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Cove Guardian Sarah came to Taiji from France to be a voice for the dolphins.

" I first learned about the Taiji Cove Guardians through my translation work of their reports on the French Sea Shepherd website.
Having the opportunity to see and hear some of the volunteers who participated in the "Spotlight on…" series of videos, which I did the transcriptions in English for, caused their work in Taiji to feel much more real to me.

As an on-shore volunteer with my local chapter in Lorient, France I get to meet with the public on a regular basis to explain Sea Shepherd's campaigns; and one of those that particularly aroused my interest was the situation in Taiji.

I finally girded myself up to watch The Cove last summer and the seed was planted in my head that I had to go to Taiji and see for myself, the horror inflicted on these innocent, unsuspecting dolphins which had the bad luck of passing by when the banger boats were on the prowl for new victims.

I have spent just over two weeks here and have been on a roller coaster of emotions.

Nothing can really prepare you for the horror of the hunt and its cold-blooded efficiency, but the truth of what happens here has to be told. I can now go back home with first hand testimony and share my experiences with anyone who wants to listen. Any potential client of a dolphin show who realizes that their entrance ticket finances this shameful, barbaric trade of dolphins and decides not to pay for one, will justify the heart-wrenching emotions I have endured during the eight murderous hunts I have witnessed."  
The International Whaling Commission (IWC) is the global organization that deems itself to be the lord over all whaling, and in that role determines how many whales can be murdered each and every year. Even more absurd is its allowance for the killing of whales based on what can only be viewed as politically motivated fake scientific reasons. In effect, the IWC has attempted to legitimize the mass murder of "The Cetacean Nation" -- the self aware sentient people of the sea.
A number of countries belong to the IWC, which means they mass murder cetaceans by mutual agreement. These countries are Canada, The Faroe Islands and Greenland -- both constituent countries of the Kingdom of Denmark, Iceland, Indonesia, Japan, Norway, Russia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and The United States Of America. There are 88 nations who are members of the IWC. But other non members also kill whales and dolphins, including fishermen who kill and butcher whales and dolphins for sport and bait.
All cetacean murder must end now, and the IWC must be retired forever.


Contact the Authorities:

Help us end the brutal Taiji dolphin slaughter by voicing your concerns to the authorities in Taiji as well as Wakayama Prefecture and the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your area.

Japanese Embassies Worldwide:

Mr. Yoshiki Kimura – Governor of Wakayama:
FAX: +81-73-423-9500

Wakayama Prefecture Office, Fishery Division:
TEL +81-73-441-3010
FAX: +81-73-432-4124

Mayor – Taiji Town Hall:

Taiji Fishermen's Union:
TEL: +81-73-559-2340
FAX: +81-735-59-2821

Hotel Dolphin Resort / Dolphin Base:
TEL: +81 0735 59 3514
FAX: +81 0735 59 2810

Japan Fisheries Public Content Form:

Contacts via Twitter:

US Ambassador to Japan @AmbassadorRoos
Japanese Prime Minister @JPN_PMO
US Embassy in Tokyo @usembassytokyo
Political Minister at Japanese Embassy in London @norishikata

Spread the Word:

Follow Operation Infinite Patience on social media and share with your friends and family. Ask them to help us end this atrocity.

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Educate others on the link between the captive dolphin industry and the Taiji dolphin slaughter. Discourage your friends and family from visiting dolphinariums or participating in captive dolphin programs.
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