Wednesday, January 16, 2013


While waiting for my bone scan today, I overheard two doctors discussing various tests for a particular patient.
No names were mentioned of course, but the doctors were trying to decide whether, in this case, it would be better to do a PET Scan or an MRI. The unfortunate patient has lesions through different parts of his body.
When one of the doctors was called away, I beckoned to the handsome young doctor who was waiting at the desk.
I told him, I had some suggestions.
He came over to where I was sitting in a wheelchair, and he listened.
I told him:
"First, cut out all the bad parts.
Then give your patient two tickets to a baseball game.
Then pray a lot."
And we both laughed.
When it's about cancer, you have to laugh, or you cry.
If you are Jewish, you make up jokes.
If you are Italian, you sing.
Sometimes, even if you are Jewish, you can sing. Some of us are good singers.
We find ways to keep on keeping on, because the cure is just around the corner.

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