Saturday, September 26, 2015


UNDOCUMENTED" - Correct me if I am mistaken. Doesn't it mean that the person has broken the law the moment he or she entered the country?

So you start out by committing a crime and then you weep because the people are not happy to fulfill your desires and provide for all your wants and needs.

And time passes and you go about life as if you had a right to all the benefits and services. You might contribute to your new country through your labor and good will, but haven't you taken the place of someone who wanted to enter the country legally? Someone who may be as needy as you? Someone who respects the law?

Yes. It is a tragic dilemma. Time passes and you produce American children. And the people are torn between the crime you have committed - are committing - and the innocent children.

Where is Solomon now? How many thousands of babies must he save? 

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