Monday, September 21, 2015


In five words: How Canadians feel about their country - BBC News

BBC Pop Up is coming to Canada ahead the election - we asked you to tell us in five words how you feel about the state of your country.

Phyllis Carter  - I used to be so proud to be Canadian. My ancestors worked very hard for the right to be Canadian. But now Canada is more and more like the USA. Our values are being eroded by the love of money above everything and justice is in nobody's jurisdiction in Canada. The rich can hire expensive lawyers and get away with murder - literally. Criminals love Canada. At the same time, extremists in Quebec keep agitating for separation making this beautiful part of Canada a constant pain in the neck to those of us who appreciate the precious country so many have suffered and died for. Oy! Canada. Canadians, take back this country and remember what our parents and grandparents gave to make this our home.

Emilia Lanier - I'm sorry Canada is following in our footsteps. I was hoping there might be one sane place left in the world, and as a Michigander I was pulling for you.

Phyllis Carter > Emilia Lanier , Thank you for your comments. I am a relentless romantic. I still hope Canada will catch herself before she falls.

Marie DeschĂȘnes - Oh common - "extremists in Quebec"? It's just a nation who was crushed by your ancestors and who now want to be independant. Nothing extreme about wanting to be free and autonomous. Maybe it's relentlessly romantic of them to wish so? You should learn about Quebec's culture, it's nice. Might bring some sympathy to your judgment.

Norm Lavoie > Phyllis Carter - Excuse me? Extremists in Quebec? Fighting to regan our nation that was stolen from us? Do you not understand Quebec was attacked and it's territory seized by an illegal act of war? Dor you not understand that the majority of Quebecois in no way identify with being Canadian. It is not our country, never was. Quebec was forced into Canada. You also do not understand the survival of Quebec as a French nation depends on it's sovereignty and Independence. You need to rethink your statement. As a Canadian you should know better. The Indedpendence of Quebec is a just, moral, and noble cause. It is a fight for all future generations of Quebecois.

Norm Lavoie > Marie Deschenes -You are exactly correct. Anyone who calls the struggle for Independence "extremists" does not understand history or the people of Quebec. Quebecois are not Canadians. Quebec was taken. Canada needs to come to terms with it's past and do the moral thing regarding Quebec.

Phyllis Carter - Marie, My ancestors had absolutely nothing to do with the problems of French Canadians. They came to Canada at the beginning of the 1900's and did nothing but work hard, build, learn, progress and then provide jobs for French Canadians and others. Truth is simple and transparent. Extremists strive to focus on their desire to create a state where their "race" will be supreme. The separatists of today really have only vague connection with the French who came from France. Their hunger for power today is the same as any extremist organization anywhere. Canadians of all backgrounds built this province. Refugees from Russia, Ukraine, Poland worked, sweated, to build this country, this province, this city. The separatists would like to take everything our ancestors built and rid themselves of the inconvenient " Jews and ethnics", as one of their leaders openly declared not so long ago. Shades of Nazi Germany. But when that same Quebec Premiere, Jacques Parizeau, needed help, he told the media he was very pleased with the care he received at THE JEWISH GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Phyllis Carter.

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