Monday, March 21, 2011


If you are able, but unwilling to help, please don't tell victims of crime and abuse that you are praying for them.
Sincere prayer is the hope of good people seeking support for things they cannot do themselves. We pray for good health because there are limits to what medicine can do.
We pray for safety, because we have no control over volcanoes and earthquakes, and little control over avalanches, mud slides, floods and fires; little control over drunk drivers and icy roads; little control over criminals the injustice system lets loose among us. We know we need help beyond our own ability, so we reach out beyond ourselves in the hope that God cares even when no one else does.
But when you say, "I'll pray for you," because you don't care enough to do anything to help, you insult true believers and you add to the burden of victims.
Please don't say you'll pray for me if it means you don't care enough to help me yourself.
And what does God think of your false prayers? Only God knows. But we crime victims, we know.

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