Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I saw my doctor yesterday. I told him about my blogs and my belief that radiation from the Super Bomb and all the other nuclear tests, and Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Fukushima and all our modern electronic gadgets have caused this explosion of cancer.
Almost everyone knows someone who has cancer. This was unheard of when I was young. I remember hearing that an old lady down the street had a big tumour. And that was it. No one we knew had cancer. People died of heart attacks, strokes. A neighbour died choking on a fish bone. No one had cancer.
My doctor enlightened me. He said that, more than all that radiation, the real cause of breast and prostate cancer is the hormones fed to the animals we are eating - particularly red meat and the fat in the meat, chicken etc. The hormones lodge primarily in the fat.
He also said that the BPA plastics that end up in the rivers and oceans and are consumed by fish in minute particles affect our hormones. That plastic is absorbed all the way up the sea food chain.
Those are the main causes of the cancer epidemic we are living with.
My very wise and caring doctor advised eating fruits, vegetables etc. Common sense but really a matter of life or death. Bananas and rice can reduce digestion problems some of us have with that kind of diet.
He also recommended natural yogurt with probiotics.
Cancer is a plague now because there are people who are hungry for MONEY.
Growing fat cows and big chickens and growing them fast - means Big Bucks.
Politicians who should be protecting our food supply are bought by their sponsors.
So we have to protect ourselves.
It means changing our eating habits and limiting our consumption of red meat and fat chickens.
This is not just another diet. It is really a matter of life or death.

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