Sunday, March 13, 2011


My heart goes out to you who are surviving in Japan.
We who live in the West may think that your troubles are sad but distant - not connected with us, really. But we all live on one Earth and we are all connected. We are all flesh and blood, and yes, souls. Even the poor animals who are dying now feel fear and pain and loss. 
World War II saw some of the greatest horrors that human beings could visit on each other. One monster more than any other, Adolph Hitler, brought us hell on earth, but the idol worship of an emperor led the people of Japan to become puppets, participating in the savage horror. It finally brought the fires of hell down on your ancestors and made us, the ordinary citizens of the West, a guilty but helpless party to the cruel revenge. If only it were just the perpetrators of evil who suffered, but it is always the innocent who suffer. There is no justice on this earth.
Now, we are seeing a holocaust wrought by nature - and by man, through the nuclear plants. Those who survive will be left with the incredible pain, and scars that will not heal. The earth itself is injured. We are all living on shaky ground. Yet most people continue to ignore reality, even as our very earth crumbles. Bible prophecies are coming true even as I write.
All humanity will suffer hopelessly unless we find leaders who will guide us out of this nightmare. But, call me Jeremiah. Even in the midst of this darkness, people are contemplating their own interests. There are people on the Internet and on television still talking about trivia - sports, cosmetics, money - telling dirty jokes and participating in dirty behaviour, while you, our fellow human beings in Japan, are suffering and dying. But we are not separate. We cannot be separate. There is only one earth and we are all one flesh, one heart, one soul. Your pain is not distant to me. I am weeping for you - and for all of us.
Phyllis Carter

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