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Does anyone remember Canadian journalist and founder of UNDERDOG
, David Cowlishaw? Underdog was an organization whose purpose was to help victims of injustice. David Cowlishaw drew media attention when he tossed a bag of beef blood down on the floor of Parliament from the gallery.

Sometimes people have to find non-violent but dramatic ways to bring attention to injustice. The Canadian Doukhebour women stripped naked. People noticed that and I remember it, although I don't recall what their grievances were.

Rogue page inspired by Arab uprising, wants Canadians to mobilize - 
A young woman who spent the past year working as a Senate page was kicked out of the upper chamber and fired for staging a protest during the Speech from the Throne on Friday.  thestar.comwww.thestar.com

It takes a lot of courage to stand up and do the unconventional. It was a peaceful and to-the-point protest, a moment that will be seen around the world and noted - briefly - in history books. So she lost her job. A very small price for the point she made. She won't be unemployed for very long. The media is bound to hire her. 

A few decades ago, a journalist from Calgary named David Cowlishaw founded an organization called UNDERDOG. 

I was an agent for Underdog. It was our task to help people who were treated unjustly. There were some interesting adventures.

I have finally found the story behind David Cowlishaw's action:

The Story 

Calvin MacDonald, undercover RCMP officer

He says his life has been ruined. After spending years as an undercover RCMP officer posing as a communist, Calvin MacDonald claims the damage done to his family and personal life is almost irreparable. In this 1963 CBC Radio interview, MacDonald gives the candid details of his life as an RCMP spy and the difficulties it has caused for his relationships with family and friends.

This interview was originally aired in four shorter segments on four separate episodes, but all four parts have been edited together for the purposes of this website. You can hear a two- or three-second gap between each segment as you listen to this interview.

Calvin MacDonald claimed that after he was discovered to be a spy by the Communist party, the RCMP disowned him and refused to acknowledge that he ever did any work for them. He said he couldn't get a job anywhere because he was listed as a member of the Communist party, and the RCMP wouldn't take his name off the list. 

MacDonald's case was well-documented in the Globe and Mail in 1964. The Globe reported an incident in August 1964 where a man named David Cowlishaw, who was involved with a group called Operation Underdog, hurled a carton of beef blood onto the carpet of the House of Commons during the flag debate in an effort to draw attention to MacDonald's plight. 

Several days after the cow blood incident, the Globe reported that MacDonald told a group of reporters that he planned to travel across Canada spilling government secrets until the RCMP agreed to clear his name. He said that being a listed as communist not only prevented him from getting a job, but the whole scenario had also broken up his marriage and distanced him from his eight children. 

MacDonald quickly began spilling a number of secrets. One particularly salacious story appeared in a September 1964 issue of the Globe and Mail, involving a homosexual page boy whose "sugar daddy" was an MP in the House of Commons. As proof of this homosexual relationship, MacDonald told a story of a party he attended hosted by the page, a slim young man wearing "a beige shirt, fawn cashmere sweater and fawn slacks." MacDonald said the page told him his "sugar-daddy MP" paid the rent on his apartment, which "was decorated in Japanese décor and thickly carpeted." According to MacDonald, "the host danced a strip tease at the party and showed him instruments used by masochists." 

The name of the MP involved was never mentioned in the newspaper, but the Globe did feature a major story stating that all allegations made by MacDonald over the past several days were being vehemently denied by the MPs and government members involved. The article also said the government denied that MacDonald was on any sort of communist list, and said there was no such list in existence. 

A week later, on Sept. 9, 1964, the Globe reported that MacDonald was now alleging that there were three communist cells operating within the Toronto offices of the CBC: "These CBC party members are peddling the communist line on the network, Mr. Macdonald declared." 

After the flurry of media activity about MacDonald in August and September of 1964, there were a only few mentions of MacDonald in the newspaper over the next several years, and very little can be found on MacDonald after the 1960



Looting the country's riches by liquefying the natural assets of the nation through the creation of companies under the name of family and members of the ruling elite of the MPLA Regime 

70% of the Population lives under $2 US dollars a day


Information Last Updated: 18 February 2014

The personal fortune of Mr. José Eduardo dos Santos 
is estimated to be $20 Billion US Dollars or 14 Billion Euros 
(Estimated in 2013)

From Rags to Riches

José Eduardo dos Santos was known to only have one suit and two white shirts in the city of Brazzaville in (1963-1970), José Eduardo dos Santos is son of a stone mason and was born in the Island of Sao Tome, and doesn't speak any African Native Language, only fluent in Portuguese and Russian.


