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Who can you trust ?
Certainly not those who run the government of the City of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Montreal Mayor Jean Drapeau said that the 1976 Summer Olympics could "no more lose money than a man could have a baby."
We know the truth. Montreal's Olympics came in at  796 percent over budget ! (CBS This Morning, June 28, 2012)
Although he is remembered as a visionary, Drapeau's mishandling of the construction of the Olympic Games facilities resulted in massive cost overruns and left the city with a debt of over $1 billion that has taken its citizens over thirty years to fully pay off.
Did anyone ever go to prison for robbing the people of Montreal with every kind of corruption imaginable ?
Mayor Drapeau ran away. He got out of town. Fled to France if I remember correctly. But those who govern the city of Montreal still cover up crime and protect criminals.
How the Montreal Police helped this thief rob and destroy my family.
Now with more than 54,600 readers around the world,
and still no justice in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
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A random sample of 28 out of 86 brothels along the G. B. Road in India revealed that almost 60% of the prostitutes were children. The law does not punish prostitutes who are older than 18 and do not solicit business publicly, but it does punish running a brothel, living on the earnings of prostitutes, procuring or inducing people to become prostitutes, and soliciting in public places.

The law, which is mostly used to harass prostitutes, invokes penalties of imprisonment for procuring or trafficking and for forcible detention for the purpose of prostitution while creating a special police force to stop trafficking, special courts to deal with cases, and protective homes for "rescued" girls.

The law fails to punish clients or make provisions for the rehabilitation of rescued women. Offenses rarely end in convictions. In fact, police officers extort money from traffickers, prostitutes, and madams and abet the system of prostitution through a scheme of false registration of the girls that creates the fiction that they are not minors and creates a debt paid by the madams that places the girls in virtual bondage.

There is a set rate for police bribes, depending upon the size of the brothel. Police also are clients themselves and/or extort money from clients. When arrests are made (to make police records look good), police deliberately target adult prostitutes instead of the minors because it is harder to get the minors released back into prostitution.

The police are reluctant to release records about prostitution and are complicit when madams present false affirmations that they are relatives of minor girls to get them released from juvenile remand homes.

The girls are recruited from impoverished families in the countryside who are paid for giving their daughters in false marriages.

Approximately 1.2 million children are believed to be living in the red light districts of urban India, with the youngest girls in highest demand. These 1.2 million children are exploited a conservative average of 10 times per day. Child prostitution in India has evolved from a serious issue to a major epidemic in the past decade; the number of children involved in prostitution and the HIV rate associated with these children has been rising steadily.

Sanlaap rescues these children and houses them in communities that provide shelter, education and medication. The girls we aim to rescue range from 8-14 years old. They have either been kidnapped or sold by their families into the red light districts of India. Their stories are heartbreaking and their plight is unacceptable.

Please help us in our fight to stop this injustice and provide these girls with a second chance at life.

Please feel free to email us with any inquiries at

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June 24, 2012
Bill Moyers
In 1967, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy traveled to Mississippi to check on the progress of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, better known as the War on Poverty. What he found, writes Peter Edelman in his book "So Rich, So Poor," was "children, thousands of them, hungry to a point very near starvation." Kennedy was "deeply moved and outraged" and made relieving hunger a top priority.

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Hold Police Responsible
For Being Irresponsible.
How much suffering would be avoided,
How many lives would be saved,
If police were held accountable
For what they do -
And for what they fail to do.
But police are immune.
They protect the worst among them.
And we let them do it.


Five women 'killed by tribal elders for dancing and singing with men at wedding party in remote Pakistani village'

Women condemned to death for fornication and staining their families' names

Local officials say the women are alive but refuse to present them to the Supreme Court

Two men managed to flee north Pakistan village and inform authorities of the deaths
By Mail Foreign Service
PUBLISHED: 10:29 EST, 6 June 2012 | UPDATED: 01:51 EST, 7 June 2012
As wedding scenes go, it is a rather sedate affair.

But four women who joined in the celebrations are thought to have paid with their lives.

They are feared to have been the victims of honour killings after dancing with men.
Scroll down to see the video footage
Four of the five women believed dead after tribal elders condemned them to death for dancing and singing

In scenes from the wedding, they are pictured in heavy robes and headdresses, sitting on the floor while singing and clapping.

Two men were apparently dancing next to them, while out of shot another person captures the moment on a mobile phone video camera.

Soon afterwards, the women were said to have been shot or had their throats cut for breaking local customs that prevent them from dancing with the opposite sex.

Another woman, said to have been 'an accomplice', was also allegedly executed. Last night officials in Pakistan were travelling to the remote north-western village of Kohistan to investigate the claims.

A tribal council of clerics – known as a Jirga – reportedly condemned the women to death for 'fornication' and staining their families' names.

Their actions were said to have brought shame on the community, which frowns on men and women dancing together or fraternising at all.
Two men were also condemned to death for dancing with the women but they escaped and told a judge the women had already been killed

But local police say the footage does not show the men and women in the same room together. Three teams of police have visited the area, which is two days' walk from the nearest road, while local government officials have denied the claims, saying the women are alive.

The two men dancing in the video, named as brothers Bin Yasir and Gul Nazar, appeared in court yesterday charged with creating conditions for tribal violence.

Pakistan's Supreme Court has asked for the women to be produced before them in the capital, Islamabad, but it was told the weather was too bad for them to make the 100-mile journey.

The chief secretary of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the province where the incident is said to have happened, argued that local laws did not allow women to travel in male company or face questions from a male judge.
The fifth woman to have been executed is believed to be the sister of one of those in a video taken of the dancing
Five Pakistani women killed for dancing and clapping at wedding

But a judge told him either to get a helicopter or troops to ensure the women were alive and said that if he refused, the judges would go to Kohistan themselves.

Mr Yasir and Mr Nazar told Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaurdhy that the women had been slaughtered.

Their brother Afzal Khan said up to 50 people had been sent by the Jirga to kill the women.

Outside court, he added: 'All the five girls – Bazgar, Amna, Shaheen, Begum and one more – [have] been killed by the Jirga on May 30. I have four witnesses of the killing.'
The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said at least 943 women and girls were murdered last year for allegedly defaming their family's honour.
The statistics highlight the scale of violence suffered by many women in conservative Muslim Pakistan, where they are frequently treated as second-class citizens.

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 CBC/Radio Canada

Karla Homolka gives an interview to Radio Canada in 2005. A new ebook says Karla Homolka is now a mother of three living in the Caribbean

The cover of the e-book.

TORONTO — A new ebook says Karla Homolka is now a mother of three living in the Caribbean.

The publishers of Finding Karla say the 46-page book by journalist Paula Todd details Homolka's new life as a wife and mother.

A news release about the book says Todd, following an obscure lead, boarded a plane to the island of Guadeloupe this spring.

She subsequently tracked down Homolka and spent an hour in the convicted killer's apartment.

Todd explains the initial moment of finding Homolka as a second of shocking recognition.

"There, bent over the sink, is a petite woman with light hair. She turns her face sideways to see who's arriving. Then she freezes," Todd wrote. "We reach into each other's eyes at the same moment. A wave of amazement sweeps over me: I'm staring straight into the face of Canada's most notorious female serial killer."

When explaining the set up Homolka shares with her husband, Thierry Bordelais, says that it isn't either the "posh retreat by the sea" many suggested or a "den of sexual torture," but a fairly normal looking apartment, though she can't determine how either the convicted killer or her husband are employed.

Homolka's first reaction after being confronted is to ask "Why would I talk to you? I have everything to lose, you have nothing."

