Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I expect that every civilized state has laws against murder. As far as I know, it is illegal to intentionally injure another person. I can't understand why there appears to be no law in Quebec against deliberately making another person sick.
If you find yourself in hospital or at a CLSC, you will see patients in the waiting rooms and on the elevators and in all the public areas coughing, sneezing, blowing and hacking. Of course hospitals and clinics are the places where sick people go to seek help. But why is it that so many of those sick people - including medical staff - bypass the stands where hand cleaning fluid and surgical masks are placed for the use of those who have cold or flu symptoms?
I have spent time in the emergency department of the Jewish General Hospital where patients go about among the gurneys coughing here and blowing there, completely at liberty to spread their mucous and viruses generously over those who have come in to have a broken leg repaired or to investigate chest pains.
I have asked staff at the hospital and at the CLSC why they allow patients and staff members who are coughing to go about freely without putting on a mask. I am told that the authorities of the hospital and the CLSCs do not have the authority to require a patient to wear a mask no matter how sick they are. No one can stop you from coughing and sneezing in the face of another patient in hospital or the clinics.
Hospital and CLSC authorities "do not have the authority" to protect patients from being infected by irresponsible sick people walking freely among them !
Why is there no law to protect us from those who deliberately threaten our health - or even our lives?  Is murder by virus less deadly than any other kind of murder ?
Who is responsible for our safety ?

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