If you have any questions or wish to add information to any of these cases, you are welcome to send us any updated information in regards to the theft of public funds and illicit enrichment in Angola and occupied Cabinda, we are also keen on any information related to foreign multinationals, banks, financial institutions, government officials and governments relations with the MPLA Regime Nomenclature in cases of Public Corruption, Traffic of Influences, Criminal Activities between the MPLA Regime and Foreign Partners. 

Contact Us

Rt Hon Mangovo Ngoyo
Keeper of Archives & Chief prosecutor



With more than $20 Billion USD  (2013 Estimate)
1 - José Eduardo dos Santos, President of the Republic

Isabel dos Santos (Daughter): First Born 1973 Isabel dos Santos assets worth $3 Billion US Dollars, the Richest woman in Africa  

José Filomeno de Sousa dos Santos (Son): Born in 1977 from Jose Eduardo dos Santos second wife Luísa Perdigão Abrantes. He manages $5 Billion US Dollars in funds and assets

With more than $100 Million USD
2 - General Leopoldino Fragoso do Nascimento, (The US$750 Million Dollar Man), Member of the National Assembly
3 - José Leitão, Chief of the Civil House of Luanda
4 - Elisio de Figueiredo, Ambassador
5 - João de Matos, General
6 - Higino Carneiro, Minister of Public Works
7 - Helder Vieira Dias (Kopelipa), General
8 - António Mosquito, Businessman
9 - Valentim Amões, Businessman
10 - Sebastião Lavrador, Banker
11 - José Severino, Businessman

12 - Joaquim Duarte da Costa David, Minister of Industry
13 - Manuel Vicente, Ex-Executive of the National Oil Company Sonangol, Vice President of Angola
14 - Abilio Sianga, Administrator of the National Oil Company Sonangol
15 - Mário Palhares, Executive of Bank BAI
16 - Aguinaldo Jaime, Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister
17 - França Ndalu, General in Reserve
18 - Amaro Taty, Governor of Province of Bié
19 - Noé Baltazar, Director Delegate of ASCORP
20 - Desidério Costa, Minister of Petroleum

21 - José Filomeno de Sousa dos Santos, son of the Dictaror & Chairman Fundo Soberano de Angola
With more than $50 Million dollars but less than $100 Million Dollars
22 - João Lourenço, Secretary General of the MPLA Party
23 - Isaac dos Anjos, Ambassador
24 - Faustino Muteka, Minister of the Administration of the Territory
25 - António Vandúnem, Secretary of the Council of Ministers

26 - Dumilde Rangel, Governor of the Province of Benguela

27 - Salomão José Luheto Xirimbimbi, Minister of Fisheries
28 - Jardim, Ex-Minister of Fisheries
29 - Dino Matross, 1°.Vice-Presidente da Assembleia Nacional
30 - Álvaro Carneiro, Ex-Director Adjunto da Endiama
31 - Flávio Fernandes, Ex-PCA da Multiperfil
32 - Fernando Miala, Ex-Director of the Services of Security of the State
33 - Armindo César, Businessman
34 - Ramos da Cruz, Governor of the Province of Huila
35 - Gomes Maiato, Governor of the Province of Lunda-Norte
36 - João E. dos Santos, Governor of the Province of Moxico
37 - Gonçalves Muandumba, Governor of the Province of Lunda-Sul
38 - Aníbal Rocha, Ex-Governor of Cabinda
39 - Ludy Kissassunda, Governor of the Province of Zaire
40 - Luiz Paulino dos Santos, Ex-Governor of the Province of Bié
41 - Paulo Kassoma, Governor of the Province of Huambo
42 - Rui Santos, Businessman
43 - Mário António, Member of the Political Bureau of the MPLA Party and ADM. of GEFI
44 - Silva Neto, Ex-Administrator of the National Oil Company Sonangol Distribution
45 - Júlio Bessa, Ex-Minister of Finances
46 - Paixão Franco, President of FDES
47 - Mello Xavier, Member of the National Assembly and Businessman
48 - Kundi-Payhama, Ex-Minister of Defence
49 - Ismael Diogo, President of the Company FESA
50 - Maria Mambo Café (Diseased), Ex-Member of the Political Bureau of the MPLA Party
51 - Augusto Tomás, Member of the National Assembly
52 - Generoso de Almeida, PCA DO BCI
53 - Luiz Faceira, General
54 - Cirilo de Sá, General
55 - Adolfo Razoilo, General
56 - Gilberto Lutukuta, ex-Minister of Agriculture
57 - Simão Júnior-Empresário (Grupo Chamavo e Gema)
58 - Carlos Feijó, Assessor of the President of the Republic
59 - Armando da Cruz Neto, Chief of the Armed Forces FAA
60 - Fernando Borges, Business man