Despite the hostility, Homolka eventually talks with Todd about her current life and her three children. Todd gives the impression that despite everything, Homolka seems to care deeply for the children, though Homolka is dismissive of Todd's assertion saying "That's funny that you think you can judge that after seeing me this short time."

In the end, as per the agreement to get the interview, Todd gives Homolka the documents she used to find the apartment so that the convicted killer could clean up her trail.

The ebook is published by the Canadian Writers Group and is available on Kindle Singles, Kobo, iBooks and Nook for $2.99.

In the early 1990s, Homolka and her then-husband, Paul Bernardo, were convicted of crimes related to the rape and murder of two teenage girls.

Homolka struck a deal with prosecutors in 1993 to serve 12 years in prison for manslaughter.

Little is known about her life since she was released from prison in 2005, as the only major contact she has had to the media since her release was an interview given to Radio Canada the next summer which was entirely in French.

Since then, there have been many rumours about her whereabouts, including that she was living in the Caribbean and in a relationship with a man named Thierry Bordelais.

Many reports tied her to infamous alleged killer Luka Rocco Magnotta, though it's unclear if he ever had any specific connection to her or if the reports were part of a broader campaign of self aggrandizement from Magnotta.

The connection was initially made in 2007 when reports surfaced that he was dating Homolka, which was the first time Magnotta gained any national spotlight. He went to the Toronto Sun in 2007 to deny the rumour and deny that he was behind the rumour.

One blog with only one entry, from August 2008, contains biographical information about Mr. Magnotta, but also says "he is in fact now living in the (Caribbean) with his new wife Karla Homolka," that he is a "master manipulator" and in love with his sister, though the blog was possibly one of the hundreds of online personas Magnotta maintained.

After Magnotta was named a suspect in the body-parts murders, Montreal police initially reported that he was a known associate of Homolka, although they backed off from that assertion relatively quickly.

With files from National Post Staff

  Jun 21, 2012  



Why we'd all be happier in Bhutan

A UN meeting today is discussing happiness, which doesn't come in dollar bills but - says a report - from strong social networks, employment, health, political freedom and the absence of corruption. And one of the world's tiniest nations is setting an example

Bhutanese Farmers Carrying Full Baskets
Bhutanese farmers carrying full baskets. Bhutan has an index of happiness, which 'measures' spiritual well being. Photograph: Keren Su/Corbis
It's a truism in rich countries that money doesn't buy happiness – but many people still look for it in stores. And there is an assumption that happiness is not possible while people are poor. Most governments, meanwhile, concern themselves with economic growth and not the psychological state of their population.

Yet Bhutan today is offering a lesson to us all. At the United Nations, the tiny and far from wealthy Himalayan nation is hosting a high-level meeting on happiness. According to a report published by the Earth Institute of Columbia University for the meeting, rich countries awash with wealth have a lot to learn from Bhutan, which is admired not for its gross domestic product but for its gross national happiness index.

Living standards still matter. The authors of the report – economist Jeffrey Sachs who is director of the institute, Lord Richard Leyard, who has long argued that happiness does not come in pound coins in the UK, and Canadian John Helliwell (see here for their joint blog in the Huff Post) – say the happiest countries are in northern Europe. Top of the league is Denmark, followed by Finland, Norway and the Netherlands. These are wealthy countries – but, say the authors, that is not the reason for the happiness of the population. Political freedom, strong social networks and an absence of corruption are far more important. It is not just poverty, they say, that explains the predominance of sub-Saharan countries at the bottom of the league: Togo, Benin, Central African Republic and Sierra Leone.

Some of the factors that make us happy are inevitably linked with stronger economies – living standards and job security matter to people and take away stress. But the US, the authors point out, has not got happier as living standards have risen. Beyond a certain point, when people have enough to eat, a roof over their head and a stable job working with good colleagues, it is other factors that come into play. Bhutan's index measures health, psychological well being, time use, education, cultural diversity, good governance, community vitality, ecological diversity and living standards. The UK is just beginning to try to measure happiness and well being – there is still discussion about the questions people should be asked. We clearly have a lot to learn from Bhutan



When you tie a rope or tether under the tail of your donkey, ass, yak, horse or camel, Do you ever stop to think what horrible pain you are inflicting?
OY !
If you doubt what I am saying here,
Tie a rope under your own anus and climb a rocky hill.
OW !



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PHYLLIS CARTER'S JOURNAL is all about justice. The reader will find more than 800 articles on this blog by scrolling down and checking the archives. They cover many diverse topics and reveal many eye-witness experiences - but all are based on my desire to see justice done in the world - far and near - because there is only one planet where we can live, and everything affects everyone in one way or another, sooner or later.
"If you prick us, do we not bleed?"
(Merchant of Venice - Shakespeare.)
The debris of Fukushima is coming to rest on the west coast of Canada. The radiation of Chernobyl is in the bones of North Americans. Deny me, deny my rights and wait to see where the chickens come to roost at your house. No one is immune.
The difference between a word and the right word -
Is the difference between a firefly and a fire.
Mark Twain.
Many people posting on Facebook say that they are "not victims, but survivors".
I refuse to play games with words to appear "politically correct" or to satisfy religious people and their "forgive and forgive and forgive" commands. I declare without a doubt or any hesitation, I am a crime victim.
If I have survived since I was attacked and robbed in my home in Montreal on October 7, 1996 - with the help of a Montreal Police officer - it is because of my relentless determination to see justice done and my stubborn endurance - even though these crimes have so drained me that I developed cancer. I am fighting day and night - for justice - and for my life. My hair is gone, my strength is low, but I fight on.
I have survived through these tortured years because of the love and help and encouragement of good friends and my lofty, unshakable standards for truth and responsibility, and because of the One who gives me life - though "He" shall remain nameless here.
I am a victim, because Dawn McSweeney robbed me - with the help of a Montreal Police officer - robbed my parents, my siblings and their children and tore apart my family.
I am a victim, and I will be a victim until justice is done.
I feel no shame for being a victim. I didn't do anything to deserve becoming a victim. Dawn McSweeney and those she calls her "partners in crime" made me a victim. The Montreal Police made me a victim through their irresponsibility, negligence and corruption.
The governments in Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa have made me a victim by refusing to follow normal legal procedures and by aiding and abetting the thief and continuing to cover-up their complicity in these crimes and refusing to take responsibility.
Yes, I am a victim. It is not something to be proud of and certainly not something to be ashamed of. It is simply the truth.
And so I battle on for justice night and day.
The details of Dawn McSweeney's crimes are open to the world at
To date, more than 54,000 people around the world world have read my reports
But there is still no justice in Quebec.
I am offering a $5,000. reward for the arrest and conviction of Dawn McSweeney and the return of everything she stole from me, from my parents, from my siblings and from their children.

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Perhaps not such a big "mystery". Perhaps child molesters and perverts seek out opportunities to abuse children, and what better opportunity for molesting children than a place where you can use God and the Vatican to cover your crimes ?
And perhaps idealistic men enter the priesthood, believing in God and Christ and hoping to serve, but with time, their normal needs for a normal life press them into a dark corner where they must find some way to release their desires.
There is no "mystery". When you want to control men, their minds, their bodies, you cannot allow them to have wives and children.
Phyllis Carter

By describing the decades of child abuse in Catholic parishes, schools and church-run institutions in Ireland as a mystery, the pontiff could further anger rank-and-file faithful in Ireland.

