Saturday, September 12, 2015


A year ago Saturday, Patrick Gaston burst out of a courtroom at the St-Jérôme courthouse in protest.
His anger was palpable despite him visibly trying to contain it. He took a few steps right, then noticed reporters to the left and stomped toward them. A security guard followed him closely.
Clenching and unclenching his fists, he pounded his chest in frustration, battering his hand against his niece and nephew's faces imprinted on his T-shirt, the word "justice" blazoned beneath their smiles.
"To let (Turcotte) out after 47 stabs of the knife, and to say he is not dangerous," he said between deep breaths, trying to stay calm despite shaking. "The accused has more rights than the victims."
Next week, a now 43-year-old Turcotte will sit in a St-Jérôme courtroom to watch as a jury is selected that, for the second time in his life, will ultimately decide whether or not he knew what he w...
  • Phyllis Carter -  I used to believe Canada was the best country on earth. Maybe it was - once. Canada today makes a mockery of justice. Our laws and our police forces HELP CRIMINALS AND THEIR LAWYERS. The worst criminals are protected in Canada - and crime victims ? No one protects us. Montreal Police told me - "Victims have no rights. Only the accused have rights." Since the people we elect to protect us are not protecting us, we will have to do whatever we can to protect ourselves. Put extra dead bolts on your doors - front and back - and put in alarm systems. Get a dog that barks and bites. Keep in touch with family, friends and neighbours so they know that if they don't hear from you, something is wrong. Be prepared for anything. That man walking by your house may be another murderer released by the Canadian Government. Before you arrange to see a new doctor or dentist, check if he is a murderer.

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