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An anti-Semitic Facebook page called Jewish Ritual Murder is still up and growing one year after Facebook drew intense criticism for claiming the page did not violate its community standards.
The page was originally flagged by CAMERA"s media analyst Dexter Van Zile, in February 2014. It depicts an assortment of conspiracy theories about Jews, including accusations that Jews use the blood of Christians for their religious rituals.
At the time, Van Zile lambasted Facebook for refusing to remove the page. However, he also expressed a small measure of optimism that the social media giant would come to its senses in a matter of time.
"Will the page eventually be removed? Probably. But why doesn't Facebook delete this stuff when first apprised of its presence on their website?" Van Zilewrote last February. "Why should it take any more than one complaint for Facebook to do the right thing?"
As pressure increased, the Anti-Defamation League issued a statement calling on Facebook to remove the page. In August, Facebook informed those who complained that the page had been removed.
Within 24 hours, however, the page was up again, and Facebook announced that "We revised our decision," and "found it doesn't violate our Community Standards."
When the page was first restored, it had 662 members. The number is up to 799 today, with posts as recent as September 2014. Posts from the past year include links to download anti-Semitic literature.
Facebook, however, remains firm in its stance that the page falls with its community standards. As recently as this week, an HonestReporting reader filed a report against the group and received the following response:
According to HonestReporting Managing Editor Simon Plosker, the ongoing presence of anti-Semitism on Facebook demonstrates the need to keep pushing the site to take definitive action.
"Facebook needs to understand that they can't allow anti-Semitism and still claim to pursue a "safe and welcoming environment,'" Plosker said. "Facebook cannot simply sweep the issue under the rug, even as the page grows and infects more people."


They eat dogs. They eat cats. 
Not because they are starving,
But because they just like to eat them.

Cats Intended for Eating in Vietnam Saved from Truck -- Tell Authorities Not to Kill Them!

Cat meat, known in Vietnam as "little tiger," is officially banned in the country. However, it's increasingly becoming a delicacy there. Authorities recently seized a truck full of thousands of cats destined "for consumption" in Vietnam, which were being smuggled from China. The story seems unbelievable, but was reported by the well-established AFP wire service.

A police officer said Thursday, Jan. 29 that according to Vietnamese law, smuggled goods will be  "destroyed."   Please sign the petition to ask the Hanoi Police Department to ensure the cats are sent to a shelter or sanctuary and are not killed!  

The truck driver told police the cats were destined "for consumption" in Hanoi, but didn't say if they would be sold to restaurants. He said he bought the cats in the northeastern Quang Ninh province, bordering China.  

"But we have not made up our mind what to do with [the cats]" because of the large volume of them, the policeman said. Local media posted photos of the smuggled cats crammed into dozens of bamboo crates, all stacked on top of one another.  

Please sign the petition to ask the Hanoi Police Department to ensure the cats are sent to a shelter or sanctuary and are not killed!


