Saturday, June 6, 2015


A sixteen year old girl was kidnapped by ISIS Muslims who stole her and sexually tortured her for months in a bone chilling story that truly shows the endless depravity of men possessed by demons. A European Muslim man took her, handcuffed her, electrocuted her body with electric shocks, and raped her. He then passed her on to his friend who raped her for a month. She was then given to another Muslim from Algeria who as well kept her for rape for a month. 
Two sisters, Rana, 25, and Sara, 21, said they could do nothing to stop the abuse of their 16-year-old sister by four men over several months. The sister was allowed to visit them and told them that the first man who raped her, whom she described as a European, also beat her, handcuffed her, gave her electric shocks, and denied her food. She told them another fighter later raped her for a month and then gave her to an Algerian for another month. The last time they saw her was when a Saudi ISIS fighter took her. "We don't know anything about her since," Sara said. The two sisters said they were also raped multiple times by two men, one of whom said he was from Russia and the other from Kazakhstan.
These are the types of stories that we deal with in Rescue Christians. Just recently we rescued a girl named Anita, a Christian girl who was brutally sexually tortured by a gang of Muslims. They came to her, pushed her parents aside, tore out her clothes, and each took turns raping her:
By Theodore Shoebat

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