Sunday, January 18, 2015


January 18, 2015

Gordon Chamberlain
Humans are capable of ecocide and Canada's political leaders do not care yet.
I know I have written to them all 

The media has failed to warn Canadians about the disregard by politicians to the concern humans are capable of immoral, criminal act causing extensive damage to our environment In response it is proposed that such act be recognized as ecocide under the criminal code of Canada is the leading affiliate in this campaign 

Was the mismanagement and plundering of the cod ecocide? 

Was the BP toxic human, ecological, and economic disaster in the Gulf of Mexico ecocide? 

How have Canadian Institutions responded to the ecocide law proposal ?

Stephen Harper response has been to not fulfill his obligation to protect Canadians from threat to the environment,, the web of life, the fate of humanity, national security and the economy along with blocking the concerns of Canadians on his face book page as has the Conscervative Conservative Party of Canada - Parti conservateur du Canada Hiding is not the sign of a strong person it is the action of a negligent week leader 

Stephen Harper
Thomas Mulcair
Justin Trudeau 
Elizabeth May 
Department of Justice Canada 
John Baird 
Carolyn Bennett 
ECO Canada
UN Human Rights Council
End Ecocide on Earth
Eradicating Ecocide in Canada
End Anonymous Companies

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