Sunday, June 2, 2013


There are those who believe that tearing Montreal out of Quebec is the solution to our differences. They are not dealing with reality. Sure, go ahead. Tear Montreal out of Quebec.
Will Montrealers have a safe corridor leading us east and west when we want to travel outside of the gates or over the barbed wire ? Will there be a moat ? Who will clean up the debris of bombed-out buildings and roads ?
Will we need passports to go to Toronto or Newfoundland ?
Will Montreal have its own army, its own postal service? How will the Montreal Ghetto access the federal waterways like the St. Lawrence River - or the Quebec Fleuve St. Laurent ? (Same polluted water, different name.)
Will French speaking Montrealers be allowed to speak French in the Montreal Ghetto?  Will there be any French speaking people in Ghetto Montreal? Will they be extradited?  interned? eliminated ?
What if some French-speaking people have English speaking spouses? Will they have to choose between their loyalty to the Anglo State of Montreal and their families? Will they have to convert to Anglo? How do you do that? Will there be an Anglo Ministry or an Anglo religion?
Will the government of Ghetto Montreal block French language broadcasts on radio, TV and the Internet? Ssshhh ! Don't let the Montreal Language Police hear you whispering sweet things into the delicate shell of your beloved's ear in the dreaded Franco tongue.
Let us get on with reality and not allow ourselves to be distracted and lured into silly debates. Quebec can't separate unless Ottawa and the ROC allow it. They may not be helping us, but maybe it's because they don't take the separatists seriously. They should.
The extremists can hurt us a lot. They can be really dangerous. But a separate Quebec can only happen if the majority of Canadians approve. And a separate Montreal is equally ridiculous.
I am daring to assume that most people, most Canadians, most French speaking people and most other people are not masochists and suicidal.
We have a great country. Only the greedy and fools and lunatics want to tear it apart.
Fix it. Make it fair. Make it just. Make it human.
Do not entertain the loonies and the political manipulators by allowing them to drive you into self destructive fantasies. Their object is to distract you from dealing with reality in a constructive way. Red herrings. Smoke and mirrors. Agitate. Disarm. Only the naive and fools would allow themselves to be lured into that game.


VB6041 said...

Phyllis, partition does not mean some sort of weird ethnic cleansing. Before partition Montreal is English, French, and many other languages. After Partition Montreal is English, French and many other languages. The difference is that Montreal will no longer be hampered by xenophobic language laws.
How would they access the St. Lawrence Seaway? Look at a map, the seaway runs right along side Montreal.
I might also point out that the areas between Montreal and Ontario also want to Partition from Quebec, so no problem there.

Phyllis Carter said...

When a person does not sign their own name to any statement, it has no value to me.