Thursday, February 7, 2013


Why is the thief, Dawn McSweeney, still free?
The Charbonneau Commission investigates corruption in Montreal City Hall, but Judge France Charbonneau ignores the corruption in the case of the robbery in which a Montreal Police officer helped the thief, Dawn McSweeney, and her accomplices to rob me and my family.
The Montreal Police and Montreal City Hall continue to cover up these crimes to this day. But from the west all the way to Russia, the world is watching.
Reputed as a fearless prosecutor, Quebec Superior Court Justice France Charbonneau has been chosen to lead the province's construction inquiry.
Judge France Charbonneau
Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum
refused to investigate these crimes
Why is the thief, Dawn McSweeney, still free?
Why has the Montreal Police officer who helped the thieves never been called to account for his actions?
These questions remain unanswered. And I will keep on demanding justice.
Dawn McSweeney and her Partners in Crime
Now with more than 70,000 readers around the world,
But still no justice for crime victims in
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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