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You can never be entirely sure how these things will play out with the public, but it will be surprising if next week's polls aren't better for the NDP than this week's are.

If Trudeau puts forward a sensible way of ending the Senate's undemocratic partisanship, that might not be the reform we want but...
  • Phyllis Carter  - Ask him what he is doing for crime victims in Montreal. I'll bet he will say, "That's not in my jurisdiction." That's why I do not vote. Justice is in nobody's jurisdicton in Montreal, Quebec, Canada  -
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    • Nick CK   -  I agree. 
    • But a lot of our problems are coming FROM the government lately. It's hard to fight crime with crime, and that's the issue. The system we are supposed to trust is sick, and that means they need to focus on fixing it before they can let it infect provincial and municipal development. It's not that it's "not" someone's jurisdiction, it is the jurisdiction of all. MPs are elected by specific ridings, but they don't just represent their party, or their constituents alone. They represent the core of what it means to be Canadian. As a voter, you need to understand the gravity of the burden. Every four years, you get one chance to pick one person to represent you and your interests for the next four years. That is a monumental decision. Not voting should basically translate to you not being allowed to complain.
    • Our system is old, venerable, and brilliantly crafted. Perversions of law and politics within a government do not make the principles equally evil. One-hundred and forty-eight years ago, lawyers, scholars, academics, philosophers, and very very wise men (and now very very dead) came together and crafted one of the most beautiful constitutions every put forth. We need to find leaders and representatives that understand the onerous task that has befallen them: to protect the safety and interests of a nation that has elected them worthy to do so. We need leaders to whom the solemnity of the task at hand is apparent. 
    • We just need leaders. True leaders don't demand to be chosen, they are simply chosen by the people to be their champions and protectors. 
      If you want all the power, you need to accept all the responsibility.

    • Phyllis Carter  - Nick, Your comments are a breath of fresh air. In all the years that I have been pleading for justice, no one has made such a statement.Marlene Jennings, M.P. and Quebec's Deputy Police Ethics Commissioner did state at two public meetings in Montreal in 2008, "Mrs Carter's rights were violated three times", but when it came to acting on that, she did almost nothing....

  • June 13, 2015

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