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I was a customer of Prudential Insurance - "The Rock of Gibraltar" - and their agent, Gerry Thornily - for THIRTY years.
For thirty years, my husband and I made insurance payments to Prudential through the Thornily Agency of Point Claire, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. But they dropped me like a hot potato when I reported that I had been robbed by Dawn McSweeney with the help of a Montreal Police officer.
The agent, Brian Thornily, Gerry's son, and the Prudential adjuster told me that the police had not made a report of the robbery in time and the file was closed.
I reported the robbery to Brian Thornily, from the telephone at the Fraser Hickson Library very shortly after the robbery, while I was living in my car. It would have been a day or two after I was attacked in my home on October 7, 1996 - and robbed, and evicted without any legal procedure by a Montreal Police officer. I was living in my car the late afternoon when I made that call. It was just getting dark outside. A couple of days after the attack, a friend took me in.
Brian Thornily didn't say a word to me about my insurance premium payment about to come due.
Unbeknownst to me, my insurance was due to expire at the end of October, 1996. All my papers, documents, bills, bank books, everything I owned was still in my mother's house where I had just been attacked, robbed and evicted.
I was in shock, homeless and destitute and I had no way of knowing the insurance payment was about to come due. I had no mailing address to receive any notice of renewal after October 7, 1996 until late November, 1996.
Everything I owned was in the house where I was robbed - under the complete control of Dawn McSweeney. The police officer put me out of my home and left me in the street without as much as a coat. I only had my old car, my purse, my bible and a clean pair of shoes I liked to wear in church.

Why didn't Brian Thornily tell me the insurance was coming due at the end of October when I reported the robbery to him about October 8 or 9 ?
A few weeks later an insurance adjuster showed up at my new apartment and told me that the police had not made the report on time and Prudential refused to open an investigation.
I told the Prudential adjuster and Brian Thornily that I did not want to make a claim. I did not want money. I wanted them to investigate and recover my precious belongings that were still in my mother's house in the hands of Dawn McSweeney. But they refused absolutely.
They said that was a job for the police.
The police finally made a report six months later, in March, 1997. Since then, the Montreal Police have repeatedly refused to take any action to recover my precious belongings or to bring the thief, Dawn McSweeney, before a judge in criminal court.
See detailed reports of the crimes of Dawn McSweeney and those she boastfully calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog - 

Phyllis Carter

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