AMMAN, Jordan — Jordan is willing to swap an Iraqi woman prisoner involved in a deadly 2005 hotel bombing for a Jordanian pilot captured in December by extremists from the Islamic State group, a government spokesman said Wednesday.
Such a swap would run counter to Jordan's hard-line approach toward Islamic militants and to the position of its main ally, the United States, not to negotiate with extremists. An exchange also would set a precedent for negotiating with Islamic State group militants who in the past have not publicly demanded prisoner releases.
However, Jordan's government faces domestic pressure to bring the pilot home, while its participation in a U.S.-led military coalition against the Islamic State group is widely unpopular among Jordanians.
The government spokesman, Mohammed al-Momani, did not say whether a swap would actually take place. He also made no mention of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, who is also being held by the Islamic State group.
Efforts to release the pilot and the journalist gained urgency with the release late Tuesday of a purported online ultimatum claiming the Islamic State group would kill both hostages within 24 hours if the Iraqi woman was not freed.
On Wednesday, al-Momani said that "Jordan is ready to release the Iraqi prisoner, Sajida al-Rishawi, if the Jordanian pilot, Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, is released unharmed." His comments were carried by Jordan's official Petra news agency.
Al-Rishawi was sentenced to death in Jordan for her involvement in a 2005 terrorist attack by al-Qaida on hotels in Amman that killed 60 people. Her release would be a major propaganda coup for the Islamic State group.
Jordan is reportedly in indirect talks with the militants through religious and tribal leaders in Iraq to secure the hostages' release.
The chairman of the foreign affairs committee of Jordan's parliament, Bassam Al-Manasseer, has been quoted as saying that Jordan and Japan would not negotiate directly with the Islamic State group and would not free al-Rishawi for the Japanese hostage only.
Earlier Wednesday, the mother of the Japanese hostage, Kenji Goto, appealed publicly to Japan's premier to save her son.
The mother, Junko Ishido, read to reporters her plea to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which she said she sent after both Abe and Japan's main government spokesman declined to meet with her.
"Please save Kenji's life," Ishido said, begging Abe to work with the Jordanian government until the very end to try to save Goto.
"Kenji has only a little time left," she said.
AFP / Getty Images
AFP / Getty Imag displaying her suicide belt during a televised confession Nov. 13, 2005. ISIS is willing to trade a Japanese hostage for the Iraqi woman who was sentenced to hang in Jordan for her role as a failed suicide bomber in a massive terrorist attack on Amman.
Later Wednesday, a few dozen people gathered in front of the prime minister's official residence, holding banners and placards expressing their hopes for Goto's release.
"I have been trying to keep my hopes up and believe that Mr. Goto will return. I have this faith within me," said Seigo Maeda, a 46-year-old friend of Goto's.
In Jordan, the pilot's father, Safi al-Kaseasbeh, beseeched his government late Tuesday "to meet the demands" of the Islamic State group.
"All people must know, from the head of the regime to everybody else, that the safety of Mu'ath means the stability of Jordan, and the death of Mu'ath means chaos in Jordan," he told The Associated Press.

Who is Sajida Mubarak al-Rishawi? Japanese hostage says ISIS willing to trade 'me for her'

When the ISIS terrorist known as Jihadi John made his first appearance in a video message to the West, his demands were tactical and military. His American hostage would only be spared, he said, if America stopped its bombing campaign.
Last week marked a shift toward financial demands, as he told Japan that two of its citizens, Haruna Yukawa, 42, and Kenji Goto, 47, would only be spared in exchange for a ransom of $200-million.
Then this weekend, in a video that seems to show Mr. Yukawa has already been beheaded, the ISIS demands shifted yet again.


Children with albinism have been placed in special homes to protect them from witchdoctors who believe their body parts bring good luck

albinism  Fatu
 At least 74 people with albinism have reportedly been murdered in the east African country since 2000. Photograph: Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images
Tanzania has banned witchdoctors in an attempt to combat a rise in the killing of people with albinism for their body parts, officials said on Wednesday.
At least 74 people with albinism have reportedly been murdered in the east African country since 2000. After a surge in 2009, the government placed children with albinism in special homes to protect them.
Witchdoctors believe their body parts bring good fortune and wealth. Isaac Nantanga, an interior ministry spokesman, told Agence France-Presse: "These so-called witches bear responsibility for the attacks against albinos."
The government and the Tanzania Albinism Society have agreed to form a taskforce to conduct special operations against the kidnaps, abductions and murders. But the society warned that a ban on witchcraft alone does not go far enough. Ziziyada Nsembo, its secretary-general, said on Wednesday: "It's just a starting point. The government should understand it is an endless story from 2006 until this time. No action has been taken to stop the killings."
A hereditary genetic condition that causes an absence of pigmentation in the skin, hair and eyes, albinism affects one Tanzanian in 1,400, according to experts. It affects just one person in 20,000 in the west.Witchdoctors may not be the ultimate source of the problem, she added. "We haven't seen where these hands, legs and skin are taken. This is the big question. If the witchdoctors will tell us that they are taken to somebody, and what purpose they are used for, we will be in a better position. Through the witchdoctors we can reach the real culprits. That is our one demand: for the government to find these people."
Body parts sell for around $600 in Tanzania, with an entire corpse fetching $75,000. A US survey in 2010 found that while most people in Tanzania are Christian or Muslim, 93% said they believed in witchcraft. Despite the scourge, only 10 people have been convicted of murder.
Last month a four-year-old girl was kidnapped from her home by men armed with machetes in the northern Mwanza region. Police have since arrested 15 people, including the girl's father and two uncles, but she remains unaccounted for.
Nsembo said: "The situation is so bad because people with albinism are afraid of going out and are not going to work. Children are hiding in the house. Mothers take children aged one and two to a special centre for their safety where they are like orphans: they lose the love of their mothers.
"It's because of a lack of knowledge. People don't understand that the difference is the skin but inside we're just the same."
The government has also launched an education campaign to end the killings. Home affairs minister Mathias Chikawe told AFP: "We are keen on addressing the issue of abductions and killings of people with albinism once and for all.
In August, a UN rights expert warned that attacks against people with albinism were on the rise ahead of Tanzania's October 2015 national elections, encouraging political campaigners to turn to witchdoctors for good luck."We are against those who cheat people [telling them] that they will be rich by possessing charms, as well as fortune tellers and those distributing talismans. People should also be repeatedly told that the only way of becoming rich is through hard work and not possessing charms."
Isaac Mwaura, a Kenyan MP with albinism, said Tanzanian gangs were crossing into neighbouring Kenya to carry out abductions.
"You can clearly see people in politics going for these concoctions," Mwaura told the BBC. "People will kill people with albinism in return for what they believe is this good fortune, and that is totally wrong. This problem has now become a regional problem because of Tanzania not having taken strong measures to curb it."
Tanzania's Daily News newspaper, in an editorial earlier this month, condemned the "disgusting" trade and said it had brought shame to the nation. The attackers "stalk unsuspecting people with albinism, pounce on them, hack off their body parts and run away with them," it said. 
, Africa correspondent
The Guardian.UK