MPLA Regime No.1
José Eduardo dos Santos, in power since 1979

They say that because they are black they will not be noticed and they where told to learn portuguese. The first platoon arrived in Angola between the 5 and 8 of October 2007, on the 24 of October 2007 arrived the second platoon. And in the old Cuban Communist fashion they where put to work at once, on the same day. They are administered by a Coronel.

The last time Cuban troops provided the private security of the Angolan President was under Agostinho Neto in the first years of Angola Independence.

On the 27 of May 1977, used the Cuban military men to suppress and kill the internal MPLA faction lead by Nito Alves.

The Cuban Forces took over the Rádio Nacional de Angola, the barracks of the elite forces that formed the 9ª Brigade, and the Prison of S. Paulo, where the so called "nitistas" where in the morning of that day.

In the book livro Purga em Angola, it gives an account of that day the 27 of May, Dalila Cabrita and Álvaro Mateus say that around 10:00 AM Agostinho Neto contacts Fidel Castro, reporting to him the events with alarm of the happenings in the City of Luanda, which in his words was taken by vandals and with the danger of an invasion from Zairian and South African Forces, which became known as  «Operação Cobra». (snake operation)"

The presence of Cuban Military men in Angola is contrary to the quadripartite treaties of13 December 1988, the "Acordos de New York", singed between Angola, Cuba, South Africa under the UN supervision, that made provisions for the withdrawal of Cuban and South Africa troops from the war theatre and the implementation of Resolution 435 that allowed the independence of Namibia.


June 30, 2015
Nun says ISIS terrorists take the most beautiful Christian women, both mothers and wives, and sell them to Muslims as sex-slaves. It's "the highest barbarism on earth in the history until today."http://go.cbn.com/255

  • Alex Hirsch -  its barbarism...but certainly not new, nor the monopoly of one religion. And the international comunity is too busy with money, to both about human beings..no matter where

  • Phyllis Carter - While we condemn with great anger the kidnapping and rape of innocent girls and women - of any race or religion - we must be careful not to get sucked in by right wing "Christian" evangelicals. They may not kidnap people, but they do oppress and mislead and distort and many who profess to be Christians are liars and rapists who control the minds, labour, wealth and loyalty of naive people. Be very careful!

  • Anthony Perez  - "All Isis terrorists are Islam, and all of Islam is terrorists" is completely fallacious reasoning, and therefore, the speaker lost all credibility in my eyes.

  • Phyllis Carter  - You're right, Anthony. That kind of generalizing is hateful, ignorant or malicious. Those who commit atrocities and those who support them should face the most severe punishment. Those who do nothing to stop them are irresponsible or incapable of doing anything. Bigots would blame children and little old ladies for being Muslim. That was the kind of thing Hitler did. Most people are not responsible for the acts of lunatics and extremists.

  • Mohamed Ferchichi  -  I dare say you're wrong. Muslim never commit such atrocities. all ISIS are'nt muslims I assure you. Please don't involve Muslims in this rubbish. ISIS is supported and managed by USA ; israel and petro-dollars...
  • Hussain Al Shimari -  Isis is not Muslims.. Islam it's good people I'm on of them I live in Canada 20 years no on tell me what's may religion....? Isis it's criminals people...


Victor Arden Barnard
Victor Arden Barnard (Twitter)
Authorities in Brazil said Saturday that they had caught pastor Victor Arden Barnard, an American cult leader and fugitive wanted on 59 counts of sexual assault, accused of molesting pre-teen girls in his congregation. Here's what you need to know:

1. He's Accused of Molesting Girls in His Church
Barnard was accused of molesting two young girls while he served as their pastor. Since 2000, Barnard's religious compound was located at a large camp site near Finlayson, Minnesota.
Called the River Road Fellowship, Barnard convinced  followers to allow their young daughters to live with him on the camp site, lated allegedly creating a second separate housing area for these young girls, called his "maidens," that he called Shepherd's Camp.
The girls were required to be virgins, according to an affidavit.

