Monday, January 10, 2011


It takes so long for the commercial media to take notice of important things. If it isn't a major catastrophe that takes place today, they don't acknowledge it. It isn't profitable. But it is important that people wake up and realize what is happening. Notice it and acknowledge it and start thinking about what you can do to control what is affecting your life.
Our bodies are affected by everything that enters the delicate casing that makes each of us a unit - through our skin, our eyes, our ears, etc. That includes radiation, viruses, bacteria, fungi, chemicals - pollution of every kind - even sound. Anything from outside of ourselves that touches us or stirs up our body chemistry changes us.
Is is any wonder there is so much cancer? We are sick because of everything in our environment - almost all of it caused by man wanting everything - more, bigger, faster.
But it isn't easy to stop and think about it, is it?

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