    Dastak shelter
    What: Offer protection to women who have been subjected to violence or threats of violence. Lahore's only private women's shelter.
    There are three or four bunk beds in each room. Some women are talking loudly and making phone calls from the phone on the floor in the dining room. Another woman, Kulsoom, is making plans for her move abroad. She has a little money and a new fiancé and thinks she will be alright. But she will lose her three daughters.
    She has run away from home.
    Many women lie motionless on their beds. They are depressed; some fear for their lives. Several women who have stayed at Dastak (which means 'knock' in Urdu) have been murdered by their families when they have dared to venture out.
    The large house behind the undistinguished gate is protected by armed guards, but that is hardly unusual in Pakistan. This is a violent society, where a uniformed man carrying an automatic weapon stands on every street corner.
    In the state of Punjab alone there are 34 state-run women's shelters, Dar- Ul  Amans, at least one in each district. The demand has risen as more women have become aware of their rights – and women who demand their rights are more likely to be beaten. The state shelters often have a bad reputation, as a place 'where bad women go'. They become a mixture of protection and prison. The women cannot move around freely, officially out of concern but also because if they are involved in ongoing legal proceedings they might find themselves accused. There are many examples of women who have reported a rape but who, because they have been unable to prove the abuse took place  –  for example with the help of witnesses – have themselves been charged and convicted of 'adultery'.
    At Dastak, the private shelter which was started by lawyer sisters Hina Jilani and Asma Jahangir, there are no rules which restrict the women's movements, although they are all urged to take care outside its walls.
    The women share a room and a bed with their children. The shelter can accommodate 25 women and 45 children, but in the summer the house sometimes takes 70 women and their children. No-one is turned away. The violence increases in the summer. The heat intensifies the aggression.
    Most of the women stay at Dastak for at least three months, during which time they receive an education which it is hoped will give them a job. But there are some women who have stayed for several years. One young girl who lives under a constant threat of death is driven to her work every day by Dastak staff, and picked up at the end of her working day..
    This is one of the organisation's main problems: what should they do with the women who have left their families?

    "All women find it hard to get a job in Pakistan," says  Victoria Bajan, who is the manager of Dastak. "And it's even harder if you are a single parent and uneducated. Even if a woman can get a job in a household somewhere, her employers often don't want to take in the children. Sometimes women who have found a job move in with other women who have come from here, but that's very unusual. You have to be very strong, and very rich, to be able to live alone when you are a woman in Pakistan."
    Most of the women have to go back to their family, or sometimes to the husband's family where the abuse took place, or to their own parents.
    "Around 70 per cent of the women who have been here go back to their family, most of them after mediation. The women leave here with a greater sense of self-worth and more knowledge of what the law says – that it is, in fact, possible to report  abuse. From now on, she can threaten to go to the police. Despite everything, it is unusual for women to come back here, so we hope that means it works."
    Dastak Shelter, Lahore, Pakistan
    NHK World


