Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Dancing naked on my mother's grave -
While wearing a large cross and a bullet proof vest !
Bizarre? In 2007, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in order to discredit, intimidate and silence me, a stranger named Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme applied for a court order declaring that I was insane and dangerous.
Among the accusations in the formal complaint, Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme, - a man I had never met or spoken to - told the court in writing that  -
Phyllis Carter
Dances naked on her mother's grave while wearing a bullet proof vest,
Wears a large cross,
Quotes the Bible,
Kills cats by throwing them against a wall,
Sets fires for pleasure,  and
Dreams of killing her parents in their bed ….
These accusations appear in the written application to the court made by Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme with the help of a social worker at the Pierrefonds, Quebec, CLSC  (Quebec Community Clinic). 
Without ever speaking to me,
Without any medical evidence or any medical report,
Without any witnesses - other than my accusers - Dawn McSweeney's "partners in crime"  -
In just four minutes, a Quebec Court judge issued a court order to have me picked up by the Montreal Police and taken to hospital for a thirty-day mental evaluation.
Montreal Police knocked on my door and took me away like any common criminal or lunatic. I should interject for the sake of accuracy that the police apparently did not see me as an insane person and they treated me with respect while they drove me to the hospital.
I was kept prisoner in two hospitals - the Jewish General Hospital and the Royal Victoria Hospital - until two psychiatrists spoke with me on the third day. They quickly realized that something extra ordinary had occurred and I was released immediately and unconditionally. I had been taken from my home by the Montreal Police and held as a dangerous lunatic for three days, based solely on the accusations you have just read. This, in Canada in the 21st Century.
It took some effort on the part of my Member of Quebec's Legislative Assembly, Russell Copeman, to get a written apology from the CLSC for their negligence in aiding and abetting the crimes committed by Dawn McSweeney's accomplices.
However the authorities refused to hold the judge responsible for his decision - based solely on the bizarre application made by Prud'homme which was "co-signed" - no doubt under duress - by Dawn McSweeney's mother.
Do you feel safe living in Quebec? What if someone wanted to intimidate you?
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