Benedict commented on the scandals of sexual abuse and coverups by church hierarchy in a pre-recorded video message for an outdoor Mass attended by 75,000 Catholics, many from overseas, in Ireland's largest sports stadium. Ireland's prime minister and president attended the Mass, the final event of a Eucharistic Congress aimed at shoring up flagging faith.

The weeklong Eucharistic Congress, held by the Vatican every four years in a different part of the world, took place against a backdrop of deep anger over child-abuse coverups and surveys showing declining weekly Mass attendance in Ireland, where church and state were once tightly entwined.

"How are we to explain the fact that people who regularly received the Lord's body and confessed their sins in the sacrament of Penance have offended in this way?" the Pope said, referring to church staff who abused children.

"It remains a mystery," he said. "Yet evidently their Christianity was no longer nourished by joyful encounter with Jesus Christ. It had become merely a matter of habit."

Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has said the church in Ireland is facing a grave fight for survival.

"Your forebears in the church in Ireland knew how to strive for holiness and constancy in their personal lives," Benedict said in his message.

'How are we to explain the fact that people who regularly received the Lord's body and confessed their sins in the sacrament of Penance have offended in this way? It remains a mystery.'— Pope Benedict XVI on sexual abuse by Catholic clergy

In a reference to the Vatican's insistence on Sunday Mass attendance, Benedict said Catholic faith "is a legacy that is surely perfected and nourished" at Mass.

Yet, he said, "thankfulness and joy at such a great history of faith and love have recently been shaken in an appalling way by the revelation of sins committed by priests and consecrated persons against people entrusted to their care."

"Instead of showing them the path towards Christ, toward God, instead of bearing witness to his goodness, they abused people and undermined the credibility of the church's message," the Pope said.

For more than a decade, advocates for those abused by clergy have been demanding that church leaders in Ireland and at the Vatican accept blame for protecting pedophile priests.

Four state-ordered investigations have documented how tens of thousands of children from the 1940s to the 1990s suffered sexual, physical and mental abuse at the hands of priests, nuns and church staff in three Irish dioceses and in a network of workhouse-style residential schools.

In Ireland, the United States and many other countries, bishops and other church leaders have been accused of systematically covering up pedophile priests, often by shuffling them from parish to parish without telling the faithful about the abuse.

Posted: June 17, 2012 

In the 21st century, isn't it amazing that one multi-billion dollar institution can still control the minds and lives of so many people ? Isn't it sad, worrying?







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Isn't it interesting that when the Montreal Police are involved, even a $5,000. reward has not yet brought forward one person willing to stand up for the victims of DAWN MCSWEENEY AND HER PARTNERS IN CRIME.
In Ontario, police dared to confront sexual pervert and murderer Colonel Russell Williams. This monster was so high up in authority - the top man at Trenton Military Base. He chatted with Queen Elizabeth and, as a military pilot, he flew world dignitaries from place to place.
Yet someone in the Ontario Police system had the intelligence and the courage and the integrity to pursue this bizarre case against him and actually confront him and charge him with these unimaginable crimes ... so professionally that the colonel - now EX- colonel - readily confessed to all but the child pornography charges -  without a shot being fired. (The report was featured on American TV on 48 HOURS this week.)
Canadians should still protest that this rapist, pervert and killer is going to continue receiving his military pension. Huh ? His title is gone, but the hard-earned money of Canadian tax payers lingers on in the bank accounts of even the most heinous criminals. ( Remember Clifford Olson.) Some government ! Some justice system !
And in Montreal, no one in authority has been willing to take responsibility for the complicity of the Montreal Police in the crimes that devastated my family and ruined my health. I am back on chemotherapy now after years of pleading for justice day and night. Fighting for justice against a deeply corrupt justice system wears you down. and still I fight on day and night.
Surely it is not Dawn McSweeney that suppresses justice here. It is the Montreal Police cover-up that started the day I called 911 hoping the police would rescue me.
Instead, the Montreal Police helped the thief.
Marlene Jennings, Member of Canada's Parliament stated,
And still, the Montreal Police
Do Nothing.
See detailed reports -
Now with more than 53,900 readers around the world
And still no justice in Quebec.

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I am fighting for my life,
And I am fighting for justice.
Where are the heroes ?

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Justice for the innocent !
Justice for crime victims !
Stop pampering criminals !
Politicians can become crime victims,
But they can afford to buy lawyers.
We who are crime victims,
Are robbed by the thieves,
Abused by the police,
And ignored by the politicians.
We have nothing to fight with -
And truth is the most powerful weapon.

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Extremists make life hell for everyone.
They speak in the name of God
To make themselves gods,
And they spread their poison
Across the face of the earth.

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When I was a small child, my family was very poor. My father worked hard as a cutter in a dress factory and he brought his pay envelope home to my mother at the end of the week. We lived on St. Dominque Street and Colonial in the old section of Montreal.
I remember that the neighbours' fathers stopped at the corner saloon before going home. Smoke wafted out of the bar into the street, and the dirty little children stood outside the saloon in bare feet waiting for their daddies. Their shoes were saved for church on Sunday. The fathers bought beer and cigarettes, not shoes and socks.
And I remember the little boys picking up cigarette butts near the lane and they had brown, broken teeth. School was free, but no one seemed to have learned that children should not smoke. The fathers bought beer and cigarettes, but did they have a toothbrush in the house?  Fleeting memories. Sad memories of lives ruined before they even had a chance to start.
With the help of my grandmother and my father's devoted labour, we made our way up to a better home in what is now known as The Plateau. In the early 1950's, when I was about thirteen years old and starting high school, some of my school mates were just starting to smoke cigarettes. I said tobacco would cause cancer. I wouldn't try it and the smell made me sick. The girls scoffed. And Big Tobacco killed for decades more.
The Tobacco Barons have killed more people than all the wars of history. But no one was punished for the millions of murders. The Tobacco Barons thrived while their customers coughed and choked and spit blood and died.
Bravo, Quebec! Like all the world that has turned blind eyes to the killers for more than a century, you are finally acknowledging the truth you have known all along.
Big Tobacco brings Big Bucks to government, and politicians have been the accomplices of the Tobacco Barons all along, selling their souls for money and selling the lives of the innocent for a price .... millions of tortured lives and painful deaths - the result of the biggest lie in history... tobacco.
Phyllis Carter

Quebec sues big tobacco for $60 billion, becomes fifth province to launch suit

QUEBEC - Half of Canadian provinces have now sued big tobacco companies in an attempt to recoup health costs, with the Quebec government announcing a $60 billion lawsuit Friday.

Five provinces have now filed similar lawsuits — British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Quebec — while five others have announced plans to do the same.

In the United States, such actions have been resolved with a huge out-of-court settlement — of at least US$206 billion over 25 years.

The lawsuits from provinces are separate from historic class-action lawsuits being launched by smokers and former smokers in Quebec.

Justice Minister Jean-Marc Fournier said he wouldn't share many details of the government's case outside the courtroom, but he did say the government believes tobacco companies were not forthcoming in the past with information about the hazards of smoking.

Health Minister Yves Bolduc listed multiple types of illnesses or treatments associated with smoking — including cancer, heart disease, amputations and underweight births.

"The illnesses (associated) are our principal causes of hospitalization — and also the principal cause of illnesses that require extremely expensive treatments," Bolduc said.

"So the costs associated with these illnesses over many years has placed an extremely high financial burden on the health system."

The Canadian Press - ONLINE EDITION



George Harrison
George Harrison, 58 [The Beatles] died of Advanced Throat Cancer

George Harrison, 58, The Beatles, Advanced Throat Cancer.

