Sunday, January 16, 2011


January 16, 2011
Without asking a lawyer and hoping someone could help...without priors that I know of .. could someone in Canada let me know if someone is charged with
1. Confinement 2. Assault with a weapon and 3. Canada what could they get !!!! 
Standing back from this case, as an interested party, I want to put on the record what I think. Each of you has a special interest in this case. I am interested in the basic cause of justice for victims and would-be victims. All the technicalities of law have their purpose, but I am deeply concerned about the basic principles and the effects on the innocent.
Anyone who willingly causes harm to an innocent person should be paying a heavy price for their actions, their cruelty, the effects on the victim and the victim's loved ones. The law and all the chatter tends to distract from the basic reality: Our society fails to do justice for victims. We just smother the truth with a lot of "stuff" so that we forget to do justice.

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