Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Ritual slaughter of animals by extremist Jews and Muslims continues in the west because people in authority do not have the courage to impede "freedom of religion."

How far will you let "freedom of religion" continue with the blood of the innocent on their hands? 

Will you allow child rape, the slaughter of infants - in God's name?

How far will you go to avoid responsibility for the innocents that suffer and die for the blood-thirsty satisfaction of fanatics?

It must stop ! It must be outlawed !

The extremists will go to great lengths screaming that their religious freedoms are being attacked. The truth is obvious.

Cruelty cannot be justified by blaming "God's will". The rapes and slaughter are done to satisfy MEN'S will, men's blood lust. 

The creator of atoms and universes has absolutely nothing to do with these massacres.

The animals have no voice, no language we can understand. We must speak for them and save them from torture and slaughter, impotent men defiling God's name - bloodying God's name - to satisfy their own lust for blood and power.

Does a God who creates galaxies and black holes need mortals to sacrifice helpless creatures for Him?  Does God drink blood? Does God eat flesh? Does God need mere mortals to bow and scrape to prove loyalty and devotion? The Bible clearly says he does not. How small, how limited, how greedy and cruel, how petty  and unjust these fools make their version of God.

The killers are defying the Bible - God does not want blood sacrifice -
Isaiah 1:11

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