Wilhelmina Cooper , 40, Modeling Pioneer, Lung Cancer

Judy Holliday, 43, Actress, Throat Cancer

Nat King Cole, 45, Singer, Lung Cancer

Nancy Gore Hunger, 46, Al Gore's Sister, Lung Cancer

Clark Gable, 59, Actor, Heart Attack

Errol Flynn, 50, Actor, Heart Attack

Steve McQueen, 50, Actor, Lung Cancer

Jack Cassidy, 50, Actor, Died in a fire from smoking in bed

Carl Wilson [Beach Boys], 51, died of Lung Cancer

Carl Wilson, 51, Beach Boys, Lung Cancer

Wayne McLaren, 51, Marlboro Cowboy from Posters, Lung Cancer

Roger Maris, 51, New York Yankees, Lung Cancer

Roy Orbison, 52, Singer, Heart Attack

Babe Ruth, 53, Baseball Player, Oral Cancer

Jerry Garcia, 53, Grateful Dead, Heart Attack

Michael Landon, 54, actor, Pancreas and Liver Cancer

Betty Grable
Betty Grable [Actress], 56, Died of Lung Cancer

Betty Grable, 56, Pin-Up Girl & Actress, Lung Cancer

King George VI, 56, Father of Queen Elizabeth II, Lung Cancer

Humphrey Bogart, 57, Actor, Esophagus Cancer

Edward R. Murrow, 57, Reporter, Lung Cancer

Gracie Allen, 58, Actress (Wife of George Burns), Heart Attack

R.J. Reynolds, 58, Tobacco Company Founder, Emphysema

227 famous people who died because they smoked…

Allen, Gracie, 58, actress; heart attack (August 27, 1964)
The Burns and Allen Show
Allen lived with an George Burns, an inveterate cigar smoker, for 38 years; she had a long history of heart problems.

Ambrose, Stephen E., 66, historian; lung cancer (October 13, 2002)
Band of Brothers, The Good Fight, Nothing Like it in the World

Armstrong, Louis, 74, musician, heart attack (July 6, 1971)
Armstrong, a smoker, advertised Camels.

Arnaz, Desi, actor, lung cancer (December 2, 1986)

Lucy/Desi Ad
Lucy & Desi plug Philip Morris

Check out the Philip Morris commercial at:

Astor, Mary, 81, actress; emphysema (September 24, 1987)
The Maltese Falcon

Baldwin, James, 63, author, esophageal cancer.(November 30, 1987)
Go Tell it on the Mountain; The Fire Next Time

Ball, Lucille, actress, aortic aneurism (Helen Gurley Brown claims cause of death was "smoking-induced lung cancer")

I Love Lucy Lucy & Ricky Call for Philip Morris
See the "I Love Lucy" entry at the Female Celebrity Smoking LIst

Bankhead, Tallulah, 65, actress; lung cancer or emphysema (December 12, 1968)
The Blue Angel

Barger, Carl, President, Florida Marlins; aortic aneurysm (December 9, 1992)

Barker, George Granville, 78, English Poet; emphysema (October 31, 1992)

Basie, William "Count", 79 Band Leader; pancreatic cancer (1984)
smoker; advertised camels

Becaud, Gilbert, 74 Singer; cancer (December 17, 2001)
Et maintenant (What Now My Love?)

Bel Geddes, Barbara, 82, Actress; lung cancer (August 8, 2005)
First "Maggie" in " Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" on Broadway; Miss Ellie Ewing, "Dallas"

Benson, Renaldo "Obie", 69, Singer; lung cancer (July 1, 2005)
The lung cancer was discovered when he had a leg amputated several weeks before because of circulation problems

The Four Tops "Baby I Need Your Loving," "Reach Out (I'll be There)," "I Can't Help Myself," "Standing in the Shadows of Love." Wrote

  • "What's Goin' On?"Benny, Jack, 80, comedian/violinist; pancreatic cancer (December 26, 1974)Benaderet, Bea, 62, TV actress; emphysema/lung cancer (October 13, 1968)

  • Beverly Hillbillies, Burns & Allen, Petticoat Junction, Betty Rubble's voice in The FlintstonesBernstein, Leonard, 72, composer, conductor; heart attack due to lung failure (October 14, 1990)

    Blake, Amanda, 60, actress; throat cancer complicated by a type of viral hepatitis brought on by AIDS, according to her physician, Lou Nishimura. (August 16, 1989)
    Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke;

    At 48, Blake, once a 2-pack a day smoker, had a malignant tumor removed from her tongue; she re-learned how to speak, toured for the American Cancer Society, and fought oral cancer until her death 12 years later. President Reagan presented her with the ACS's "Courage Award" in 1984. Dr. Nishimura contributed his information in a 1991 UPI item.

  • Blakey, Art,71, jazz drummer and band leader; lung cancer (1990)

    Blass, Bill,79, fashion designer; throat cancer (June 12, 2002)

    Brand, Neville,71, actor; emphysema (1992)

    Bogart, Humphrey, 57, actor; cancer of the esophagus (January 14, 1957)


    Boone, Richard, 64, actor; throat cancer (January 10, 1981)
    Have Gun, Will Travel; The Kremlin Letter

    Brand, Neville, 69, actor; decorated WWII soldier; emphysema (April 16, 1992)
    D.O.A., Stalag 17, That Darn Cat!

    Brinegar, Paul, 77, actor; emphysema (March 27, 1995)
    Wishbone, Rawhide

    Brynner, Yul, 65, actor; lung cancer (October 10, 1985)
    The King and I
    Diagnosed in 1983, Brynner made a memorable anti-smoking commercial.

    Buck, Frank, 66, writer/adventurer, lung cancer (1950)
    Bring 'Em Back Alive

    Butler, John, 56, General Manager of the San Diego Chargers football team, lung cancer (April 11, 2003)

    Caen, Herb; SF columnist; lung cancer (February 1, 1997)

    Calhoun, Rory, 76, actor; emphysema (April 28, 1999)
    TV: The Texan, Capitol Calhoun's Chesterfield ad is PM Bates# 2023238532

    Caldwell, Erskine, 83, author; lung cancer (April 11, 1987)
    Tobacco Road, God's Little Acre

    Candy, John, 43, actor; heart attack (March 4, 1994)
    Second City TV; Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    Cantineflas (Mario Moreno Reyes), 81, popular Mexican comedian; lung cancer (April 20, 1993)

    Carson, Johnny, 79, talk show host; emphysema (January 23, 2005). Carson also had heart problems, including a bypass operation in 1999.
    The Tonight Show

    Carr, Allen, 72, British-based, world-wide quit-smoking guru; lung cancer (November 29, 2006).
    Allen Carr's Easyway

    Carver, Raymond, 50, author; lung cancer (August 2, 1988)
    What We Talk About When We Talk About Love, Fires: Essays, Poems, Stories

    Caruso, Enrico, 48, opera singer; absesses from pleurisy of the lungs (August 2, 1921)
    Smoked 2 packs of Egyptian cigarettes a day.