    Muslim women kneel for the prayer service at the Women's Mosque of America in downtown Los Angeles, January 30, 2015. (Reuters/Lori Shepler)
    Muslim women kneel for the prayer service at the Women's Mosque of America in downtown
    Los Angeles, January 30, 2015. (Reuters/Lori Shepler)
    Some women traveled to LA from as far as New Jersey, with a flight time of over 5 hours, to be a part of what many hail as a breakthrough. In traditional mosques, women pray separately from men, which as many complain, can distance them from the speaker. Some women also feel excluded for other reasons, such as male-only Quran studies.The first all-female mosque has opened its doors in America, with up to 150 women coming from across the country not to miss the historical prayer lead by a female imam at a former synagogue that's now a multifaith center in Los Angeles.


    Happy 60th birthday Ruby Bridges. As a six-year-old, Ruby Bridges famously became the first African American child to desegregate an all-white elementary school in the South. When the 1st grader walked to William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans on November 14, 1960 surrounded by a team of U.S. Marshals, she was met by a vicious mob shouting and throwing objects at her. 

    One of the federal marshals, Charles Burks, who served on her escort team, recalls Bridges' courage in the face of such hatred: "For a little girl six years old going into a strange school with four strange deputy marshals, a place she had never been before, she showed a lot of courage. She never cried. She didn't whimper. She just marched along like a little soldier. We were all very proud of her."

    Once Ruby entered the school, she discovered that it was devoid of children because they had all been removed by their parents due to her presence. The only teacher willing to have Ruby as a student was Barbara Henry, who had recently moved from Boston. Ruby was taught by herself for her first year at the school due to the white parents' refusal to have their children share a classroom with a black child. 

    Despite daily harassment, which required the federal marshals to continue escorting her to school for months; threats towards her family; and her father's job loss due to his family's role in school integration, Ruby persisted in attending school. The following year, when she returned for second grade, the mobs were gone and more African American students joined her at the school. The pioneering school integration effort was a success due to Ruby Bridges' inspiring courage, perseverance, and resilience.


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    1942 Telegraph piece on holocaust got no traction. What atrocities ignored today? 


    A Creative Calendar from a Retirement Home.

    A German Retirement Community did a calendar where seniors amazingly recreated famous movie scenes.

    The Contilia Retirement Group in Essen, Germany made what is probably the best calendar ever with a few of their seniors.

    According  to German press, 5000 calendars were printed. And they were given out to  residents of the senior center, along with relatives and staff.

    The  calendar models were interviewed about the project and said it was a ton of  fun to dress up as their favorite actors.

    The  shoot was done with professional stylists and photographers to make sure  everything looked as cool as possible.

    The  oldest senior involved with the calendar was 98 years old!


