Monday, January 17, 2011


When Sabrina tried to start a tenants association in a tenement on Pierrefonds Blvd. in the West Island in Montreal, she nearly lost her life. It turned out the janitors were members of a motorcycle gang known to police. But the police she desperately summoned to the scene failed to make a report of the janitors' attempt to burn her alive in her car in the building's garage - and the Montreal Police detectives protecting Sabrina and her husband were almost as disappointed as the victims when the criminals walked out of Quebec Criminal Court smiling.
Two months after being welcomed as Canadian citizens, a young student couple from China living in the Cote des Neiges district in Montreal learned a painful lesson about Canada's injustice system. When they complained about the abominable conditions in their apartment and the aggressive behaviour of their landlord, the Montreal Police charged them as criminals. I was an eye witness.
Xiuwei and Xiaolin and their son left Canada for brighter prospects.
"When I became a Canadian citizen, I was really proud that I would enjoy freedom as any Canadian and I could have never imagined that someone could try to destroy my future just for fun - or for a $12. Rent increase. We left our hometown and tried to find a better place where we could enjoy freedom and personal right. In China if you have money or a powerful job you are always right. Poor people can never get fairness and don't have the right to speak out." 

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