Tuesday, September 15, 2015


The tragedy that shocked Quebecers will return to the spotlight Monday as the former cardiologist who killed his children will face a second trial.

Guy Turcotte will return to a St. Jerome courthouse, accused of murdering his two children, five-year-old Olivier and three-year-old Anne-Sophie in 2009.
In 2011 a jury found Turcotte not criminally responsible for the deaths, but in 2013 Quebec's Court of Appeal overturned that verdict and ordered a new trial.
Jury selection is to begin Monday: 12 people will be chosen - and a few alternates - to hear the evidence and render a verdict.

Finding those 12 jurors will be challenging, said criminal lawyer Andrew Barbacki.

"Most of them will have heard about the case but the question is, basically, being honest and being able to follow judge's instructions, which is to keep an open mind and to decide, according to the evidence that they hear, and not according to any predispositions or personal prejudices," he said. Turcotte has been out on bail pending the trial.
Last September, Justice André Vincent of the Superior Court authorized the release of the former cardiologist, who was treated at the Philippe-Pinel Institute. Vincent said that Turcotte no longer represented a danger to himself, to his ex-wife and society in general .
The Crown was dissatisfied with the ruling and argued in its appeal that the decision could undermine public confidence in the justice system.
The Court of Appeal dismissed that claim in December, as a panel of three judges found the original decision to allow Turcotte out to be well-founded, while it described the Crown's request as "worthless."

The trial is expected to last several months.

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