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Does America need more guns, 
or more insane asylums?

Dylan Storm Roof
Dylan Storm Roof

"You rape our women and you've taken over our country, and you have to go and I'm here to shoot Black people". These are the words of newly crowned American terrorist and mass murderer, 21 year-old Dylann Storm Roof, a resident and son of Lexington, South Carolina.

In the News….

On Wednesday June 17, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina, it was a typically warm and partly cloudy early-summer-evening when the doors to the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church opened for its parishioners and to the general public for its customary Bible study and prayer meeting.

Led in Bible study by Reverend and South Carolina State Senator, Clementa C. Pinckney the sounds of 12 joyful Christians lovingly praising God and Jesus resonated deeply within the church and could be heard from outside its doors.

Unbeknown to Reverend Pinckney and his spiritual brothers and sisters an "evil demon" sitting inside a black Hyundai sedan, incarnated in the form of a 21 year-old named Dylann Storm Roof also heard the joyful sounds emitting from this historic church; however, it's highly doubtful that "joy and love" filled the "spirit" of Dylan Roof as he sat waiting for his "demonic cue" to exit the vehicle.

Upon entering Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Roof asked to meet Reverend Pinckney and he sat by him as the small gathering of friends began their Bible study.

According to eye witnesses, approximately an hour into the Bible study Dylan Roof stood up and proclaimed aloud for everyone to hear, "You rape our women and you've taken over our country and you have to go and I'm here to shoot Black people".

Without moral conscience Roof began firing his semi-automatic handgun indiscriminately at the Bible study group, ultimately killing 6 women and 3 men.
The Charleston Coroner's office has identified the slain victims as being:
Ms. Cynthia Hurd, age 54; Ms. Suzy Jackson, age 87; Ms. Ethel Lance, age 70; The Reverend Depayne Middleton, age 49, Mr. Tywanza Sanders, age 26; The Reverend Daniel Simmons Sr., age 67; The Reverend Sharonda Singleton, age 45; Ms. Myra Thompson, age 59 and the shepherd and spiritual leader of the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the Honorable Reverend Clementa Pinckney, age 41.
A Charleston police representative chocked by emotion stated that during the massacre a five-old child instinctively "played dead" lying still among the slain in hope of surviving the deadly ordeal.

Feeling satisfied that he completed what he planned to accomplish, Dylan Storm Roof promptly left the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church entered his car and drove away. The "Devil" had left 110 Calhoun Street and was headed to whereabouts unknown.

Although the Charleston Police Department was relatively quick in its response to the mass murder at the historic church, they were hampered in their manhunt for the killer by a called-in bomb-scare that most police investigators now believe was made by Dylann Roof in an attempt to gain more distance between himself and the police.

His extreme and perverted hatred for African-Americans compounded by his youthful ignorance created Roof's "blind spot". Security cameras mounted outside the church and in strategic locations within the church's parking areas provided police investigators with not only the face of the terrorist / murderer but also the make of his getaway vehicle and its license plate number.

Within hours the combined efforts and teamwork of local, state and federal police officers gave investigators positive confirmation of who they were looking for.
The undisguised face on camera matched police photos of a 21 year-old named Dylann Storm Roof, a White male from Lexington, South Carolina who had a police record for trespassing and possession of drugs.

Incredulously within 12 hours of the massacre, Dylann Storm Roof had been identified and captured without resistance via a police traffic stop in Shelby, North Carolina, a suburb of Charlotte, approximately 4 hours away from Charleston.

Extradited back to South Carolina, Roof faces multiple charges of first degree murder. But isn't this exactly what he wanted?

It only makes sense that his cowardly execution of nine innocent people inside a historic South Carolina place of worship was meant to make him a celebrity and hero within a growing circle of extreme White racists in the United States.

Roof never intended to die a martyr's death; if he had planned to die going out in a blaze of gunfire he would have shot at the police officer in Shelby, North Carolina who initially stopped and confronted him.

As police investigators and hate-crime profilers attempt to piece together evidence that will somehow bring some sort of intellectual understanding (closure) to why / how a 21 year-old White male who arguably has only lived a quarter of his life, could harbor so much hate within his heart for Black people… to the point of willfully desecrating a sacred sanctuary via cold-blooded murder,… Americans are once again reminded of just how sick with racial fears and hatred {Negrophobia} a growing number of feeble minded and insecure Whites in the United States of America have become.

The "Browning of America" and the competition of jobs and careers that was once reserved for "Whites Only" has once again driven the feeble and weak minded to murderous acts.

Never in the history of the United States of America has there been more resentment of successful Blacks in America by insecure and mediocre Whites who try desperately to deflect their own failures in life by blaming their woes on Black and Brown Americans.

The "comfort lie" that was taught at the supper-table of many poor and struggling middle-class Whites "that although they may be considered trailer trash by elitist Whites, that they wouldalways be better than an N-Word", is no longer providing them and their children with the comfort it once gave.

So now at the expense of killing nine innocent Americans inside a "House of God", the Confederate Flag waiving "Rowdy Boyz" have a new hero and his name is Dylann Storm Roof.

Keeping it real….
The inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama on January 20, 2009 as America's 44th and current U.S. President has completely shattered their manufactured and generationally hand-me-downed lies of racial superiority and it has driven most of them insane.

The pages of American history are drenched in the blood of countless Native Americans, Blacks, Hispanics and Asians who were murdered by racist White Americans who were and still are unwilling to share America's wealth and political power.

Does anyone ever wonder why the "Flying of the Confederate Flag" is once again fashionable in Dixie? Does anyone ever wonder why an alarming number of Black suspects are exponentially harassed and executed by White police officers as compared to White suspects?

Does anyone wonder who taught a 21 year-old to hate African-Americans with so much intensity?

Mediocre and insecure Whites are terrified that their status of being born privileged in America is rapidly slipping away and White racists across the United States have come out of the proverbial "woodwork" in record numbers to "take back theircountry"; by any means necessary.

In closing…
it is an Irony of all ironies that the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church which was "born" from the improbable hope of both Black slave and Black "Freemen"; was burned down by racist tyrants only to be built again by African-Americans who had an overpowering faith in God,…was selected to be the location of the rarest form of human hatred and desecration before God.

To South Carolina Governor Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley, madam you are a fraud and a disgrace to America by continuously flying the Confederate Flag at the State Capital. Your crocodile tears at the news conference do not impress me. Where were you when the cameras were rolling and the video footage proved that a North Charleston Police Officer cowardly shot an unarmed Black man named Walter Scott in the back at least five times? Where were your tears for justice for Walter Scott? Take down that ugly, traitorous flag that flies proudly at a prominent location at the State Capital. Isn't it an oxymoron to fly the South Carolina State Flag and the U.S. Flag at half mass in "honor of the slain" but fly the Confederate Flag at its zenith? Like religion as it pertains to God, you cannot serve to countries….pick one.

To President Obama, sir you had a chance to bring up how White racism has taken nine more lives and you blew it, "dancing around" what really murdered nine decent human beings by providing cover for extreme hatred by purposely blurring "the lines" with talk of "gun control". You let a lot of people down sir.

In the end, I'm not apologizing to anyone for this article, "if the shoe fits, then wear it". And by the way….where are all the Black Conservatives who love their racist ultra conservative masters more than they love America. You're a disgrace and you're frauds and in the end you'll never be able to enter through "the front door". If you had any intestinal fortitude you would stop blaming President Obama for White hatred in America and you would find your voice and call out your rowdy Confederate Flag waiving friends.

May God Bless the souls of the slain and may God give strength to their families and friends left behind. In the lyrical words of Sam Cooke…"A change is gonna come".

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