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Ontario teen Nick Bullock (right) has been sentenced as an adult in the brutal murder of his 14-year-old cousin, Brayton Bullock (left). Nick was 16 at the time but is now 19.
NEWMARKET -- A 16-year-old boy who was found guilty of the first-degree murder of his 14-year-old cousin will be sentenced as an adult to life in prison, a judge said yesterday.
And for the first time, the judge also lifted the publication ban on the name of the killer.
It was Nickolas Bullock, now 19, who stabbed his younger, smaller cousin, Brayton Bullock, 13 times after he lured him into a dark ravine in the south end of Barrie on March 9, 2006.
"This was unfathomable violence," Justice Alfred Stong told a courtroom crowded with Brayton's family. "Brayton was a loving, energetic, respectful, outgoing young man with a wonderful disposition."
Last February, a jury found Bullock guilty of the murder. While there was no real motive for the killing, the Crown posed the theory that Bullock was the "black sheep" in a large, extended family.
He once threatened to "kill all Bullocks" after a disagreement with his uncle. His uncles were upset with him for refusing to go to school or follow family rules.
But the family says they have trouble with the black sheep theory.
"He was loved," said his uncle, Terry. "He chose to be a black sheep. He chose his path."
Right from Grade 1 Bullock was in constant trouble, getting into fights and failing to show up for classes.
In court, the judge said he had grave concerns for the safety of the Bullock family if he were released from prison. He ordered no chance of parole for 10 years -- the maximum available for a young offender.
"Nickolas Bullock planned to kill a Bullock, and selected Brayton as his victim," the judge said. "He plunged the knife so severely into his head that it pierced his skull bone and entered his brain."
While in custody, Bullock, who rarely went to school when he was in society, graduated from high school with an 80% average. A psychiatrist said he shows some of the traits of a psychopath, although he warned he could not give a complete diagnosis because Bullock's lawyer directed his client not to discuss the murder with doctors because he intends to appeal the case.
Outside of court, Brayton's mother and father clung to each other and wept. Family members, bleary-eyed with tears, hugged each other. Even the investigating officer and Crown attorney wept and hugged the parents.
"We are a broken and incomplete family," said Brayton's mother, Tammy. "No justice in the world will make us whole again."
But she applauded the judge's decision to sentence Bullock as an adult.
He will return to court Nov. 25 where it will be decided whether he can stay in a youth facility or be moved immediately to an adult penitentiary.
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February 15, 2013


Cheryl L Bullock

How can a murderer get moved to Medium Security when he has been deemed to rate more dangerous than most psychopaths ? This can not be placed on paper because of his age. In cold blood on March 9th. 2006, he lured my beautiful caring and loving 14 year old nephew into a bush and stabbed him 13 times over nothing but jealousy and now is being placed into a medium security facility. He has been in trouble and still they are weaning him on his way back out into the community. Over 4 million tax payers' dollars and 4 years to go through the courts. This cold blooded killer will be among us again...and he has threatened to kill the rest of the family.
Is anyone going to be safe ?

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