Wednesday, October 20, 2010


October 20, 2010
Domestic Abuse Awareness Network: Backpage replaces Craigslist as prostitution-ad leader
Domestic Abuse Awareness Network: Former Pasco church youth leader pleads guilty to child abuse
Domestic Abuse Awareness Network Does anyone think there is more to this story or was it just a one time mistake?..hmmmmmmm...opinions?..
Phyllis Carter  
Domestic Abuse Awareness Network I am not happy with the little slap he know they are like roaches...caught for one offense usually mean there's a whole bunch hiding in the dark!
Jules Currie  I feel sick. Justice has not been done. My heart weeps for the child. What is wrong with these people ?
Phyllis Carter
Julie, People keep asking such questions, "What is wrong with these people?" and commenting that they are "sick". What is important is what we, THE PEOPLE, do about it. All the moaning and groaning and weeping will not improve the situation. Women have cried and wept and wailed for centuries - to little avail. Women and children are still being robbed, battered and killed, and the legal system - not a justice system in either the US or Canada - looks the other way and shrugs, and even titters at our plight as they turn their backs on us.
We, THE PEOPLE, need to be making a lot more noise ! Victims and friends of victims need to be organizing into larger movements all over North America, working together so that we will not be voices crying alone in the wilderness. We need to have IMPACT !
The fact that there are greedy, heartless, twisted, perverted, dangerous criminals walking free among us every day is a reality we are just beginning to grasp because of the Internet. For the first time, we, COMMON PEOPLE, are seeing how common these crimes are, how pervasive, how grave.
But for the first time in human history, we have a platform, an instrument, a scalpel which we must use to cut down on these horrific crimes and abuses. We must make ourselves heard LOUD AND CLEAR, NOW so that those who are elected to protect us can no longer ignore us, cannot tell us we don't matter, cannot tell us that these crimes are not in their jurisdiction, cannot treat women who try to lodge a complaint as if we were a common nuisance. We must make ourselves heard so powerfully that we turn these centuries of abuse against women and children into triumph. And I mean NOW!
Phyllis Carter

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