2. He Was on the U.S. Marshal's 15 Most Wanted List

Monday, June 29, 2015


  Marlene Jennings
Marlene Jennings, Member of Parliament, Canada.
First elected in June 1997, the Honourable Marlene Jennings was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce–Lachine in November 2000, in June 2004 in January 2006 and in October 2008. Mrs. Jennings is the first Black woman from Quebec to be elected to Parliament in the history of Confederation. She became a member of Privy Council in July 2004.
Mrs. Jennings' multi-disciplinary experience has been garnered through positions with both the public and private sectors. She has earned over nine years professional experience in the area of policing, first as a member of the Quebec Police Commission (1988-90) and then as Deputy Commissioner for Police Ethics for the Province of Quebec (1990-97).
My name is Phyllis Carter. I am a 79 year old Canadian journalist, a widow and cancer patient and - thanks to the Montreal Police - I am also a crime victim. I have been fighting for justice since October 7, 1996, when I was attacked in my home and robbed of everything I had worked for all my life and everything left to me by my beloved husband.
While I was holding off my attacker,  I managed to call 911.
The Montreal Police I called to rescue me - helped the thief instead.

I told the police immediately who had robbed me but, for seventeen years now, I have not been able to get the Montreal Police to take any action to recover my stolen belongings from Dawn McSweeney, the person who robbed me, or to take any legal action against her and her accomplices. 
At the Meet the Candidates assembly in NDG on October 7, 2008, former Liberal Member of Parliament, and Quebec Deputy Police Ethics Commissioner, Marlene Jennings , stated before all the candidates and the public -

"Mrs. Carter's Rights  Were Violated Three Times".

The three violations.

1. In 1996, the Montreal Police refused to file a report of the initial robbery. They have continued to refuse to act ever since.

2. In 2007, immediately following the death of my mother, the same group of criminals obtained a court order accusing me of being insane and dangerous. I was released from hospital unconditionally as soon as the doctors found out what my accusers had done and why.

After my mother's death, we learned that -

3. In 2005, the same group who call themselves "Partners in Crime" created a will in my mother's name when she was 92 years old and handicapped physically and mentally. My mother had been kept in total isolation by these criminals for a decade - until her death.
The sole beneficiaries of the 2005 will were the same people who robbed me and obtained the court order against me. Then it became clear why these criminals tried to discredit me and silence me.
Marlene Jennings later repeated her statement at a Sunday service in Rosedale United Church in Montreal.
But, to this day, the Montreal Police refuse to take any action against Dawn McSweeney and those she calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog. 

