Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Religions have such a strong hold on billions of people who accept the ancient texts as the Word of God.
It is really difficult for people to DARE to think for themselves. I, a Jewish-Christian, have faith smaller than an neutron, but still, I pray without ceasing day and night.
My intellect does not accept the man-made image of God, but my spirit longs for the hope that the Creator really does care for us as individuals.
Then I think of all the children suffering from hunger, thirst, disease, kidnapping, beatings, rape, slavery, poverty, war, and I cry out,  "WHY?"  Why dos God allow the evil ones to torture and kill helpless little children?
Please, no one waste my time with the tale of Job I can't catch a Leviathan and I don't want to. Let the whales swim free and safe. And I can't move a mountain. But I have the chutzpah native to my people to dare to argue with the Great Unseen God. I think He rather enjoys the one sided debate. He just sits up there on Venus and grins, while I cry out to Him. He seems to enjoy not answering and watching me struggle.
But I keep on talking and talking and writing and writing anyway. Because, maybe He is paying attention. And, anyway, how can we live without hope?
It is hard to believe that The Creator of Everything cares about us. One look at even one of the galaxies through the Hubble Telescope and we begin to see how minute we are in the Total Picture. Science and religion each offer worthwhile sources to guide us toward reality. If only we keep the brains He gave us working. Why did He give us brains if he did not intend us to use them - and to use them persistently and well ?
Phyllis Carter

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