    Cassidy, Jack, 50, actor; died in a fire from smoking in bed (December 12, 1976)
    Father of Patrick, Shaun and David Cassidy

    Cervone, Ed, 56, artist; lung cancer (2001)

    Cipollone, Rose, 58, housewife; lung cancer (1984)

    Clooney, Rosemary, 74, singer, actress; lung cancer (June 30, 2002)
    MOVIES: White Christmas SONGS: Come on-a My House

    Cobb, Ty, 74, baseball player; cancer, diabetes, chronic heart disease (July 17, 1961)

    Cole, Nat "King", 45, singer, first African-American TV show host; died after surgery for lung cancer (February 15, 1965)
    The Christmas Song, Unforgettable

    Cooper, Wilhelmina Behmenburg, 40, model; lung cancer

    Connors, Chuck, 71; actor; lung cancer (November 10, 1992)
    The Rifleman

    Coward, Noel, 73, playwright, entertainer; heart attack (March 26, 1973

    Cooper, Gary, 60, actor; lung cancer (May 13, 1961)
    High Noon, Sgt. York Advertised Chesterfields

    Cooper, Wilhelmina Behmenburg, 40, modeling agency pioneer; throat cancer (1980)

    Crawford, Victor,63, tobacco lobbyist-turned-tobacco-control-advocate; lung cancer (March 2, 1996)
    Coined the phrase, "Health Nazis" I used the oldest trick in the book — when there's no way you can attack the message, attack the messenger. There was no way I could attack anything advocates said about health and addiction and win. It wasn't even an option. So I'd always say, `Well, the jury's still out on the health stuff, but that's not the real issue. The real issue is freedom of choice, freedom of choice, and these health Nazis want to take it away!'"

    Crosby, Gary, 61, author, son of Bing Crosby; lung cancer (August 24, 1995)
    Going My Own Way (1983)

    Davis, Bette, 81, stroke (1989)

    Davis, Jr., Sammy, 64, entertainer; throat cancer (May 16, 1990)

    Dederich, Charles E., 83, addiction counselor, heart and lung failure (March 4, 1997)
    Founder and head of Synanon, Dederich in 1971 decided not only to stop supplying his community of ex-heroin addicts cigarettes without charge but also to ban smoking on Synanon property. The next year is one of the most tumultuous in Synanon's history to that point. About 100 people left. At least one member told the New York Times that quitting tobacco was much harder than quitting heroin.

    Desmond, Paul, 52, musician, composer, bon vivant; lung cancer (May 30, 1977)
    Alto saxophone; Take Five with Dave Brubeck quartet

    Dewhurst, Colleen, 67, actress, lung cancer (1991)

    Diamond, Selma, 64, actress; lung cancer (May 14, 1985)
    Night Court, My Favorite Year, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

    Disney, Walt, 65, animator, producer; lung cancer (acute circulatory collapse following an operation to remove a tumor) (December 15, 1966)

    Dorsey, Jimmy, 53, musician, bandleader; lung cancer (June 12, 1957)
    So Rare, Tangerine

    Downey, Morton, Jr. , 67, talk show host, actor ("The Mouth"); lung cancer (March 11, 2001)
    The Morton Downey Jr. Show.

    Duisenberg, Wim , 70, heart attack, July 31, 2005
    Former European Central Bank chief who helped create the euro currency. Duisenberg "died a natural death, due to drowning, after a cardiac problem."

    Eliot, T.S., 76; author, poet; emphysema (January 4, 1965)
    The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, The Hallow Men, Murder in the Cathedral

    Faria, Mimi, 56; singer, activist; complications from lung cancer (July 18, 2001)
    Reflections in a Crystal Wind, Bread and Roses founder; sister of Joan Baez, wife of Richard Faria

    Ellington, Duke, 75; composer/band leader; lung cancer/pneumonia (May 24, 1974)
    Sophisticated Lady, It Don't Mean a Thing if It Ain't Got that Swing

    Fenneman, George, 77; announcer, actor; emphysema (May 19, 1997)
    Groucho Marx sidekick, You Bet Your Life

    Finks, Jim, 65; football team president/manager; lung cancer (1993)
    Much-admired New Orleans Saints football team president and general manager. Credited with helping to bring about the return of the Chicago Cubs and New Orleans Saints. From Tobacco News, 6/10/93: There is no smoking anymore on the grounds of the New Orleans Saints' mini camp. Signs went up on orders of owner Tom Benson, after . . . Jim Finks was diagnosed with lung cancer April 30. "There's no smoking anywhere on the Saints property," Coach Jim Mora said. "And I mean anywhere."

    Fitzgerald, F. Scott, 44, writer; heart attack (December 21, 1940)
    The Great Gatsby

    Fleming, Ian, 56, author; heart attack (August 12, 1964)
    James Bond novels

    Flood, Curt, 59, baseball player/free agent advocate; throat cancer (January, 1997)

    Flynn, Errol, 50, actor; heart attack (October 14, 1959)
    Robin Hood, Captain Blood
    Sidelight: In his youth, Flynn ran a tobacco plantation in New Guinea

    Fosse, Bob, 60, dancer/choreographer, smoked 4 packs a day; heart attack (1987)

    Freud, Sigmund, 83, cancer of the jaw (1939)

    Gable, Clark, 59, actor; heart attack (November 16, 1960)
    The Misfits

    Gainsbourg, Serge, 63, poet, pop singer-songwriter, actor and director; heart attack (March 2, 1991)
    Je t'aime… moi non plus

    Gargan, William, 73, actor; heart attack (February 17, 1979)
    50s TV detective series, Martin Kane
    Gargan would hang out at Happy McMann's Tobacco shop, touting his sponsor's products. His career ended when he lost his larynx to cancer in 1960. He became the spokesman for the American Cancer Society, speaking out against smoking.

    Gassman, Vittorio, 77, Actor, author; heart attack (June 29, 2000)
    Bitter Rice, Mambo, Scent of a Woman (1974)
    "Suffering chronically from emphysema, bronchitis, high blood pressure and depression, the cigar-smoking Gassman abandoned stage acting in February, telling his final audience ruefully: 'Death does not obsess me–it disgusts me.'"–LA Times, 7/1/00

    Giamatti, Bart, 51, baseball commissioner; heart attack (1990)

    Godfrey, Arthur, 80, radio/TV entertainer; emphysema (diagnosed with lung cancer in 1959, then recovered after surgery) (March 16, 1983)
    Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts "Smoke 'em by the carton"; also advised people not to smoke, but if they did, to smoke Chesterfields. For a classic medical claim, see,

    Goizueta, Roberto, 65, Coca-Cola CEO, lung cancer (October 18, 1997)

    Gotti, John, 61, Mafia Don, throat cancer (June 10, 2002)
    The once-powerful boss was 100lbs when he died, and hadn't eaten solid food in a year.

    Grant, General Ulysses S., 63, throat cancer (July 23, 1885)
    18th President of the US

    Grable, Betty, 56, "pin-up" girl, actress; lung cancer (July 2, 1973)
    How to Marry a Millionaire

    Gray, Les, 57, singer, heart attack. (February 21, 2004)
    The lead singer of 1970s chart topping band "Mud" had been battling against throat cancer, and had opted for chemotherapy over removal of his voice box.

    Gzowski, Peter, 67, Radio host ("The Voice of Canada"); COPD/emphysema (January 24,, 2002)

    Guardino, Harry, 69, actor; lung cancer (July 17, 1995)

    Hamilton, Carrie, 38, writer, producer; lung cancer (January, 2002)
    Daughter of Carol Burnett

    Hammett, Dashiell, 67, writer; lung cancer (January 10, 1961)
    The Maltese Flacon; The Thin Man

    Hansberry, Lorraine, 34, playwright; lung cancer (1965)
    A Raisin in the Sun, To Be Young, Gifted, and Black

    Harrison, George, 58, musician; lung cancer (November 29, 2001)
    The "Quiet Beatle." He had been battling various forms of the disease for at least three years: In 1998, he underwent radiation therapy for throat cancer, which he attributed to years of smoking.

