Saturday, September 19, 2015


There are growing tensions among some European countries over how to handle the migration crisis
I have no verification this is true other than it was posted by a friend on one of the Greek Islands who is working with refugees! So this has come to her attention......
OMG - This really happened a few days ago, but only now I see it. How can human beings behave like this? HOW??????? cry emoticon
"Help us! We contacted the Unhcr and have not responded to our appeals and so we called you"
It's three o'clock in the afternoon when my phone rings. It was a Turkish number and wh
o's speaking does not even give me time to breathe.
The person was running out of money and he told me all the following in one breath.
"We are about 300 people and we left on a boat from Turkey to Greece.
The Turkish coast guard shot our boat and there were sailors that kept watch us dying. They were laughing all the time while we were going down into the water.
They [turkish coast guard] shot and shot until we sank.
we saw about 30 dead bodies floating on the the water. They were our children and our families. More than 15 among them were children.
The sailors kept looking at us. All of this happened between 4.00 am and 7:00 am on September 15, 2015.
We are the witnesses of these acts and could make us disappear and have already threatened to bring us back to Syria.
We are now in prison in the city of Adana. They brought us here with buses from the City of Bodrum. During the journey of about 20 hours they would not even make a stop and have tried to wipe out our phones.
I call you now and I do not know if they are also going to take away my phone. We beg you: Do not leave us because no one else will care for us, we are already worth nothing for humanity.
Yesterday someone of us died and they made her/him disappear.
They also broke the arm to someone else because he tried to call for the intervention of the press.
They have beaten to death two women, one Syrian and one Iraqi.
I send you these photos.
1. woman with bruises
2. boat before the shipwreck 
3. boat after shipwreck
4. photos of the ship that shot at us
5. our GPS position at sea when we launched SOS
6. our GPS position now (in Adana Turkey) "
Please let's contact the whole world and please tag everyone along. If you need more info, please send a private message

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