Sunday, January 18, 2015


There are people today who are still smoking. Unbelievable! 

For decades the tobacco barons found a million ways to deny that tobacco was a killer. And their expensive lawyers ensured that politicians didn't stop them.  Does anyone today still have doubts? If you have ever watched someone dying of lung cancer, you would want to see the tobacco liars burn in hell forever. They murdered more people than all the wars of history. 

My grandfather smoked Winchester and Players  cigarettes. His fingertips were always brown. He couldn't stop. He was addicted, and back then nobody spoke of cancer and tobacco. 

I was just a little girl when I said tobacco would cause cancer and my school mates laughed at me. They started smoking in high school. I never did. 

I watched my grandfather dying of cancer. I will never forget it. His tongue was purple and severely  swollen. He was in bed in a hospice run by a rabbi in Cote des Neiges when we went to see him. I put a chocolate in my zaide's mouth and he gagged. Someone shouted at me in alarm. Someone  had to remove the chocolate from my grandfather's mouth. He was choking.  I was just a little girl . I didn't understand.  But  to this day, I feel guilty for putting the chocolate in  my grandfather's  mouth  when he was dying.  

Smart alecks smoke. They don't care if they get cancer - later. But later comes around and the suffering is horrible.

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