    Haynes, Lloyd, 52, TV actor; lung cancer (December 31, 1986)
    General Hospital, Mr. Dixon in Room 222

    Hayward, Susan, 55, actor; lung cancer metastized to her brain (March 14, 1975)
    I'll Cry Tomorrow, I Want to Live!

    Heckart, Eileen, 82, actress, cancer (December 31, 2001)
    Butterflies Are Fee, Bus Stop, Somebody Up There Likes Me

    Hellman, Lillian, 79, author; lung cancer (June 30, 1984)
    The Little Foxes, The Children's Hour

    Henderson, Joe, 64, jazz tenor saxophonist; heart failure following a long bout with emphysema. (June 30, 2001)

    Hobbs, Elsbeary, singer; throat and lung cancer (May 31, 1996)
    Bass singer with The Drifters
    Under the Boardwalk, On Broadway, There Goes My Baby

    Holliday, Judy, 43, actress; throat cancer (June 7, 1965)
    Born Yesterday

    Humphrey, Hubert, Vice-President under Johnson, 66, bladder cancer (1978)

    Huntley, Chet, actor, news commentator; lung cancer (1974)

    Huston, John, 81, director; emphysema/pneumonia (1987)

    Howard, Mo, 77, actor; lung cancer
    The "boss stooge" of The Three Stooges

    Ives, Burl, 85, actor; oral cancer (April 14, 1995)
    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; The Big Country

    James, Dennis, 79; announcer, actor, game show host; lung cancer (June 5, 1997)
    Voice of Old Gold Cigarettes when they danced died of lung cancer 30 years after quitting smoking. Had spurned lucrative tobacco contract after SG's report.

    Jennings, Peter, 67, newscaster; lung cancer (August 7, 2005)
    Anchorman, ABC's World News Tonight

    Jones, Lindley Armstrong ("Spike"), 53; comedic composer/band leader; emphysema (May 1, 1965)
    Smoked 5 packs a day

    Jones, Etta, 72; singer; lung cancer (Oct. 16, 2001)

    Karloff, Boris, 81, actor; heart and lung disease (emphysema) (February 2, 1969)
    Frankenstein; Targets

    Kaufman, Andy, 35, lung cancer (1984)(Kaufman only smoked in-character, but played for years in smoky clubs.)

    Kieslowski, Krzystof, 54, film director; heart attack (March 13, 1996)
    Blue, White, Red
    Retired to a house in 1994: "There is a veranda and a chair. I'll have lots of books, lots of cigarettes, lots of coffee. Don't you sometimes dream of the same thing?"

    King Edward VII of England, 69, pneumonia; he suffered for years from a series of heart attacks, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. (May 6, 1910)
    As the Prince of Wales he helped make smoking, and particularly cigar smoking, fashionable. He smoked twelve large cigars and twenty cigarettes a day. In 1876, he gave Benson & Hedges its first royal warrant. Edward VII became king on the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, at the age of 59. Legend has it that he said to his friends in Buckingham Palace upon his mother's death: "Gentlemen, you may smoke."

    King Edward VIII of England, 77, throat cancer. May 28, 1972
    Later titled as: Duke of Windsor when he abdicated the throne to marry Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson.

    King George V of England, 70; he suffered from bronchitis and numerous lung problems; his death was thought to be from a viral respiratory infection. (January 20, 1936)

    King George VI of England, 56; a lung cancer sufferer who had had part of his lung removed, he died of a massive heart attack. (February 6, 1952)
    Father of Queen Elizabeth II

    Keaton, Buster, 71, deadpan silent film actor; lung cancer (February 1, 1966)
    The General

    Kendrick, Eddie, 52; singer; (1992)
    The Temptations
    Asked kids not to smoke.

    Knapp, Caroline, 42; writer; lung cancer(2002)
    Drinking: A Love Story; Appetites
    In "Drinking," she attends a stop-smoking session, but decides alcohol is her real problem; is puzzled when her dying mother askes her to give up smoking."Appetites" does not address smoking at all.

    Knotts, Don 81,actor; lung cancer (February 24, 2006)
    "The Andy Griffith Show," "Three's Company," "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" (1964), "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" (1966)

    Kovacs, Ernie, 43; TV personality; skull fracture from an automobile accident caused while he was trying to light his trademark cigar (January 11, 1962)

    L'Amour, Louis, 80, author; lung cancer. (June 10, 1988)
    High Lonesome, Comstock Load, Hondo, Sackett

    Landon, Michael, 54, actor, smoked 4 packs a day; cancer of the pancreas and liver (July 1, 1991)
    Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie; I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957)

    Lerner, Alan Jay, 67, playwright, lyricist; lung cancer. (June 14, 1986)
    My Fair Lady, Brigadoon, An American In Paris, Gigi, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, Camelot

    London, Julie, 74, singer, actress; complications from stroke (October 18, 2000)
    Cry Me a River (1956), Emergency (70s TV series), "The Marlboro Song" (early 60s)

    Marchand, Nancy, 71, actress; lung cancer (June 18, 2000)
    The Sopranos, Lou Grant

    Maris, Roger, 51, baseball player; lung cancer [disputed; some say he died of lymphoma].
    The home-run record holder appeared in Camel ads in the 60s

    Martin, Dean, 78, singer; acute respiratory failure. (December 25, 1995)
    Ocean's Eleven

    Marvin, Lee, 67, actor; heart attack. (August 29, 1987)
    Cat Ballou

    Marx, Groucho, 86, actor/entertainer; lung cancer. (Aug. 19, 1977) (Disputed: cause of death may have been pneumonia. Groucho had been ailing since he had a heart attack and several strokes in 1971)
    A Day at the Races; You Bet Your Life

    Matthau, Walter, 79, actor; heart attack. (June 30, 2000)
    The Fortune Cookie, The Odd Couple, Grumpy Old Men
    While making "The Fortune Cookie" in 1966, he suffered a serious heart attack. His doctor attributed it to smoking three packs a day and constant worry about gambling and told him to give up both. Matthau stopped smoking. In 1976, he underwent heart bypass surgery.

    Maxwell, Marilyn, 49, actress/performer; "heart attack brought on by high blood pressure and a pulmonary ailment"–IMDB (March 20, 1972)

    McLaren, Wayne, 51; model; lung cancer (Summer, 1992)
    "Marlboro Cowboy". At a Philip Morris shareholders meeting, he asked the company to limit their advertising.

    McLean, David, 73; Former TV "Marlboro Man," actor/model; lung cancer (Oct. 12, 1995)

    McLure, Doug, 56; TV actor; lung cancer (February 5, 1995)
    The Virginian

    McQueen, Steve, actor; lung cancer McQueen Viceroy commercial

    Meadows, Audrey, 71, actress; lung cancer (Feb. 3, 1996)
    The Honeymooners

    Mercouri, Melina, 68, actress; lung cancer (March 6, 1994)
    Never on Sunday

    Merrill, Gary, 74, actor; lung cancer (March 5, 1990)
    All About Eve, Dr. Gillespie on Young Dr. Kildaire Husband of Bette Davis

    Millar, David, model; complications from emphysema.
    According to his sister, Millar was the first Marlboro Man.

