Monday, September 14, 2015


If Quebec had become an independent country, it would have adopted the same foreign policy as some of Canada's former prime ministers, Duceppe said Sunday. The exception is Harper. ‪#‎news‬
GATINEAU — Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe doesn't often admit to agreeing with Jean Chrétien, except seemingly when it comes to Stephen.. .

  • Phyllis Carter
      - They do persist. Slash a big hole in Canada and have a foreign country dividing the east and the west. Logic doesn't enter into it. It is all about bigotry - a super race - hunger for power. And using a person of colour to promote their hateful agenda... Oh, We love Negroes - and Jews too. They will make excellent workers.

    • Stephen Garlick - You are looking at the issue through very distorted lenses. 

    • Phyllis Carter - My view is as clear as glass. I have been behind the scenes in Canadian and Quebec politics for decades.I have worked with many candidates and attended conventions as a delegate. I have debated with Jean LeSage, and other ministers and prime ministers - one to one. I have witnessed Quebec history first hand since the 1940's close-up. No one can pull the pure wool over my eyes or distract me from the truth. I was there during the October Crisis. I was at the Church where Pierre Laporte's body lay. I knew him in life. I saw him dead. I do not play politics. I report the truth, and no one can deter me from reporting my experiences...

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