Sunday, January 20, 2013


January 20, 2013
This is not news. It has been going on for decades. I was a member of the Provincial Liberal Party (as well as the Federal) - when Rene Levesque was still a member. It just goes on and on and on, with extremists controlling the party and determining the fate of all Quebecers and, by consequence, all Canadians.
There are the hard core old timers who, in their dotage, dream in technicolour and there are always the students who think they are so smart and who want to be powerful. Like wolves, they travel in packs and make a lot of noise.
And then there are the labourers who are never satisfied. If I am mistaken, please tell me when labourers were ever satisfied and when students didn't think they were smarter than everyone else.
Extremists are in control in Quebec, The rest of us - rational, reasonable, sociable people of all languages and backgrounds - must be very careful to ensure that extremists do not deprive us of human rights or threaten our safety.
But we also have to be vigilant and proactive about extremists at the opposite end of this struggle. I hear good friends speak in ugly terms against Francophones. Their own backgrounds taught them badly and, as we age, old values tend to stick. So we should not only protect our rights and dignity, but we should speak out against all extremists, including our own.

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