I believe there can be only one logical explanation for why the Montreal Police refuse to act against the criminals in this case: 
One of their own officers helped Dawn McSweeney to rob me - and his partner, who my attacker called "Mario" in a very familiar way - did nothing to help me.
Read all the details of Dawn McSweeney's known crimes at http://dawnmcsweeney.blogspot.com
$5,000. REWARD 
Circa February, 1994, I moved back to my parents' home at 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, Montreal. I was sick with cancer, widowed, unemployed and my mother wanted me home.
Summer 1996 - Good friends paid a brief visit. As soon as they left, Dawn McSweeney, my youngest sister's daughter, told my mother - in my presence - that my friends only pretended to love me, but they really despised me. In spite of Dawn McSweeney's jealousy and hatred, they are still my friends to this day.
The beginning of October, 1996, Dawn and her boyfriend, Alex Lavergne, suddenly moved into 4995.
October 5, 1996 - I did a new inventory of all my belongings at 4995, expecting Dawn to pilfer. I pleaded with my mother to keep Dawn out of my rooms - to no avail.
October 7, 1996 - I was suddenly attacked in the foyer of our home. I managed to call 911.  The Montreal Police I hoped would come to my rescue, helped the thief instead.
The officer took me out of the house by my arm and told me I had to leave my home and never return.
I was not allowed to take anything with me except my bible, my purse, and a pair of shoes that I liked to wear in church,. 
The police left me in the street in front of my home without as much as a coat - and they just drove away. There was no legal process, and I learned later that they did not make a police report.
I paid premiums to Prudential Insurance for thirty years. On October 8 or 9, 1996 - I reported the robbery to my Prudential Insurance agent, Brian Thornily. Prudential insurance abandoned me. As soon as they heard that a police officer helped the thief, they refused to investigate. Later, Prudential's agent told me it was because the police had made their report of the robbery "too late".
I had pleaded with the police to investigate from the moment I called 911, and constantly thereafter, but they refused, saying everything would be returned to me if I would "just be patient". It has been 17 years and the Montreal Police still refuse to take appropriate action.
1996-97 - I got a tip that Dawn McSweeney had a friend who operated a jewellery store on Prince Arthur. I told Montreal Police detective, Sylvie Laverdiere. She told me that, since I was a Pinkerton investigator, I should do the investigation myself and report back to her. I did that, verbally and in a detailed written report.
The police at the Mariette station told me to go back home and ask my mother to return my jewellery. I went to the house and stood on the icy steps pleading with my mother to give me back my belongings. Dawn McSweeney came to the door and laughed at me as I stood on the steps weeping - and she mocked me. Then she went inside and called the police.
The same officers who had told me to go home and ask for my belongings came to the house and told me to leave. I refused to leave without my precious belongings. The woman officer said she would have to arrest me if I didn't leave. I begged her to arrest me so the case could go to court. She promised the police would recover my belongings, so I agreed to leave.
Montreal Police detective Sylvie Laverdiere went to 4995 Prince of Wales and asked for my belongings. Detective Laverdiere told me she did not enter the house, but Dawn McSweeney handed her my Borg winter coat - and nothing else - none of my valuables.
March 17, 1997 - Dawn McSweeney returned what she did not want - my clothing, some files, and all my jewellery boxes and cases - EMPTY
March 17, 1997 - I brought the suitcase full of empty little jewellery boxes to the police at the Mariette station. Then they finally said they would investigate - six months after the attack and robbery.
Two police detectives, a man and a woman, came to my apartment all decked out with guns and radios and all sorts of gear. It looked as if - at long last - they would do a serious investigation.
The detectives told me they had to take some boxes and the suitcase that had contained  my jewellery to the police lab to test for fingerprints. Dawn McSweeney, Debbie McSweeney and Ed McSweeney, Dawn's father, had all handled my belongings. One of them had even initialled boxes to show they had searched the contents. But, once the police detectives took the boxes and suitcase, the incriminating evidence "disappeared". The detectives  told me there were "no fingerprints". They did not say the prints were smeared or unclear. They insisted that "There were NO fingerprints" - Not even mine ? "No, none."
Passing by 4995 Prince of Wales in my car in April, 2004, I noticed that the front stoop was littered with junk mail. I dared to go to the door and rang the bell. No answer. Maybe my mother just didn't want to speak to me.
I went around to the back of the house to try to see through the window if my mother was alright. There were strange holes all around the back yard and the back door and window were covered with dead brown vines. It was like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. I feared the worst. I called for an ambulance. Police came and there was no response. I asked the police at the Somerled station to investigate. They refused.
Mother "disappeared" and no one knew where she was - or how she was. But the Montreal Police refused to investigate. Our mother was kept in total isolation for about ten years by Dawn McSweeney and those she calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog.
Summer, 2007 - I was told by my brother that Paperman and Sons, funeral directors, had informed him that our mother was dead. I went to the cemetery. There I saw a stranger with my sister, Debbie. The Paperman agent told me that Debbie called the man her "husband". What happened to Ed McSweeney? Paperman's agent told me that the stranger's name was Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme. Three Montreal Police cars attended the burial. I thanked one of the officers for being there. The whole thing was bizarre.
A day after the burial of my mother, two police officers knocked on my door. They had a court order declaring that I was insane and dangerous and they took me to the hospital for a "thirty day mental evaluation."
I returned home three days later, Afterward, I learned that Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme had requested the court order which was granted in four minutes without anyone in authority notifying me, seeing me, speaking to me, without any evidence or medical report or any witnesses - except for the stranger who had never met me or spoken to me - Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme - and Dawn McSweeney's mother, my beloved "baby sister", Debbie.
Later, I learned that, two years prior to her death, in 2005, when my mother was about 92 years old, Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme had made a will in my mother's name, eliminating all the children and grandchildren specifically named in my father's will - and giving our family home and my father's life's savings to Debbie McSweeney and Dawn McSweeney, and making himself the "liquidator" of my father's estate - a man who never even met my father who had died in 2000.
Dawn McSweeney had six months of total, uninterrupted access to all my precious belongings, and she stole the best of everything I had worked for all my life and all the gifts I had receive all my life - every precious souvenir of my lifetime. No amount of money could ever replace what Dawn McSweeney stole with the help of the Montreal Police.
In 2008, Member of Parliament and former Quebec Police Ethics Commissioner, Marlene Jennings, stated at two public meetings in Montreal - "Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times." 
But the Montreal Police refuse still refuse to recover our stolen property or to arrest the thief and those she calls her "partners in crime,"
Why? Because a Montreal Police officer was involved in the crime from the moment he answered my 911 call. And because the Montreal Police refused to take action against the thief, she and her accomplices went on to rob my parents, my siblings and my siblings' children of their inheritances.