    James  Bond
    Wilhelm Buiting, 89


    Breakfast  at Tiffany's
    Marianne Brunsbach, 86


    Erna Rütt, 86, und Alfred Kelbch, 81


    Erwin J. von der Heiden, 80


    Mary  Poppins
    Erna Schenk, 78


    The  Seven Year Itch
    Ingeborg Giolbass, 84, und Erich Endlein, 88


    Blues  Brothers
    Margarete Schmidt (r.), 77, und Lothar Wischnewski 76


    Martha Bajohr, 77


    Joanna Trachenberg, 81, und Horst Krischat, 78


    Saturday  Night Fever
    Irmgard Alt, 79, und Siegfried Gallasch, 87


    Dirty  Dancing
    Johann Liedtke, 92 und Marianne Pape, 79


    Easy  Rider
    Walter Loeser, 98 und Kurt Neuhaus, 90


    What would the Black Panthers' movement have been like if the law had not allowed everyone to carry weapons?    Phyllis Carter
    It is the 40th anniversary of the death of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton. On December 4, 1969, Chicago police raided Hampton's apartment and shot and killed him in his bed. He was just 21 years old. Black Panther leader Mark Clark was also killed in the raid. While authorities claimed the Panthers had opened fire on the police who were there to serve a search warrant for weapons, evidence later emerged that told a very different story: that the FBI, the Cook County State's Attorney's Office and the Chicago police conspired to assassinate Fred Hampton. In this 2009 interview from the Democracy Now! archive, Amy Goodman and Juan González speak with attorney Jeffrey Haas, author of The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther.
    JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Today marks the 40th anniversary of the death of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton. On December 4th, 1969, Chicago police raided Fred Hampton's apartment, shot and killed him in his bed. He was just 21 years old. Black Panther leader Mark Clark was also killed in the raid.
    While authorities claimed the Panthers had opened fire on the police who were there to serve a search warrant for weapons, evidence later emerged that told a very different story: that the FBI, the Cook County State's Attorney's Office and the Chicago police conspired to assassinate Fred Hampton. Noam Chomsky has called Hampton's killing "the gravest domestic crime of the Nixon administration."
    Today, on this 40th anniversary of his death, we spend the rest of the hour on Fred Hampton. In 1969, he had emerged as the charismatic young chairman of the Chicago Black Panther Party. This is some of Fred Hampton in his own words.
    FRED HAMPTON: So we say—we always say in the Black Panther Party that they can do anything they want to to us. We might not be back. I might be in jail. I might be anywhere. But when I leave, you'll remember I said, with the last words on my lips, that I am a revolutionary. And you're going to have to keep on saying that. You're going to have to say that I am a proletariat, I am the people.
    A lot of people don't understand the Black Panthers Party's relationship with white mother country radicals. A lot of people don't even understand the words that Eldridge uses a lot. But what we're saying is that there are white people in the mother country that are for the same types of things that we are for stimulating revolution in the mother country. And we say that we will work with anybody and form a coalition with anybody that has revolution on their mind. We're not a racist organization, because we understand that racism is an excuse used for capitalism, and we know that racism is just—it's a byproduct of capitalism. Everything would be alright if everything was put back in the hands of the people, and we're going to have to put it back in the hands of the people.

    Continued at Democracy Now


    Every tyrant wants to silence the voices that do not support him. 

    A baby cries at birth - because someone pats him on the popo to start him inhaling oxygen. 

    We cry out from the start so we can breathe. That is the way to survive and to thrive. No one has a right to smother the cry of a human voice. 

    The only limit to that freedom is the freedom of another to speak and to live without fear or injury.

    Thursday, January 29, 2015


    I am reposting this report for the benefit of new readers. I am offering a $5,000. Reward for the return of everything these thieves stole from me and from my family, and to ensure that this case is finally brought to criminal court.

    Phyllis Carter

    TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 2010


    For the benefit of new readers, here is a very brief outline of the crimes committed by the self-proclaimed "partners in crime", including their hate mail and thinly veiled threats. 

    Scene of the Crimes: 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, Montreal, Quebec 

    Time of the first crime:: October 7, 1996 

    The Thieves: Dawn McSweeney and her "partners in crime" as she calls them on her own blog.  

    Dedicated to partners in crime and kindred spirits.
    Voyeurs and well wishers also welcome. 

    The Victims: Phyllis Carter and the Rubin Family 

    All the details of these crimes have been reported to the Montreal Police repeatedly since October 7, 1996. The Montreal Police do nothing. 

    Along with seven pages of precious inventory, Dawn McSweeney also stole my oil paintings that were still on the walls at 4995 Prince of Wales on the day I was attacked there and evicted, empty-handed, by a Montreal Police officer - without benefit of any legal procedure and with no justification but the word of my attacker. 

    Along with all my best jewellery and the precious items left to me by my beloved husband, Dawn McSweeney and her "partners in crime" stole my father's books - Leaves of Grass, The Iliad, classics, mysteries, art - books my father enjoyed and cherished. I could go online and find some of these titles and buy them, but it would never be the same. 

    The thieves stole our family's heritage. Dawn McSweeney and her associates stole our family home, family photographs, jewellery, personal treasures, gifts, our memories, our souvenirs - our peace, our family. 

    The robbery shattered our family and then their crimes continued because no one would stop them. But as our quest for justice accelerates, others are becoming more interested in knowing why the so-called justice system has allowed these criminals to continue enjoying the spoils of their deeds, and some people are beginning to ask questions of our political leaders. 

    At the time of my mother's death, hate mail started to arrive and hate messages were posted on my blog. I know now that this was the work of Alex Lavergne. At the time, we didn't know yet about the ersatz will made in my mother's name by Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme and supported by my naive sister, Debbie. 

    At the time, 1995, my mother was 92 years old, and handicapped mentally and physically. She had been kept in total isolation by the "partners in crime" for almost a decade. And the Montreal Police - again - refused to investigate. 

