Wednesday, January 14, 2015


A letter from Paris:

"Someone rings my doorbell. I open it -- it's my neighbor. 'Happy New Year,' she says nicely, and we exchange a few casual words. 

And then her attitude changes, as if she is going to make a very official declaration to me: 

'Lisa, honey, the whole building is asking you to remove it,' and with her finger, she points to my mezuzah.

I look at her, shocked, and hear the rest of her sentence, 'You understand, Lisa, you don't want to endanger everyone...' 

Then I don't hear anything more, I see myself with my fist in the air like Charb with his pencil to claim my freedom, freedom to be who I am... I'm lost in my thoughts, and suddenly, I hear: 'You'll do it, right?' 

Yes of course, I say quickly. 

But when I close the door, I realize how much my ancestors had worked hard for me to have a home, for the day I would be told: 'Hide that you are Jewish!' 

Mes amis, I am telling you that I have made the decision to leave to Israel. May God be with me in this new path."

Lisa, 45 ?#?JeSuisJuif? ?#?UneFamille?

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Phyllis Carter said...

I understand why many European Jews will want to rush home into the arms of Israel. But don't do it. That is just what the fascists want. They want you out of your home - or dead. And putting all the Jewish eggs in one basket will give the enemy a bigger target. They have said that they want to do what Hitler failed to do, erase Jews from the earth. Don't make it easy for them. Don't help them do it.