Sunday, January 4, 2015


In recent weeks, my Internet system was updated. The changes have made it possible for me to access Facebook as I never could before. 

At the same time, I have a different view of my blogs. A sad sight. In the new view, I can see that the fonts on my blogs are much too large, where, before they appeared appropriate. 

I am not able to go back over the thousands of blogs to make them look better, but the content stands. Now you will umderstand I did not intend to publish them that way. It occurred because of my limited access to Internet facilities.

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Phyllis Carter said...

Concerning the too large fonts: This refers to my older blogs, before the change to my Internet system. I was writing and publishing in a 14 font which appeared normal when I wrote the articles and looked normal when I read them online. Now, with the new system, those fonts appear too large. Since the changes to my computer, I am still having difficulty with the tech stuff - background colour, the size of photos. Learning something new all the time. There is hope.