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I have been reporting Dawn McSweeney's crimes for fourteen years and the Montreal Police have been covering up for their own for fourteen years.
You have to wonder about a person who robs her grandmother and then writes love poems to her.
If I didn't know the truth about my niece, Dawn McSweeney, I would be deeply moved by her adoring poems written in memory of my mother, her grandmother, Leonie Rubin.
Here is one from Dawn McSweeney's own blog:
Smile =)
She taught me the power of crystal
Then showed me that power in everything
She taught me to see in tea leaves, cards, and palms
And then taught me how to read people
She told me to stay close to God
And then years later that god is Love and Joy
She taught me to improvise
But never compromise
And to smile
But not too much
Or people will think you're stupid
If I didn't know how malicious and devious Dawn McSweeney can be, my heart would break on reading her loving words written on her blog upon my mother's death.
But I know how Dawn can twist your heart when she wants something from you. She worked her "magic" on my sister Sheila and her husband to get money - we think for drugs. Dawn said she needed new books for school. Sheila said her husband would meet Dawn after school and take her to buy the books. That didn't sit well with Dawn. No thanks. She wanted the money. And when it was refused, she was not happy with Sheila. Sheila and her husband did everything for little Dawn - bought her clothes, took her to the ballet, did everything for her that her own mother, our youngest sister, Debbie, could not do. But as Dawn grew, she wanted money. Just money.
Oh, yes. Dawn has gifts. She writes beautifully, poignantly, and she looks like an angel. But I know Dawn McSweeney. I know what she has done. But I do not understand how anyone can rob her own grandmother and then write such wrenching poems to her memory. Guilt ? A split personality? I just can't fathom it. I know her family history. There are things about her childhood I have not written because they are too unsavoury.
Yes. I know the roots of Dawn McSweeney's character, but I have never known anyone who can lie so effectively. Does she lie only to others, or does she lie to herself as well? Does she pretend to herself at night, when she is trying to go to sleep, that she is a good person ? I just can't imagine how she lives with herself.
Not only did Dawn McSweeney steal money from her grandmother - some time before she robbed me - but she worked the game to make my parents think I had done it. It takes quite a mind to work out such a plan and follow it through.
Then, on October 7, 1996, my mother suddenly attacked me, and the police I called to rescue me turned over all my life's belongings to the thief. I reported the robbery to the Montreal Police as it was happening when I called 911. I pleaded with the police to go to my rooms and see my belongings all clearly identified there. But the Montreal Police have refused to take any action against Dawn McSweeney and her self-proclaimed "partners in crime". To do so, they would have to admit that one of their own helped Dawn McSweeney to rob me and that they have been covering up all these years.
Marlene Jennings, Member of Canada's Parliament, stated at two public meetings in 2008, "Mrs. Carter's rights have been violated three times." I have been reporting Dawn McSweeney's crimes for fourteen years and the Montreal Police have been covering up for their own for fourteen years.
If I am not telling the truth, why has Dawn McSweeney not sued me in all these fourteen years? Why ? Because she does not want this case to be heard in criminal court. I long for that day, and I will continue to report Dawn McSweeney's crimes day and night until she returns everything she stole and is charged in criminal court.
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