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"Wake Up!": Muslim Persecution of Christians, July 2015

He was told that his daughter refused to change her religion, so she was buried from the neck down, and then stoned to death. — Nigeria. Nearly 300 Christian...
Celine Leduc - If I look at media and the frenzy that is created around the persecution of Christians it makes me think of how hypocritical the media (all media) is and it makes me sick to my stomach. An accusing finger is pointed at Muslims, true there are so groups such as IS and Boko Haram that are very evil and do not represent Muslims, everyone here can agree. What IRKS me is that none of the writers spoke of the persecution of Jews in WWII or the Roma people or homosexuals. These good Christians were silent. Silence hid a very dirty secret in Canada with the Residential Schools or the Children of Duplessis. I have yet to read a history book that talks about Chattel slavery and the role of Christianity and what good Christian men did to African women rape and sodomy are two things. The problem was silence and blindness to this day on the part of all the Christians from the leaders down. Same is happening now in the Muslim religion we do not hear of dissident voices are they being silenced by mainstream or even community media or are they silent by choice? There are some good people who are helping the Christians on the ground Steve and Gill some Muslim groups are trying to help refugees. I think that here at WUW we can make a difference by trying to find people who are Muslims and who are appalled by these events. We need to know what is happening, to act in an honest fashion. Why did so many First Nation, Jewish Roma homosexual people die they spoke out no one heard their voice and no one cared. Norman, Luba, Phyllis, Michelle, Lorena, Vanda, Bernadette what do you think? 
Phyllis Carter  - SILENCE IS THE ENEMY. If someone tells you to "shut up", you may be quite sure they have something to hide. But governments comprise politicians whose primary purpose is to protect their own power. To hush up any kind of dissent or disturbance. Politicians and lawyers have so many ways to ensure that they benefit in any situation. That means governments can stifle truth, distort it, ignore it, discourage anyone who wants to expose evil, suppress, deny, delay and lie. The few courageous individuals who dare to raise their voices risk punishment - alienation, law suits, imprisonment, loss of rights, loss of freedom, loss of citizenship. exile. A Muslim who raises his or her voice against the world wide power of terrorist Islam risks everything- even life itself.
Celine Leduc  - Yet Phyllis what is life without justice? What is life without truth? What is life without freedom? Your body dies once but if you remain silent you die a million deaths and silence does kill you and millions of others. It is true for all people of all religions.
Celine Leduc I agree Luba my take on WWII is as follows not one country went to fight for Jews and Roma people it was about liberating land such as France etc. A few German women and men cared about Jewish people Schindler is one example the other is Frau Wust and there were lesbians who forged papers for Jews and Roma and some men did the same. They are remembered by the Jewish community as being righteous but are not included in history books. Same goes for any community that has been targeted First Nation men and women will tell you about people who are French or English that came to help same goes for the African community.

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