    Mitchum, Robert, 79, actor; emphysema, lung cancer (July 1, 1997)
    The Night of the Hunter, Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison, Cape Fear, The Big Sleep, That Championship Season

    Moore, Gary, 78, game show host; emphsema, November 28, 1993
    I've Got a Secret, To Tell the Truth

    Moorehead, Agnes, 73, actress; lung cancer (April 30, 1974)
    TV: Bewitched Movies: Citizen Kane, The Magnificent Ambersons, Show Boat (1955)

    Morton, Gary, 74, actor, stand-up comic, producer; lung cancer (March 30, 1999)
    "The Lucy Show" (1962-8); "Here's Lucy" (1968-74); "Life with Lucy" (1986)

    Muller, Heiner, 66, playwright; throat cancer (Dec. 30, 1995)
    Revered German playwright, poet, director, translator

    Murrow, Edward R., 57, newscaster; lung cancer. ( April 27, 1965)
    Host of The Camel News Caravan

    Nixon, Pat, 81, First Lady of the US, 1969-74; multiple conditions. ( June 22, 1993)
    The wife of Richard M. Nixon suffered strokes in 1976 and 1982. Had mouth cancer, emphysema and lung cancer.

    Nye, Carrie, 69, stage actress; lung cancer (July 14, 2006)
    Wife of Dick Cavett, who said, "she tried to quit a couple of times [but smoking] became part of her early persona; perhaps based on Tallulah Bankhead or Marlene Dietrich."

    Oliver, Susan, 53, actress, author; lung cancer (May 10, 1990)
    Vina the slave girl in the first episode of Star Trek

    Orbison, Roy, 52, singer, heart attack (December 6, 1988)
    Crying, Only the Lonely, Pretty Woman

    Onassis, Jacquie, 64, First Lady 1961-63; non-hodgkins lymphoma (May 19, 1994)
    Reputedly a 3-pack-a-day chain-smoker (variously reported as Salem, Newport, L&M, Pall Mall, Marlboro and Merit), who concealed the habit from the public, and quit when she received the cancer diagnosis.

    O'Neal, Patrick, 66, actor; lung cancer (August, 1994)
    The Kremlin Letter

    Owens, Jesse, 66, track star; lung cancer
    1936 Gold Medal winner at the Berlin Olympics; first cigarette pitchman to target blacks (Lucky Strike)

    Palladin, Jean-Louis, 555, chef; lung cancer (November 25, 2001)

    Palmer, Robert, 54, British rock star; heart attack (September 26, 2003)
    Addicted to Love (1986)

    Parks, Bert, 77, actor/singer; lung cancer (February 2, 1992)

    Patchett, Jean, 75, fashion model; emphysema (January 22, 2002)

    Patterson, Jennifer, 71, TV cook; lung cancer (August 10, 1999)
    Two Fat Ladies (UK)

    Peppard, George, actor; "complications arising from the treatment of cancer"; Peppard had smoked 2 packs a day until 1993, when he had a cancerous tumor removed from his lung (May 8, 1995)
    Breakfast at Tiffany's, A-Team

    Powell, Dick, 59, actor; lung cancer (1963)

    Price, Vincent, 82, actor; lung cancer (October 26, 1993)
    The Tingler, The Fall of the House of Usher

    Puccini, Giacomo, 65, opera composer; throat cancer (1924)
    La Boheme, Tosca, Madame Butterfly

    Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowden, 71, UK Royal Family; stroke/heart attack (February 9, 2002)
    During her life, she suffered migraines, laryngitis, bronchitis, hepatitis and pneumonia. In 1985, tissue taken from her left lung proved to be benign. This did not stop her smoking; nor did the fact that four monarchs – Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII and the Princess's own father, George VI – died of smoking-related illnesses. Within months of the biopsy operation she was smoking 30 cigarettes a day. She had apparently given up smoking when she suffered her first, mild stroke in 1998.

    Ramsey, Anne, 59, actress; throat cancer (August 11, 1988)
    Throw Mama from the Train

    Rand, Ayn, 78, author/philosopher; heart failure/lung cancer (March 6, 1982)
    The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged

    Rawls, Lou, 72, singer; lung cancer (January 6, 2006)

    Ray, Aldo, 64, actor; complications from throat cancer, pneumonia (March 27, 1991)

    Reasoner, Harry, newscaster; lung cancer, pneumonia (August 6, 1991)
    60 Minutes

    Reese, Pee-Wee, 81, baseball player; lung cancer (August 14, 1999).
    Brooklyn Dodgers shortstop

    Reeve, Dana, 44, actress, singer, author, motivational speaker, advocate; lung cancer (March 6, 2006).
    Many news reports noted that the nonsmoking widow and caregiver of actor Christopher Reeve had spent a lot of time performing in smoky nightclubs.

    Remick, Lee, 55, actress; lung and liver cancer (July 2, 1991)
    A Face in the Crowd, The Long Hot Summer, Anatomy of a Murder

    Reinach, Jacquelyn, 70, writer; lung cancer (September 30, 2000)
    Sweet Pickles (Children's book classic); Know the Facts: Keep Your Power A young person's anti-smoking program which won an Emmy in 1993

    Reynolds, R.J. Sr., 67, founder of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co., pancreatic cancer (1916)

    Reynolds, R.J. Jr., 58, emphysema

    Reynolds, R.J. III, 60, emphysema, (1994)

    Richards, Ann, 73, Texas Governor, esophageal cancer (September 14, 2006)

    Ripken, Cal Sr., 83, baseball coach, lung cancer(1994)

    Rogers, Stan, 33, Canadian folksinger, airliner fire caused by smoking(1983)
    "Northwest Passage," "The Mary Ellen Carter." This incident was instrumental in the later ban on airplane smoking. See

    Ruff, Patsy, 56, one of the world's first successful double-lung transplants, kidney failure (October 21, 2000)
    After her 1987 transplant, Ruff worked for the American Lung Association, warning about smoking. . . the anti-rejection drugs Ruff took led eventually to kidney failure.

    Rugova, Ibrahim, 61, writer, first President of Kosovo (2002-2006); lung cancer (January 21, 2006)
    Chain-smoking fighter for ethnic Albanians, and equal rights for Kosovo province with Serbia; opposed Yugoslavian President Miloscevic.

    Ruth, Babe, 53, baseball player. Naso-pharyngeal cancer. (August 16, 1948)

    Sartre, Jean-Paul, 74, philosopher (existentialism), author; After 2 heart attacks (1971, 1973), his health was never the same; his sight failed almost totally and his production diminished; In March of 1980, he was hospitalized for edema of the lungs, and died a few weeks later. (April 13, 1980)
    1964 Nobel Prize in Literature No Exit, Nauseau, St. Genet

    Sayre, Nora, 68, author; emphysema (August 8, 2001)
    "Sixties Going on Seventies" (1973), "Running Time: Films of the Cold War" (1982), "Previous Convictions: A Journey Through the 1950s" (1995), and "On the Wing: A Young American Abroad" (2001) "Known for her chain-smoking and irascible personality"

    Schiavelli, Vincent, 57, actor (December 26, 2005)
    Popular droopy-eyed character actor. "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest," "Ghost"

    Schippers, Thomas, 47, conductor, musical director; lung cancer (December 16, 1977)
    Co-founderof the Spoleto arts Festival

    Scott, George C., 71, actor; ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (September 22, 1999)
    Scott suffered several heart attacks over the years. He claimed he got his gravelly voice from "smoking too many cigarettes."
    Patton, Dr. Strangelove, The Hustler, Anatomy of a Murder, The Hospital

    Scotti, Vito, 78, actor; lung cancer (June 5, 1996)
    The Aristocats, The Godfather, Get Shorty

    Serling, Rod, 51, writer/director; smoked 4 packs a day; heart disease. (June 28, 1975)
    The Twilight Zone (1959-64)

    Seyrig, Delphine, 58, actress; lung disease (October 15, 1990)

    Shaw, Robert, 51, actor; heart attack (August 28, 1978)
    Jaws, From Russia With Love, The Sting

    Shirley, Anne, 75, actress; lung cancer (July 4, 1993)
    Anne of the Green Gables, Stella Dallas

    Sinatra, Frank, 82, singer, heart attack (May 14, 1998)
    Sinatra was also suffering from bladder cancer, early Alzheimer's and the effects of a stroke.

