Sunday, June 21, 2015


The Nazi murdered millions of Jewish men, women, children and babies. They also slaughtered Negro people, but we rarely hear anyone speak about that. And we rarely hear about the fact that Jews have stood at the side of African Americans through some of the most difficult and dangerous times in history. 

While the hatred boils up between people, Black and White, in America, we have to deal with hatred by Black people against Jews. 

We have stood with you. Jews h
ave supported you in the flesh and financially and in matters of the law. Jewish composers and musicians were among the first to recognize and support you and provide you with opportunities. Jews have given you jobs when no one else would let you in the door. 

Jews have sat with you in your churches to encourage brotherhood. When I first came to my Anglican church, all the Negro people were sitting on one side of the church and all the Caucasians were sitting across the aisle. I went right to the side where the Black people were sitting and, later, I plopped myself down at their table in the hall and initiated a casual conversation. Finally I asked why they were sitting apart. The answer was simple - No one told them to do it. They had been there for years and they just felt comfortable where they were. 

Jewish people marched with you to Selma. And yet there are fools among the Black community who hate Jews and promote hatred against Jewish people. 

I don't want pity for my people. I demand the respect due to those who have suffered for you and with you. You can't get rid of us. Those who hate us, hate you too. Those among you who are promoting hatred against Jews need to be weeded out and educated and controlled, because without your Jewish friends, my Coloured brothers and sisters, you will be a much better target, and you will find yourselves lonely, because we share so much history and we are kindred souls.

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