Marlene Jennings, Liberal Member of Canada's Parliament, stated twice at public meetings in 2008 - "MRS. CARTER'S RIGHTS WERE VIOLATED THREE TIMES.'
Russell Copeman, Member of Quebec's Legislature, acknowledged that my rights were violated and he tried to get the Conseil de la Magistrature to take action against the judge who condemned me in absentia, based solely on the most bizarre accusations made against me by a complete stranger - Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme - a person I had never met or spoken to. A man I knew nothing about. I saw him in the distance once - at my mother's burial in June, 2007. 
In the application that resulted in the court order, Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme  - declares that -
Phyllis Carter -
Dances naked on her mother's grave while wearing a bullet proof vest, 
Wears a large cross, 
Quotes the Bible, 
Kills cats by throwing them against a wall, 
Sets fires for pleasure, and 
Dreams of killing her parents in their bed 
(Note: These criminals even know what I dream about.)
Yet now, in 2011, the Montreal Police still refuse to investigate these crimes.
Even when our aged mother was removed from her home and held in total isolation by the boastful "partners in crime" for almost a decade, the Montreal Police refused to investigate.
Even when the self-professed "partners in crime" sent me hate mail and obtained a court order declaring that I was insane and dangerous, the Montreal Police refused to investigate.
Without ever speaking to me, a Quebec Court judge I never met condemned me in absentia in four minutes with no medical evidence and no witnesses except my accuser, one of the thief, Dawn McSweeney's "partners in crime" - as she calls them on her own blog - Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme - and Dawn McSweeney's mother - under duress, I am certain. This, in Canada in the 21st Century.
If truth and tenacity are the characteristics of one who is insane, I am indeed mad.
(See the reports in The Suburban Weekly newspaper - September 5, 2007 - The Phyllis Carter Detention and September 12, 2007 - Condemned in Four Minutes.)
I am fighting for my life and for justice. Quebec's Human Rights Commission says I am "too late" for justice.
It is not only young members of minority communities that suffer abuse at the hands of the Montreal Police. On October 7, 1996, I was sixty years old, living with my elderly parents while fighting breast cancer when I was attacked and robbed.
The Montreal Police officer "helped" me out of my home, physically - by my arm - and left me out in the street alone and destitute without as much as a coat. In front of my assailant he warned me that I must never return to the house and I could not take any of my belongings with me.
I have been pleading for justice day and night for seventeen years.
I have been ignored, delayed, diverted and ignored by those in authority.
Then the Quebec Human Rights organization - Droits de la personne - told I was  too late for justice.
I am 77 years old. I was fighting breast cancer when I was attacked and robbed on October 7, 1996. After pleading for justice day and night for years, draining every drop of my energy, in 2009, I learned my immune system had been so depleted, I had bone cancer. I have been on chemotherapy treatment ever since. I am fighting for my life. And still, I fight for justice day and night before the eyes of the world.
Like the Nazis, Dawn McSweeney stole personal treasures and destroyed lives. (See the report on this blog.)
The fact that I had become a Christian gave Dawn McSweeney an excuse to pin a target on me. I never knew what hit me until years later when the pieces started to fall into place.  
Once I was out of my home, the thief had free and total access to all my most preciousbelongings day and night for five months. Dawn McSweeney stole all my best jewellery and everything of value that I had worked for all my life and every precious thing left to me by my beloved husband, including his badge, his trademark grey Stetson fedora, our wedding portrait and much more.
This crime shattered my family. But it didn't end there. In 2007, the self-proclaimed "partners in crime" were still free to take everything that belonged to my parents and the heirs they named specifically - their children and grandchildren - in their own wills.
Canadian Member of Parliament, Marlene Jennings, twice acknowledged publicly that my rights were violated three times by the injustice system but no one will help me.
The Montreal Police who turned over all my precious belongings and the lives and property of my parents to the thief did not file a report and the Montreal Police have refused repeatedly ever since to take any action against the thief and her accomplices.
Even when these criminals took my widowed mother from her home and kept her in total isolation for almost a decade, the Montreal Police refused to investigate.
It was only days after my mother's death in 2007 when I was taken from my home by the police for the second time, based solely on accusations by those Dawn McSweeney boastfully calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog. 
Even when these criminals created a bizarre and malicious application for a court order to have me declared insane and dangerous, the Montreal Police would not investigate.
A Quebec judge issued the court order in four minutes without any medical evidence, without any witnesses but the criminals themselves and without ever speaking to me. 
The CLSC Pierrefonds, Quebec, apologized in writing for their part in these crimes.
Russell Copeman, MNA, appealed to the Magistrature that governs judges for justice - to no avail.
I have appealed to every member of government, every authority, every agency I could think of. I am told  "It is not our jurisdiction," "No one did anything wrong". "Get a lawyer."
These criminals are still free to enjoy everything they stole.
I do not want money or any kind of "compensation".
I can't afford a lawyer.
I am not eligible for legal aid.  
What I want is justice. I want the criminals tried in criminal court.
I want the authorities to return everything  Dawn McSweeney and her "partners in  crime" have stolen from me and from my family - all my best jewellery and every personal item left to me by my beloved husband - and I want them to return to the family - not to me - my parents' property and money.  
Thanks to the Internet, more than  207,000 people around the world have now read these reports. I can tell the world about these devastating crimes in the hope of finding a hero - one honourable person who will read about what was done to me and to my family and care enough to take the necessary steps to bring   Dawn McSweeney and her accomplices before an honest judge in criminal court and return everything they stole.
I am seeking a lawyer to sue the Montreal Police for $100,000. for their part in these crimes. The lawyer who wins my case can keep the entire $100,000. I do not want that money. I want what was stolen from me by Dawn McSweeney and her partners in crime, with the help of the Montreal Police. I want - I demand - JUSTICE.
See the message from Quebec Human Rights Commission at this blog site.
For all reports and details, see the Archives at 

