message to victim advocates is to stop reducing the sentencing for violent offenders--so you could generate an income off of our suffering and stop opposing/sabatoging our efforts to increase the sentencing: Rape is not a business--it is a crime!

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