    To try to discredit, intimidate and silence me so that I could not protest against this bizarre new will that was about to be revealed, Kenneth Gregoire, Prud'homme - my sister Debbie's new " husband " - obtained a court order declaring that I was insane and dangerous. A judge signed the court order in four minutes without ever seeing me or speaking to me. There was no medical evidence. There were no witnesses except my sister Debbie who had not spoken to me since early 1997 and Kenneth Prud'homme who never met me. 

    The new will removed all the children and grandchildren from my parents' original wills and left everything to Dawn McSweeney, Debbie McSweeney and Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme. The last I heard - in June, 2009 - Dawn's father, Ed McSweeney had put a lien on the estate and Debbie and Prud'homme were living in dire poverty. 

    Phyllis Carter 

    March 10, 2009 


    My mother was buried on June 21, 2007. We were not told when she died. The hate mail started on June 26, 2007. I reported it to the police the same day. On June 27, 2007, the police came after me with the court order for a 30 day mental evaluation, accusing me of being insane and dangerous. 

    Weeks later, I found out that a complete stranger wanted me silenced - and why: My accuser, the mise en cause who applied for the court order, was one Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme, a person I do not know and with whom I have never spoken. This same Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme was named as liquidator of a will made in my mother's name when she was approximately 92 years old, and handicapped mentally and physically. She had been kept in total isolation for nine years, under the sole influence and total control of Debbie and Dawn McSweeney and their associates - My mother was totally dependent on them for nine years. They held her life in their hands. My mother would have done anything to avoid being placed in a nursing home. Anything. She had told us - her children - that she dreaded that more than death. She said she had twice had near-death experiences and she did not fear death, but she was terrified of being placed in a nursing home or a public residence. 

    The perpetrators of this scheme knew that when I found out about the 2005 will, I would start investigating the circumstances of the creation of such a document. I had to be discredited, intimidated and silenced. 

    Phyllis Carter

    Sunday, August 30, 2009 


    After my darling husband died in 1992, I couldn't find a job in Montreal. Finally, I went to Ontario to look for work. I was widowed, unemployed, homeless, destitute and before long, very seriously ill. I was rescued by a family I met through a church seminar for executives and professionals seeking work. They brought me into their home and we became very good friends. Their teenage children loved me. I was very sick. 

    Early in 1994 my mother appealed to me to come home. I returned to Montreal and moved in with my aging parents. My mother had no friends. She lived as a hermit, a recluse for decades. 

    In the summer of 1996, the Ontario family who had taken me in and helped me when I was so sick and desperate paid a brief visit to Montreal with their two teenagers. I appealed to my mother to let them drop in for a brief visit. 

    While the adults sat in the living room talking, Dawn McSweeney showed up at the house. She lured the two teenagers out of the house under the pretext of befriending them. When my friends left, Dawn told my mother, in my presence, that the teenagers had only pretended to love me and that, in fact they despised me. 

    Dawn McSweeney could not bear the fact that I was loved. She had to poison my mother's mind. She hated the fact that I had become a Christian and she knew my parents were upset about it. She hated the fact that I stood up and spoke out about her cruel behaviour. She hated the fact that I was living with my parents. She hated the fact that I had friends and respect. She worked her hatred on my mother. This incident was one of the first signs of the crime that would follow in October, 1996. But then there was Dawn McSweeney's childhood.

             THE HATE MAIL 

    June 26, 2007 

    I have received an email that I forwarded to a friend . He believes I am in real danger. We will try going to the police together. Here is his evaluation : The hate mail follows: Phyllis this is a real person trying to terrorize you. I think you should take this as a real concern. The person created this can solely to scare you. It is a hotmail account. You should report it to the police and have Hotmail disable this account immediately. Ask them to help you track down the IP address the email was send from and then find the computer and the possible the culprit. 

    I think this threat should be taken seriously. Forwarded Message: 

    Subj: phylliscarterhatemonger 
    Date: 26/06/2007 5:09:43 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

    To: Phyllis Carter
    Sent from the Internet P { margin:0px; padding:0px } body { FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY:Tahoma } 


    Page after page after page of this. And it is sent using my name. 

    We did go to Station 11 and file a complaint. A few weeks later, I received a phone call from the police saying the case was closed. 