On October 7, 1996, I was attacked and robbed in my parents' Montreal home, where I had been living for two years while recovering from breast cancer. At the beginning of October my teenage niece, Dawn McSweeney, and her boyfriend Alex had moved in with us. Within a week of Dawn's arrival, I was suddenly attacked for no apparent reason and without any warning. In shock, I managed to call 911.
One of the two officers who responded to my distress call 'helped' me out the door without as much as a coat. In front of my assailant, the officer told me that I must never return. This police officer's unilateral decision to evict me, forbidding me to return home, gave all my most precious belongings, and my aged parents' lives and property into the hands of Dawn McSweeney.
This action was taken without any investigation. There was no legal procedure. No hearing. No court procedure. No trial. No judgment. No background to support such an action. No justification. The officer just decided to do it. And then - he did not file a report.
Widowed, unemployed and fighting cancer, the Montreal Police abandoned me in the street alone, cold, homeless and destitute. My entire life was locked up behind me, in the hands of my teenage niece, Dawn McSweeney. I pleaded with the police to file a report, to go to the house and see for themselves the proof of what I was saying. They refused again and again. For six months, the police refused repeatedly to file a report. At 60, I had to start life again - from scratch.
Quebec's Police Ethics Commissioner, Denis Racicot, wrote to me: "The police have large powers and vast authority .... The case is "definitively closed." (sic) Large powers - to help criminals? Vast authority - to rob widows ? 

I appealed to  Quebec Premier, Jean Charest . He wrote to say that the theft of all my jewellery and the fruit of my life's work and the personal treasures my husband left to me, is  "a civil matter of an unfortunate nature." Grand larceny is a civil matter ? 

After the robbery, Dawn's mother, Debbie McSweeney, our youngest sister, obtained power of attorney from both my parents. Every other member of the family, social services, fire protection inspectors and even police detectives, were barred from my parents' home thereafter. 

In April, 2004, the home of our youth looked like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, doors and windows overgrown with dead vines. I called for help and learned that my mother had been removed from her home. So I went to the police station to file a missing person report. The officer could not file a report - because Debbie, told him by telephone that she knew where mother was. To see your mother or get information about where or how she is, you have to file a civil suit. "But you will need a lawyer." But that would take months ! Can't the police check on my mother now ? Sorry. 

The following is a matter of Public Record.

In June, 2007, we learned that our mother had died. She was buried on June 21, 2007 after being kept in total seclusion by Debbie and her associates from the day of the robbery. Suddenly, on June 26, I started receiving hate mail and threats to drop the robbery case were posted on my blog. I reported that to the police immediately. The next afternoon, June 27, two police officers came to my door with a court order to have me committed for a 30-day mental evaluation, accusing me of being insane and dangerous. I was released from the hospital unconditionally on June 29, 2007.

The Suburban weekly newspaper carried that story in two parts,on September 5, 2007 and on September 12, 2007.  

