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The Thief, Dawn McSweeney
Since the day I was attacked and robbed in my home at 4995 Prince of Wales in NDG, Montreal, with the help of a Montreal Police officer, I have been pleading day and night for justice and the return of everything Dawn McSweeney stole from me and from my family.
Member of Parliament and former Quebec Police Ethics Commissioner, Marlene Jennings, stated at two public meetings in Montreal in 2008,
"Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times."
But the Montreal Police continue to cover up the crimes of Dawn McSweeney and those she boastfully calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog.
How do the Montreal Police continue to deliberately refuse to arrest Dawn  McSweeney and her accomplices - and get away with it?
Because everyone in authority at all levels of government - Montreal City Hall, Quebec Legislative members and the Government of Canada says - 
"These crimes are not in my jurisdiction."
I believe the Montreal Police tend to be Separatist, and the separatists are focused only on the Italian Mafia in Montreal. They are not interested in crimes that destroy families, unless the family is Italian Mafia.
So when the Montreal Police helped the thieves to rob me and later to rob my parents and siblings, my case was treated as a mere nuisance by them and a threat to the image of the Blue Line.
Surely they thought I would just give up and stop demanding justice and the return of all our stolen belongings.
But from the moment I called 911, I have never stopped pleading for the return of everything Dawn McSweeney stole from me and from my family.
Because of the help she got from the Montreal Police from the moment the Police answered my 911 call, Dawn McSweeney stole all my best jewellery, including a two tone gold and diamond designer ring by Carreras Y Carreras, my grandmother's antique diamond and sapphire dinner ring and many rings of gold and silver, opal-doublet, hematite, onyx, amethyst, Sterling and gold charm bracelets, gold and silver necklaces, a box full of small medals and pins, brooches of silver and crystal, and much more.
Dawn McSweeney also stole my husband's precious New Jersey Deputy Sheriff's badge, his trademark grey fedora Stetson and our wedding portrait and still more.
I provided the Montreal Police with a detailed inventory of seven pages, describing every item Dawn McSweeney stole.
But the Montreal Police do nothing.
I also provided the Montreal Police at the Mariette station with insurance papers, photos and appraisals.
I brought computer discs full of information to the Montreal Police at their posts on Mariette and Somerled in Montreal, but again and again, the Montreal Police refused to take any action to recover my belongings which, at the time, were still in my home where I had been attacked and robbed - 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, Montreal.
I pleaded with the officers to give me back my belongings, but they just ignored all  my appeals - and they still do to this day.
But I will not give up - ever. I want what is my own. But the Montreal Police are only interested in The Mafia.
Since the Montreal Police refused to take appropriate legal action in the case of the robbery, the thief, Dawn McSweeney, and those she calls her "partners in crime", went on to make a will in my mother's name when she was 92 years old - and stole all my father's estate - our family home and his life's savings.
This associate of the McSweeneys designated Dawn McSweeney and her mother, Debbie Rubin McSweeney as the sole heirs.
The stranger who made the will in my aged mother's name is one Kenneth Gregoire Ptud'homme, somehow associated with Debbie McSweeney, and he named himself as the "liquidator" of my father's estate - a man who never met my father who died in 2000 - a stranger no one in the family ever heard of before my mother's death in 2007 - eliminated all the heirs - all the children and grandchildren - who my father specifically named in his own will.
I have been reporting these crimes from the moment I was attacked and robbed and called 911 for help. But the Montreal :Police refuse to take any action to recover our precious belongings or to bring the criminals before a court of criminal law. They just ignore all my appeals, all my emails. Why?
Because there is something special going on between the separatist police and the Mafia. It is not something I understand or have any knowledge of. But we are constantly hearing about inquiries into the Mafia, and we hear nothing about crime victims in Montreal, Quebec.
And the Government of Canada says, "This is not in our jurisdiction.".
And so I fight on day and night, and I will continue to expose the corruption in the Montreal Police department, and our so-called "justice system" - to my last breath.
After I am gone, I hope and pray my friends will pick up the battle and bring justice and the return of all my precious belongings to the heirs named in my will, and return all my father's property and life's savings to his heirs named in his own will.
This case will never die.
Cliff Carter
Wearing his trademark Stetson fedora -
Stolen by Dawn McSweeney
Cliff and The Sheba
Our Wedding Portrait -
Original stolen by Dawn McSweeney
ON OCTOBER 7, 1996,
1940s-1950s Passaic County, New Jersey Named Deputy Sheriff Badge
I will never stop pursuing this case
until everything stolen by Dawn McSweeney
and those she calls her "partners in crime"
is returned to me and to my family.
Detailed reports are open to the world at -
Dawn McSweeney and her Partners in Crime -
Phyllis Carter's Journal - It is all about Justice -
Now with more than 70,000 readers around the world
And still no justice for crime victims in
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
I am offering a $5,000. reward

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