Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Fifty Years in Polygamy Book Cover
Though Sophia (Kristyn Decker) wasn't entirely aware of it until she began writing this book, she had always been on her way out of polygamy. It started with baby steps from early years of neglect, molestation, and abuse to giant steps, after marrying at seventeen and then eight years later encouraging her husband to take another wife - and further onward. To avoid feelings of anger, jealousy, and pain, Sophia graciously kept a sweet smile plastered across her face and became a numb but "righteous" workaholic.
During many tumultuous years as a polygamist wife, mother, leader, teacher, and passionate person, most of her questions and concerns were never fully answered. Her heart struggled with what were deemed God's commandments and his myriad of puzzle pieces that never quite seemed to fit.

Her flight from polygamy truly began to soar when a friend rescued her from years of self-loathing and suicidal depression. Propelling her onward was Sophia's plight to get her sixteen-year-old daughter of the streets and off drugs.

As her daughter began receiving court-appointed therapeutic help, Sophia began to discover herself - a woman she now loves and honors. After five decades of anguish and lies - of watching herself and others fail a commandment fraught with impossible rules and threats of heaven or hell, Sophia chose heaven.

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