The following is also a matter of Public Record. 

Weeks later, I found out why a complete stranger wanted me silenced: My accuser, the mise en cause who applied for the court order, was one Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme, a person I do not know and with whom I have never spoken. This same Prud'homme is named as the liquidator of a will in my mother's name created when she was 92 years old, handicapped mentally and physically and had been totally under the physical control and influence of Debbie and this group for a decade. Their will was notarized and executed, but OUR MOTHER DID NOT SIGN THAT WILL. All the children were included in the wills my parents had made. Only Debbie and Dawn McSweeney and Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme benefit from the bizarre 2005 will.

Months later, I discovered Dawn McSweeney's own blog on the internet. The heading reads:
Dedicated to Partners in crime and kindred spirits.
Voyeurs and well wishers also welcome. 

In November, 2007, Member of the Quebec National Assembly, Russell Copeman, wrote an appeal to the Conseil de la Magistrature against the judge who condemned me with his court order in less than four minutes without ever seeing me or speaking to me and without any medical evidence, but based solely on the bizarre accusations made by a man I do not know and Dawn's mother, Debbie, who had not spoken with me since 1997. The Conseil de la Magistrature of Quebec replied that the judge did nothing wrong.
To try to discredit, intimidate and silence me so that I would stop pursuing the criminal case of the robbery that took place on October 7, 1996, the "partners in crime" obtained a court order accusing me of being insane and dangerous.
A social worker at the CLSC helped Debbie McSweeney and Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme to draft the application for that court order. There were no witnesses and there was no medical evidence. I was never contacted. 
My accusers were Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme, a complete stranger to me, and my sister, Debbie Rubin McSweeney, who has not spoken a word to me since  1997. My mother's death was the trigger. I had to be silenced. A secret was about to be revealed, but I didn't know anything about it then.
The judge issued the court order in four minutes without ever speaking to me or anyone other than Mr. Prud'homme and Debbie. On this basis, two policemen came to my apartment and took me away.
In Canada in the 21st Century.
Phyllis Carter
APOLOGY RECEIVED FROM CLSC -  (Quebec Community Clinic)

April 1, 2008
Through the intervention of our Member of the Quebec National Assembly, Russell Copeman, I received a copy of the following letter today, April 1, 2008:
Centre de sante et de services sociaux  
de l'Ouest-de-l"ile  
West Island  
Health and Social Services Centre
March 11, 2008
Mr. Russell Copeman 
M.N.A. for Notre-Dame-de-Grace 
6332 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 205,  
Montreal, Quebec  
H4B 1M7
Subject: Complaint from Mrs. Phyllis Carter  
(File Number .........)
Dear Mr. Copeman,
Following our meeting, I proceeded to investigate the incident that led to Mrs. Phyllis Carter being evaluated against her will.
The Social Worker who assisted Mrs. Carter's sister in this endeavour followed the established procedure to submit a request for psychiatric evaluation. However, while conducting this investigation, in collaboration with the Director of Mental Health program, we realized that the option of informing the respondent (person for whom the request is made), as well as verifying this person's mental health, was not present.
In Mrs. Carter's case, the Social Worker took for granted the sister' statements about Mrs. Carter's behaviour. Therefore, the "Protocole requete pour evaluation psychiatrique" should be revised to include the procedure of verifying the person's mental status before sending in the request.
The West Island Health and Social Services Centre would like to apologize to Mrs. Carter for this experience. The supervisor of the Psychosocial intake, Mr. Claude Girouard, is willing to talk to Mrs. Carter, should she wish to do so. He can be reached at 514 -------- Ext. -----
Users' complaints represent an occasion for the establishment to improve the quality of its services. We thank you for bringing this situation to our attention.
Yours truly,
Diane Joly 
Local Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner 

I am now 7
9 years old. I have been fighting for justice in this case since the day I was attacked and robbed, October 7, 1996. I will never give up. I want to make it very clear that I will not accept money or compensation" from anyone. I want my parents' true wills to be reinstated. I do not want anything from my parents' estate for myself. I want only what Dawn McSweeney and her associates stole from me. And I want the thieves tried in criminal court.
Who is responsible?
Everyone in authority who has refused to recover and return our precious belongings and take legal action against the criminals who destroyed my family.

And still the Montreal Police do nothing. 
Montreal, Quebec and Canadian politicians and police are corrupt.
Who can we turn to?
I am fighting for that rare and elusive treasure -
I will not settle for anything less.

Phyllis Carter