    The following hate messages were written right into my own blog, and not added as a comment. Somehow these criminals found a way to access my blog. I have never given my code names to anyone. The writer is computer savvy. Note that the date of the first hate message on my blog was June 27, 2007, the day after I received the first hate message on email and reported it to the police, and the date on which the court order was obtained and the police came for me.



    Phyllis Carter said... 

    Might try the phone at: My phone number Me, 

    Phyllis Carter June 27, 2007 12:31 PM 

    Phyllis Carter said... Of course you could always write to me at my home address but then you would all know where I live. I suppose I should just take down this silly site and move on with my life. If I don't take down the site I will surely put my address up here with instructions on how to find me... Maybe some nice pictures too.
    Have a terrible day all.

    Me, Phyllis Carter July 6, 2007 10:55 AM

    Phyllis Carter Age: 107 
    Gender: Female 
    Astrological Sign: Capricorn Zodiac Year: Rat 
    Occupation: Crazy Lady 
    Location: Montreal : Quebec : Canada 

    About Me
    I'm crazy, crazy for being a lunatic.
    Interests Fire 
    eating babies 
    Favorite Movies Crazy as a Fox 
    Favorite Music Sicko perversions 
    Favorite Books Satan Rules!

    Phyllis Carter Hate Monger 

    Wednesday, June 27, 2007

    Phyllis Carter Uber Nut! 
    Call me, write me, hate me: 
    My email address (deleted here)
    My telephone number (deleted here)

    Posted by Phyllis Carter at 9:43 AM
    Labels: Phyllis Carter 
    Phyllis Carter Still a crazy lady. 
    Latest news: She ate a kitten! 

    Posted by Phyllis Carter at 9:39 AM 

    Tuesday, June 26, 2007 

    Phyllis Carter Hates God 

    It has come to my attention that one Phyllis Carter of Montreal hates God and all that the bible stands for. She worships Satan by dancing around her cauldron of hate on all the Sacred days. I heard she ate bats wings for Christmas and laughed. She has been seen dancing naked on her own mothers grave while taking any number of foul drugs. How could this be?... She's sick, sick, sick! That's how! Please be aware of the dangers from this evil woman, she may try to steal your babies and convert them to Satan! 
    In conclusion,  Phyllis Carter BAD
    Posted by Phyllis Carter at 12:53 PM 
    Labels: Phyllis Carter hates god 

    .I don't know how they post messages using my name. They actually entered their hate message in the midst of my own message They published my phone number and threatened to publish my home address if I didn't stop pursuing the robbery case. 

    Alex Lavergne, mocks my deadly illness.  

    Tuesday, September 1, 2009 


    Dawn McSweeney's "partner in crime" Alex Lavergne - who also calls himself "theInk" - posted a comment on my blog on August 30, 2009. See below. 

    "My oncologist found that my blood calcium was dangerously high and I was so dehydrated that I was on saline drip and nutrients for days. I have since been diagnosed with bone cancer. 


    Phyllis Carter " 

    1 comments: thelnk said...  Cancer?! There is a God after all, and he's sending you to hell you crazy old bat! 

    August 30, 2009 3:39 PM 


    1 Comment - 

    Alex said...
    That's right; I still maintain your crazy, and after all the false accusations you've flung my way, I would feel nothing but a pleasurable relief at the knowledge of your passing. You're a hateful, delusional and manipulate psychopath who offers nothing to this world but God-given capacity of converting oxygen into carbon-dioxide. Do the world a favour and drop dead! September 4, 2009 6:04 AM

    Alex Lavergne wants me to know that he knows where I live. 

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009 


    Most thieves want material items - money, jewellery. Dawn McSweeney wanted all that, but in this case, the thief also deliberately tore apart my family. 

    Alex said... I'll make this simple for you. I never stole anything from you. Dawn never stole anything from you, and neither of us have anything to do with your younest sister and her boyfriend. Any hatred regarding your parents estate should be directed at Debbie. Take your meds and start seeing reality. If you can't, then I just want you to know that you wont get hurt if you try standing in front of a Train on the tracks by your place. So go on, try it.
    November 4, 2009 


    Luke  18

    Posted by Phyllis Carter at 4:49 AM  

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    Phyllis Carter said..(This is actually MY post).
    CORRECTION: Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme made the will in my mother's name in 2005, not in 1995. 

    November 30, 2013 at 8:10 PM