    Shamseddine, Ayatollah Mohammed Mehdi, 64, spiritual leader of Lebanon's Shiite Muslims and a staunch advocate of Christian-Muslim coexistence; lung cancer (January 10, 2001)

    Shostakovich, Dmitri, 69, composer; lung cancer (August 9, 1975)

    Smith, "Sonic" Fred, 45, rock musician; heart failure (November 4, 1994)
    Guitarist with MC5

    Soo, Jack, 63, actor; cancer of the esophagus (January 11, 1979)
    Barney Miller

    Stander, Lionel, 86, actor; lung cancer (November 30, 1994)
    Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Max in Hart to Hart

    Stanwyck, Barbara, 82, actress; congestive heart failure (January 20, 1990)
    Stella Dallas, Double Indemnity

    Stevens, Woody, 84, horse trainer (August 22, 1998)
    Trained winners in all three Triple Crown races, including five straight Belmont winners during the 1980s.

    Sullivan, Ed, 72, entertainer; lung cancer (1974)

    Taglioni, Fabio, 80, Ducati motorcycle engineer and designer; throat cancer (July 18, 2001)

    Talman, William, actor; lung cancer (August 30, 1968)
    D.A. Hamilton Burger, Perry Mason TV Series
    When He came down with lung cancer, He was the first actor to do a
    TV commercial on the danger of smoking. (Internet Movie Database) He died before the commercial aired.

    Tarbox, Barb, 42; former Canadian model became a tobacco control activist, lung cancer (May 18, 2003968)

      You are all so much above this. You're intelligent. You're energetic. You have the world before you in the palms of your hands. Any dream you have is possible. But if you walk the path I walked, this is the path you will walk. And I don't want any of you ever to walk this walk.

    Taylor, Robert, 57, actor; lung cancer (June 8, 1969)
    Quo Vadis, Magnificent Obsession, Broadway Melody of 1938, Saddle the Wind

    Thaw, John, 60, actor; throat cancer (February 21 2002)
    The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner, The Sweeney, Inspector Morse

    Thomas, Ross, 69, author; lung cancer (December 19, 1995)
    Espionage author; wrote the screenplay for Bad Lieutenant, his Briarpatch won the Edgar Award for Best Mystery Novel (1985)

    Thornbury, Will, 57, model; Lung Cancer (1992)
    Modeled for Camel TV ads

    Tierney, Gene, 70, actress; emphysema (November 6, 1991)
    Laura, Leave Her to Heaven
    The squeakiness of her voice in her first film, "The Return of Frank James," impelled her to take up smoking cigarettes.

    Tone, Franchot, 63, actor; lung cancer (September 18, 1968)
    Mutiny on the Bounty, Lives of a Bengal Lancer

    Tracy, Spencer, 66, actor; lung congestion; heart attack (June 10, 1967)
    Captains Courageous (1937), Boys' Town (1938), San Francisco (1936), Father of the Bride (1950), Bad Day at Black Rock (1955), Old Man and the Sea (1958), Inherit the Wind (1960), Judgment at Nuremberg (1961), Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967)

    Tubb, Ernest, 70, singer; emphysema (September 6,1984)
    "The Texas Troubador"– Waltz Across Texas, I'm Walking the Floor over You

    Tucker, Forrest, 67, actor; lung cancer and emphysema (October 25, 1986)
    Sands of Iwo Jima, The Yearling, Gunsmoke

    Tucker, Sophie, 78, entertainer; lung cancer (February 9, 1966)

    Turner, Lana, actress; throat cancer (June, 1995) TV: Falcon Crest. Movies: Imitation of Life (1959), Madame X (1966), Peyton Place (1957), The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)

    Vander Pyl, Jean, actor; lung cancer (April 13, 1999)
    Voice of Wilma Flintstone, The Flintstones Video of Fred & Wilma's Winston ad

      "Everybody on the Flintstones smoked and all of them ended up dying of smoking-related diseases. . . That little cute laugh that Betty and Wilma did with their mouths closed? They came up with that because when they normally laughed, because they were smokers, they coughed."

    – Michael O'Meara, son of Jean Vander Pyl. See Benaderet, BeaVaughan, Sarah, singer; lung cancer (1990)
    Broken-hearted Melody

    Varney, Jim, 50, actor; lung cancer (February 10, 2000)
    "Ernest P. Worrell"
    Though hopelessly hooked on cigarettes, he wouldn't allow himself to be photographed smoking, for the sake of all the kids who loved Ernest. And, though he entertained them by clowning, sprawling, grinning and cutting up, the talented Mr. Varney had one last message for those kids: Don't smoke. –Lexington Herald-Leader 2/11/00

    Walker, Nancy, 69, actress; lung cancer (March 25, 1992)

    Wayne, John, 72, actor; After exposure to nuclear radiation, cancer took a lung in 1963; had many battles with heart disease and other cancers. (June 11, 1979)
    Stagecoach; Red River; Fort Apache; Rio Grande; She Wore a Yellow Ribbon; The Searchers and this Camel commercial:

    Wells, Mary, 49, singer; larynx cancer (1992)
    My Guy

    Wheeler, Bert, 72, comedian; emphysema (January 18, 1968)

    Wilcoxon, Henry, 79, actor; cancer and COPD (March, 1984)
    Cleopatra (1934), Crusades, Greatest Show on Earth, The Ten Commandments, That Hamilton Woman, Mrs. Miniver, Man in the Wilderness, Last of the Mohicans (1935), Unconquered, Caddy Shack

    Wild, Jack, 53, actor; oral cancer (March 1, 2006)
    The Artful Dodger in Oliver! (1968); HR Pufnstuf.(TV)

    Wilson, Bill, 76, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, emphysema (1971)

    Wilson, Carl, 51, musician (Beach Boys); complications from lung cancer (February 6, 1998)

    Williams, Tex, country-western singer; lung cancer (October 13, 1985)
    Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) (1947)

    Wolfman Jack, 57, radio personality, actor; heart attack (July 1, 1995)
    American Graffitti

    Woodbury, Joan, 74, actress; COPD, lung cancer (February, 1989)
    Anthony Adverse, Algiers, Hit the Deck, Latins From Manhattan, The Ten Commandments, Bride of Frankenstein. Other westerns with William Boyd (Hoppalong Cassidy), Tex Ritter, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry. Made over 70 "B" films: Boston Blackie, Charlie Chan, etc. She was the original Brenda Starr.

    Yennimatas, George, Greek National Economy Minister, 55; complications from lung cancer (April 25, 1994)
    Yennimatas was one of Greece's most beloved politicians. When he presented the 1994 budget to reporters in November, he announced a new tax on tobacco, saying the revenues would be earmarked for an anti-smoking campaign.

    York, Dick, 63, actor; emphysema (1992)

    Young, Faron, 64, country-western singer; self-inflicted gunshot wound. (Dec. 10, 1996). Young "had been depressed recently about emphysema and other health problems"–NY Times, 12/11/96.
    Goin' Steady; Sweet Dreams; Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young

    Young, Coleman A., 79, Detroit, Michigan's longest-serving mayor. Emphysema. (November 29, 1997)

    Zevon, Warren., 56, singer/songwriter. Mesothelioma (an asbestos-related lung cancer; smoking greatly increases the risk) (September 7, 2003)
    Werewolves of London.