Friday, February 8, 2013


Canadian law is designed to protect criminals and to provide for every need and convenience and comfort of criminals - and their ever wealthier lawyers. These laws - and the exercise thereof by the Province of Quebec, for example - follow the command in the New Testament to forgive and to love our enemies.
Meanwhile, the innocent and crime victims are sloughed off like slime by the police and members of governments at all levels and treated as nuisances, an inconvenience that must be ignored or discouraged, diverted, delayed, discredited, suppressed.
Canadians - in the past - were proud to be recognized as Canadians when travelling abroad. The myth that we are a moral and ethical society may have had some substance back then.
Now, it is a mockery to pretend that we are a superior nation. Canada is rife with crime, and criminals rush here from other places because we are a safe and generous haven for them. For example, thieves are helped and protected by the police in Montreal. My own case is open for the world to see at To date, more than 70,000 people around the world have read my detailed reports.
And we, the citizens of this once proud nation - are accomplices to the crimes perpetrated upon us by those to whom we give money and power.
By our silence, we allow these crimes against us to continue.
Silence is not golden. It is a tool that allows injustice to flourish.
Hush ! Don't make a fuss. You will be treated as a trouble-maker or one who is mentally unstable. So, hush up now !
Shame on you, Canada ! You are a Big Lie.

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